44 Harrington Road
South Kensington, London
Tel: 020 7581 1551 South Kensington 0.2 miles

Open again after a bus crashed into them in 2003. Great selection of delicious French breads, as well as take-away dishes, meats and cheese.

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Bagatelle reviews

Very good service - the manager is really helpful, and their products are almost as good as in France. Just try their gorgeous 'Fraisier' and you'll fall in love!

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 by nicolas-djamel, 08 Jul 2006
The service is absolutely spotless. The food is fantastic. I always go to Bagatelle for bread and cakes. They have a low salt bread that I toast every morning and it lasts a week!

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 by Malo, 22 Jun 2006
A proper boulangerie in London. Fantastic bread.

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 by LucaJJ (2 reviews), 11 May 2006
Service is awful.

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 by Anonymous, 10 May 2005

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