167 Charing Cross Road
Soho, London
WC2H 0EN Tottenham Court Road less than 0.1 miles

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Fantastic shop! Classic facade, and stylish to boot! The staff were incredibly friendly - we even chatted about my foreign Caribbean upbringing - and I finished up getting my wife something she has long needed. I bought something for myself as well after so many years of frustration in Mitcham, building rubbish. Nothing shoddy here me man!

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 by Fred Brown, 16 May 2009
Just love going in to the Harmony stores. There is so much choice and it feels so nice in the stores, not dirty, dark and run down like some adult shops. I will keep going back.

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 by jason1, 02 Oct 2008
Anyone seen the big black dildo in there? It's immense!

Useful review?
 by cheeeeselad, 06 Jul 2008
I call in every few months when I visit London. An adult shop for grown-ups: bright, professional, refreshingly unembarrassing, about as many female customers as male and plenty of couples... probably the only sex shop in the UK I'd bring my wife to. I hope they continue to prosper!

Useful review?
 by fantastic_sunrise, 28 Jun 2008
It's the worst adult shop I have ever visited. Staff are unfriendly and rude. Misinformation about products are given just to make the sale. You are not informed of their returns policy until you want to return something. The staff are poorly trained on the products and, most importantly, customer service skills. Definitely not EVER going there to spend my hard earned cash in an establishment that has no interest in retaining its customers.

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 by shimmeringsu, 19 May 2008
Really friendly and helpful. Go there!!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 08 May 2007
Just love it!

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 by Anonymous, 12 Apr 2007
Great for the first timer and the slightly nervous. Very well presented, friendly and helpful staff, and a great selection.

Useful review?
 by aly74, 01 Dec 2006
Really great shop! Fantastic selection! Not at all embarrassing, especially if you go with either friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend like I did!

Staff was really helpful and knowledgeable of all the products on offer! Will definitely be spending more cash in there!

Useful review?
 by Fierce.. (2 reviews), 19 Jul 2006
I echo the below reviews -great shop. Lots of choice with staff that are friendly and helpful. Definitely should open stores nationwide!

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 by Anonymous, 18 May 2006
Really great shop. Not at all seedy! Loads of fun products. Will definitely go back!

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 by Anonymous, 30 Apr 2006
Fun shop, loads to offer and totally at ease!

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 by Anonymous, 01 Apr 2006
A very accessible, well laid out shop, with an aura of respectable adult fun to it. My first visit will not be my last ... definitely a shop for partners as well as singles.

Useful review?
 by Mme Bovary, 21 Mar 2006
Not at all seedy or full of blokes in raincoats, it was nice to see couples browsing the merchandise. Definitely not a men-only store.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 17 Mar 2006
Fantastic place, totally non-threatening. Love it!

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 by Anonymous, 07 Dec 2005
Very inspiring, non-threatening staff. Not cheesy in the least and made a very prim and proper friend of mine more at ease than when we went into Ann Summers. (Although I didn't make her go upstairs. =p)

Bit pricey on some stuff though.

Useful review?
 by A.H., 12 Oct 2005
A very professional, clean shop, not the slightest bit seedy. Huge range of stuff. This shop should open branches nationwide!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 17 Sep 2005
Wonderful shop, non-threatening and with a wide range of stock. As a cross dresser I found it excellent and had great fun trying on the items of clothing I bought before purchasing - I will be going back!!

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 by Anonymous, 06 Sep 2005
This shop was fantastic! Felt very comfortable and staff were really helpful.

Useful review?
 by Pink fluff, 22 Aug 2005
Makes Ann Summers look tacky, this shop is very swish and everything is well presented, staff are really helpful too :-)

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 19 Aug 2005

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