57 Hoxton Square
Shoreditch, London
N1 6HD
Tel: 020 7613 5458 Old Street 0.3 miles

Women-only (unless accompanied by a woman) boudoir-style store.

Sh! London

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Fab store in a discreet location in London. Lots of choice of products and lovely staff with very useful advice. I went in to buy my first strap-on harness and dildo set, and the ladies were so relaxing and made the whole thing very straightforward... Plus there were no yucky phallic veined dildos, only lovely silicone handpoured beauties. Thank you Sh! Girlz!

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 by Sugar86, 23 Dec 2010
Great selection of toys, great selection of lingerie, great selection of books, great staff... I have nothing to complain about! I like the fact that you can browse for as long as you like without anyone hanging over your shoulder - they just make you cups of tea and join in!

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 by Cookie's Mum (2 reviews), 19 Dec 2010
Fabulous, friendly store with a huge range of reasonably priced products, from really cheap beginners' vibes to luxury toys by Lelo and Njoy. Relaxed, knowledgeable staff and a really beautiful interior - will definitely be visiting again!

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 by sarah32, 30 Sep 2010
Customer service second to none - amazing to feel so comfortable and able to ask questions without being embarrassed!! Top marks... and top toys too!

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 by misspetal, 02 Aug 2010
Great shop, the only one I know which has reasonably priced events as well as an amazing range of products, especially on their vast vibrator tables - they even have the gooorgeous new Lelo designer vibrators! Definitely the place to go if you want a relaxing non-pressured vibrator shopping experience.

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 by JuicyChoo, 23 Dec 2009
I went to Sh! for the first time last year on my own, looking for my first 'toy'. Was very nervous, but a lovely assistant came by and gave me great help and advice. Relaxed atmosphere, definitely helped by the easy-going attitude of the staff and the lack of blokes around! Another bonus is that it's not on a main street, so if you're embarrassed (like me) there's no need to worry too much about someone watching you shop for adult toys!

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 by moonserate, 16 Jun 2008
Lovely shop, great service, nice and friendly staff. I bring lots of friends there to experience the comfort of looking and learning.

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 by s-emerton, 07 Jun 2008
Lovely shop with a great range of products and very helpful staff. So refreshing to visit an adult shop that is classy and professional.

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 by sullivaz, 17 Mar 2008
Went last Sunday with BF. Was brilliant - the shop is lovely and so were the staff, if a little slow (due to training). Felt very relaxing and there's a really good range of stuff. Would definitely go there again.

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 by madmadmaddy, 30 Jan 2008
I used to go to Toys in Babeland in NYC and heard this was similar. Sadly, it is not. Staff were indifferent, merchandise was all giant dildos (not what straight girls are after) and the selection was very poor. Thanks but no thanks.

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 by bubblesdevere, 05 Jan 2008
Went on my own. It was lovely, staff very friendly and no pressure to buy. Also the fact that no guys were wandering around made it a very positive experience for this middle-aged woman.

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 by coggers94, 20 Dec 2007
A great store ruined only by the presence of fag hags with giggly queens and straight birds with their boyfriends.

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 by spikeyd, 01 Dec 2007
Totally the best. In fact it just got rated No 1 Best Sex Shop in London by the London Paper so it's official!

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 by swalters, 11 Jul 2007
Great place for women to explore their sexual side. Loved it.

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 by Anonymous, 26 Jan 2007
Great spot for women to look around without feeling anything negative.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Sep 2006
A lovely little place I stumbled across with the most amazing array of toys! Wonderful staff who didn't make me feel embarrassed, just helped me out and were very knowledgeable. A must when you're in Shoreditch.

Useful review?
 by kmg, 21 Apr 2006
Brilliant place, staff really caring and knowledgeable, know when to leave you to browse (they even give you a cuppa!), and when to offer advice.

Great range of toys not just the chi-chi type. Dunno what last reviewer on about, this is the most female-friendly place to buy toys in London, especially if you're shy, windows covered in pink film, staff all women, customers mostly women and there's a pink beaded curtain up at the door!

Useful review?
 by sophiegirl, 08 Apr 2006
Sh! is by far the best of London sex shops-loads more relaxed and welcoming than the shops in Soho or Covent Garden. More choice, nicer staff, lower prices! It still has a cosy feel even after extending shop floor area and I've always come away pleased with my purchase.

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 by lizziej, 22 Mar 2006
I went to Sh! for the first time probably about 10 years ago(!) and I returned last week (actually this site reminded me the fab place was there).

I found the staff just as friendly and welcoming as I'd remembered - in fact they probably seemed more knowledgeable and the coffee was better (it used to be instant in those days - now it's filter!).

I've travelled all over the world and I've never been to a shop that is so welcoming, cosy, lovely - just totally brilliant. I spent a few hours there browsing and nobody tutted once! It's my favourite shop and I am SO glad that I rediscovered it (so is my boyfriend!).

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 by Jescat (2 reviews), 16 Mar 2006
I used to go in Sh! now and again and remember it being a cozy, amusing, friendly place. Last week I went in for the first time in a long time. They have reorganised it and leave the door wide open so that almost the whole interior is visible from the street - passing workmen, media types, students, etc, etc. This hardly encourages anyone but the most exhibitionist types to spend any time looking closely at the type of product they stock! Not an improvement!

Useful review? 1
 by Anonymous, 11 Jun 2005

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