64 Hampstead High Street
Hampstead, London
Tel: 020 7794 5700 Hampstead less than 0.1 miles

Head down to artisan bread shop, Gail's, to enjoy the taste of warm, wholesome, homemade bread. Located on Hampstead High Street, Gail's prides itself on creating contemporary breads that are 100% chemical free. Expect specialties such as potato and rosemary sourdough as well as an extensive display of muffins and fairtrade coffee.

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Notting Hill

Gail's reviews

I go to Notting Hill once or twice a week and have been a Gail's regular for about a month, although I have to admit the food - especially the bread - is not THAT great. The staff are generally friendly though.

However, today the pot of tea and cup I was given were both stained (i.e. badly washed). I decided to turn a blind eye, as I was starving, but then later asked to speak to the manager.

While I was explaining to the guy (very politely, hoping for him to understand that I was willing to come back), he wouldn't look me in the eye and just kept (cheerfully) saying "OK, OK", before getting distracted by a waiter. He left me there standing! I wasn't going to ask for a refund and left the place quite cross.

I certainly won't go back, even if it means having my lunch out in the rain and cold!

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 by chocha, 26 Feb 2008
We lived in Hampstead until fairly recently and Gail's was a regular spot for us. Although it's VERY pricey, the service was always good. We would tend to take away rather than sit in though, as the shop is a little too squashed and this detracts from the enjoyment of a cup of tea and nice cake. We always found the staff friendly.

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 by caity77, 31 Jul 2007
Dreadful. Staff were appalling. I had to ask the waitress if she could clear our table of the last people's cups and dishes. The repsonse was a look of disdain and a grunt. She cleared the table but did not wipe up the crumbs and spilt tea - obviously not part of her job description. When we asked for the table to be wiped, she reluctantly wiped half of it with a dry napkin whilst handing the tray full of our tea and cake to my mother for her to balance! Don't think they have heard of customer service or understand what health and hygiene is in Gail's.

To top it off, they don't have any toilets - fantastic after you have just drunk a pot of tea. When I asked where the toilets were the woman behind the counter looked at me as if I was mad and suggested I use the lovely public lavatory situated outside.

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 by Lady Prue, 10 Jul 2007
No originality. All part-baked, reheated bread and croissants.

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 by Anonymous, 29 Apr 2007

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