Bread Shop

65 St John's Wood High Street
St John's Wood, London
Tel: 020 7586 5311 St. Johns Wood 0.2 miles


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Bread Shop reviews

When I visited the Chiswick branch, I thought I'd found heaven! I tried the Rustic Spelt and it has immediately become my favourite loaf. Pastries are displayed soooo well, I just cannot stop buying. Somebody stop me!

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 by lavida_001, 06 Oct 2009
Tasty bread, big selection (spelt, rye, etc.). Lovely shop!

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 by fnb2007uk, 25 Oct 2007
Exceptional food and great people working there. I go there every day. Their coffee drinks are as good or better than Starbucks.

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 by Marilyn Hans, 18 Oct 2006
Visited the Chiswick shop and was shocked. Deep frozen part-baked breads only re-heated (badly), and the prices out of proportion. The staff are unfriendly, with no know-how about bread, and the shop display looks chaotic.

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 by bread fan, 08 Oct 2006
The variety and quality of the breads is fantastic, but the last time I was there the staff were not very friendly and the shop was a bit messy. Still, it's one of the best bread shops I've been to.

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 by patricia_helena_lopes, 24 Feb 2006
The best bread you can find in London. You are great!

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 by danflo, 09 Jan 2006
A great shop with some authentic German bread. For me, being German, it is like being at home. The bread tastes just divine and the sales assistants are very helpful.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Sep 2005
Great tasting breads and croissants and cute baskets to take them speedily to the till. In addition to my regular bread, I always try something new as well.

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 by Deepa, 06 Apr 2005
Great if you follow a low GI (Glycaemic Index) Diet. Especially insulin resistant diabetic, or syndrome X sufferers.

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 by Rohan, 20 Mar 2005

The display is just gorgeous and the quality of the bread and croissants are the best I ever tried.

Definitely a great idea! Please, please, please relocate or create a franchise in Muswell Hill, I guarantee it will be a success!

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 by Graves, 15 Nov 2004
Stumbled across this bakery in the heart of St. Johns Woods. Has some great breads that I had never heard of like a flower pot bread, and some delicious pizza style pastries to eat on the go. You also to get to use a straw basket to place your favourites in to take to the till, a unique bread shopping experience.

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 by Me Julie (2 reviews), 10 Apr 2004

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