133 Portobello Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 2DY
Tel: 020 7229 6446 Ladbroke Grove 0.4 miles

Hummingbird bakery is dedicated to bringing the taste of American home cooking to the heart of London.
Mouthwatering Brooklyn blackout cake (chocolate sponge with chocolate custard), New York-style cheesecakes, brownies, cookies and cupcakes are available to eat in with coffee or to take away. Hummingbird bakery is ideally located as a stop off on the way to or from Portobello Road market.

Tues-Sat: 10am-5.30pm
Sun: 11am-5pm

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Visited the Wardour Street outlet today for Key Lime Pie, Mud Pie, Cheesecake... Discovered that I can't buy a slice of any of these, only a whole pie (for around thirty quid with 48 hours notice).

The cupcakes were great but I can get great cupcakes just about anywhere in London (e.g. Candy Cakes).

Another group came in while I was there and asked after the pies too... Hummingbird, you're missing a trick.

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 by wylie, 20 Feb 2010
Yes, the red velvet is the cup cake of all time! The taste is out of this world. All I do each weekend is buy a box and lie in front of the TV enjoying the beautiful, light, red cup cakes...

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 by allycampbell1, 16 Oct 2009
I was disappointed as I arrived at the bakery after looking around Portobello Market to find the staff messing around and hanging about. When I managed to get someone's attention they informed me that they had run out of cakes early, then proceeded to mess around some more.

It left me upset as I had been looking forward to visiting this bakery to buy cupcakes for myself and a friend (we are both cupcake mad), and I must say it's left me wondering if I want to make such a long journey to taste these cupcakes. I have the Hummingbird Bakery book and bought copies for friends as it was so good. I have even tried to make the cakes but was so looking forward to visiting the shop and trying the real thing.

I think I will have to stick to the likes of Primrose Bakery and Buttercup for the time being (where the service and cupcakes are fantastic) until I get over this less than positive experience at Hummingbird.

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 by nicolabelgrave, 09 Aug 2009
Great cupcakes, great location. You can bake the cakes yourselves if you can't get to the shop, with Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. There are signed copies available from the publisher.

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 by sarahlemonpie, 29 Jun 2009
Love it! So nice to be part of a bit of cup-cake nostalgia with a modern twist. There's also another branch in South Kensington.

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 by morrismaria (6 reviews), 19 Sep 2008
I visited Hummingbird in South Kensington. 'Bling' cupcakes: very dainty and visually appealing; frosting rather heavy for such a light cake. Slice of vanilla cake: rich and ornate frosting; sponge again very light; frosting needed a lot more vanilla flavour and wasn't blended very well as I could taste the icing sugar powder.

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 by Megan Rault, 01 May 2008
My favourite bakery. The quality of the ingredients is second-to-none, in my opinion. Nice to get genuine maple syrup rather than cheaper alternatives. Highly recommended.

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 by abs_the_alchemist, 11 Apr 2008
The cupcakes here are about as near to the New York Magnolia Bakery experience as you'll get in London: sweet, frosting-heavy cakes in classic American varieties like Red Velvet (bright red sponge with a light chocolate flavour) and moist Carrot Cake, if not quite so big as their transatlantic relatives. They're on the expensive side, at around £2 a time, but so sweet only the serious cupcake junkie could manage more than one.

But be warned: while the Portobello branch has a swift turnover, counter service in the small South Ken branch moves marginally more slowly than global icecaps, and about as glacial. Twice now, I've been tempted in, joined the rugby scrum around the counter - you can't call it a queue, as it has no beginning or end - and waited pointlessly for fifteen minutes, before leaving, irritated by the 'we're so cool we don't need to rush' attitude of the staff.

Hummingbird cupcakes are pretty good, but cupcakes are an impulse buy, and at over a tenner for half a dozen, it's an impulse that evaporates pretty quickly.

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 by hesterb (5 reviews), 02 Mar 2008
We visited London last weekend and came across the quaintest looking bakery with the most lovely cupcake display in the window. I am a huge cake fan and I have to say they are the best cupcakes I've ever tasted. Can't wait to go back to have more!

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 by Cake Fiend, 28 Feb 2008
Went to the South Ken branch today and had the 'Red Velvet' - very yumscious, but could've been better if it was more mellow and moist. It might be too sugary for some but personally I think the frosting is dreamy. Service was OK but seemed rushed because there was a constant long queue. The place was too packed for a sitdown, but the cakes are definitely worth revisiting.

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 by goji (4 reviews), 03 Dec 2007
I went to the branch in South Ken and loved the look of the place. I'm a cupcake addict, so thought it would be perfect. However, the cupcake was so unbearably sweet I felt nauseous for hours afterwards (and I've got a serious sweet tooth). The service was frosty, and seating outside badly organised. I won't be returning. I'll make my own cupcakes instead.

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 by wovenbird, 01 Jul 2007
Had a weekend break in London and came across this bakers in Portobello Road. Lovely cup cakes - very light and a cake lover's delight. Wish I could have taken more back home with me. Will definitely visit next time I'm in London. Quaint little shop, helpful staff. Highly recommended.

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 by cupcake, 19 May 2007
The cupcakes are absolutely delicious!

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 by Kats (4 reviews), 30 Mar 2007
Very appealing looking cupcakes (if slightly cloying and a bit heavy going). I had one with a red velvet inside. It was delicious but, like I say, a bit heavy. Friendly people and nice tea and coffee, but when it gets crowded and the queue is stretching down the street it's a bit off-putting.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Mar 2007

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