59 South Molton Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7629 2243 Bond Street 0.1 miles

This attractive and friendly shop offers acupuncture, herbal remedies and Chinese medicine in pleasant tasting fruit juices.


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I've been to Sen over the last 5 years for the best foot reflexology treatment I have ever had in the UK or the US. However, you DO get the very hard sell to purchase a package up front for a discounted price vs. separate sessions. Also, when you phone to book they seem to have limited choices on times unless you have a membership number, part of what you get when you pay upfront. I've now run out of my package and, in looking at my travel calendar, know it will take over 1 year for me to be able to use another package, so I am unlikely to do this again. Bottom line: if you are sure you can use them, I think they do a great job; if not, try elsewhere.

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 by missylala, 12 Nov 2010
I booked acupunture at Sen to help cure my hayfever. As I was feeling vunerable and unwell at the time I was easily talked into a course of acupuncture at £600. The acupuncture did help relieve my hayfever but I have been unable to return for the rest of my sessions as I have been travelling. Do visit for acupuncture but don't under any circumstances fork out for an expensive course upfront as I (and others on this site) did. Once they have your money all friendliness will evaporate! You have been warned!

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 by julia3, 22 Jan 2010
I am writing about the clinic in Kensington Church Street. This is supposedly a reputable establishment and they proved to be far from that.

I had a massage which was quite painful, but then I agreed to continue some sessions and was given a discount and asked to pay in advance the amount of £630. I later found out that I had to travel and could not carry out the treatment, but they refused to refund my money.

Someone answered me via email, saying they had consulted with the management in China and did not agree to give me a refund. This person refused to speak with me, responding only via email.

So I not only got a horrible massage (I had sore skin and even nail scratches for days afterwards), but they refused to refund my money for sessions I will not be able to take and some other client could.

Avoid this establishment like the plague!!

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 by kapser, 04 Dec 2009
Sen is amazing. Had acupunture and it worked! Felt very de-stressed. Try one of their herbal teas.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Jan 2007
Had a really nice massage here, it really felt like one of the best massages I've ever had!

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 by Karen101 (28 reviews), 02 May 2006

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