Euphorium Bakery

202 Upper Street
Islington, London
N1 1RQ
Tel: 020 7704 6905 Highbury & Islington 0.3 miles

Great baguettes, pastries and pasties, cob loaves, quiches, cakes and sweet treats. There are many organic products and the cafe is justifiably popular with locals.

Euphorium Bakery, London

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The reviewer below actually is one of the directors of Ottolenghi - David Sacks! Naughty naughty Mr Sacks, trying to discredit London's finest - Euphorium Bakery! I'd suggest looking at why your firm is failing - perhaps it's the vastly overpriced factory produced goods...

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 by robbiebear14, 30 Jul 2010
You guys are all nuts! Their products are mediocre! The sandwiches are passable and a few of the breads are nice, but the majority are plain, unoriginal, unremarkable loaves, buns and rolls that wouldn't have stood out from the average UK baker 15 years ago (pre-UK-gastronomy revolution). The staff are mostly grumpy too, apart from one guy, who is cheery and charming.

Call that a slice of pizza?! It's all style over substance, and British people not setting their standards anywhere near high enough. If you want a decent experience for food that's decadent with style but also holds its own on flavour and presentation, go 0.5 miles down the road to Ottolenghi.

P.S. Dear robbiebear - there may be a director of Ottolenghi with the same name; I have nothing to do with that business other than having been there a few times (and enjoyed it - yes, high prices, but have you tasted their deserts?!!?) I'd also be surprised if they were failing - there is barely a busier restaurant on Upper Street. By the way, do you honestly consider Euphorium Bakery a direct competitor of Ottolenghi such that one would want to bad-mouth the other? Surely one caters for people wanting some bread/coffee/sandwiches and the other for people wanting to eat a full meal of some description. Apart from the fact that they are geographically proximous and both do some form of takeaway service, I really can't see why it would be in the interest of someone from one business to try and discredit the other! Perhaps rather than spend time on the internet trying to boost your business' exposure, you should get in the kitchen and start working out how to bake some exceptional breads?

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 by dmsacks, 19 Feb 2010
Great shop, far better than its other store in Chapel Market.

It's expensive, but worth it. Packed on Saturdays and Sundays.

It seems so small inside now, that it's hard to believe it was once a bustling restaurant, Head-Cheffed by John Torode!

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 by The bristar (7 reviews), 14 May 2008
Love the extension, the place is the nuts! The lounge area is a huge improvement and the garden is great in the summer.

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 by ginola140, 24 Apr 2008
Simply the BEST!!

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 by qq, 22 Nov 2007
Just read an article in the Evening Standard on this fine bakery. I now understand how their reputation 'rose to top'. Pardon the bun.. I mean pun. If it's good enough for Jamie Oliver, it's good enough for me!

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 by harry c, 14 Nov 2007
This is the best bakery I have ever seen!

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 by polo, 26 Apr 2007
Cracking French bakery. The new garden area and lounge are brill! A must visit.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Apr 2007
Fantastic products every time. I travel from Bedford to get my pastries here. These guys would give any Germans, French or Austrians a good run for their money.

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 by Anonymous, 01 Dec 2006
The quality is excellent. From what the staff tell me, they have contracts with some of the finest restaurants in London. I adore this place, as do many of the local Islington trendies. The museli bread is a must. As for the comment below, I've travelled all Europe and, in the majority of cases, that is simply utter rubbish!

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 by Anonymous, 27 Nov 2006
It's good quality, but there's no need to get overexcited. You can find thousands of bakeries in Austria, Germany and France that offer a significantly higher quality. Maybe it's among the best bakeries in London, but that would say a lot about the general level of bakeries in London... However, I agree the staff at Euphorium are incredibly friendly and service-oriented.

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 by krae4104, 16 Nov 2006
Very friendly staff and high quality pastries and cakes.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Nov 2006
Excellent products always.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Apr 2006
Absolutely delicious! A must visit.

Useful review?
 by kishan, 07 Dec 2005
Best bakery in London with the best croissants.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Nov 2005
Very expensive, very nice.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Nov 2005
Since moving to Islington Euphorium has become a fast favourite. Delicious fresh breads, cakes and pastries of the highest quality every day and 2 for 1 after 8pm. Also the staff are very friendly.

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 by Anonymous, 28 Oct 2005
Great pizza slices and croissants but cakes/tarts are too sweet. Lovely staff.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Oct 2005
Staff are so polite. Great music too.

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 by Anonymous, 19 Oct 2005
Finally, real French cusine in London.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Jul 2005

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