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8-9 Lambton Place
Notting Hill, London
W11 2SH
Tel: 020 7221 2248 Notting Hill Gate 0.4 miles

BeautyWorksWest is a luxury beauty and healthcare spa located in the heart of Notting Hill. Its menu of treatments brings state-of-the-art technology to beauty therapy with signature facials such as the oxygen plasma and ultra-sound facial, designed by New York facialist Ling Chan. Their in-house anti-ageing consultant can prescribe bespoke treatment packages that may include laser-rejuvenation, hormone testing and balancing, nutrition and weight loss management.

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I went to see Dr Sister some years ago as I had black hairs growing on my chin and I needed to have them lasered away. Dr Sister was really rude and made me feel very uncomfortable. A lot of the time during my consultation he was on the phone with a friend. When I told him my periods are too frequent he frowned and said, "Well, everybody's periods are FREQUENT"! He subsequently made me have a blood test and I went in to have the laser done. £400 and not one hair fell out. Not even after two weeks.

I then asked to have my test result, but the doctor said there was no need to discuss my results. When I insisted on a follow up, Dr Sister casually told me that the blood shows I might not be able to have children! I later found out from another doctor that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome. One would have thought Dr Sister could have told me.

The WORST experience I have ever had with a doctor. Dr Sister is incompetent and rude. Don't waste your time and money.

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 by lemon1234, 16 Aug 2012
Dr Sister offers the non-surgical nose job. My experience wasn't great. After paying for a consultation, most of which he spent on his phone, he then gave me the botox "non-surgical nose job" treatment - which had no effect at all. Complete waste of money.

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 by oscarwilda, 12 Jan 2012
There is nowhere better to cater to all your beauty needs. Amazing team of girls. Dr Sister and Dr Blum are genius and Susie Rogers is visionary!

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 by naihala (2 reviews), 21 Oct 2009
I recently went in for a Ling Oxygen facial. It was a gift from my boyfriend. I was so looking forward to this because I had heard so many good things about the spa. My skin is olive with a clear complexion.

The staff behnd the counter were lovely and so too was the touch of providing dried fruit and nuts while I waited for my therapist. Once I got into the treatment rooms, the heated bed was divine and so comfortable, but I must say the facial itself was not that amazing.

My therapist decided to give me extractions and literally picked at spots I didn't even know were there. It was painful at times. I felt that so many treatments were being put onto my face and then instantly wiped off, that it was just an exercise in working through the motions.

The massaging of the shoulders and neck was OK. I was disappointed that the treatments were not talked through with me as these were applied, or even at the end of the treatment, as I had requested this to be done. I was extremely disappointed at the end of the facial when my therapist started to try and sell products to me.

However, what I was most disappointed about was how raw, red and yucky my skin looked afterwards from all the extractions. I was very upset after I left the spa.

Even more so, that since my extractions have healed I have suffered some large scarring on my face. I cannot say that anyone has commented on my skin since having the facial and I cannot say that I see any difference in my skin either.

I don't think I will visit again.

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 by stuff1988, 21 Apr 2009
As spas go, this is my local favourite. The staff are always incredibly helpful, from the receptionists to the beauty therapists. I enjoy the regular fruit, berries and water offered - although not enough time to consume! I've experienced massages, facials and IPL. My favourite are the express facials as they offer so much for a good price.

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 by fishydoc, 27 Aug 2008
I had the best facial EVER at this spa! My skin has never looked so good. This amazing facial includes so much more than your average facial. I had warm wax gloves to soften my hands, a neck and shoulder and hand massage. The massage bed was so lovely and cosy I could have easily fallen asleep. I strongly recommend this place to anyone. Can't wait to go back! Staff very friendly. I took advantage of the Sunday special where I had the Ling Oxygen Plasma facial and a Sole Food pedicure all for £120. Was at the spa for a total of 2 1/2 hours. Was served cappuccino, croissant, nuts and dried fruit. A great way to spend a late Sunday morning!

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 by Kasey (3 reviews), 13 Jun 2008
Had a wonderful massage by DeeDee that left me floating for the following week. She was a darling - I wanted to take her home with me!

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 by dooey, 20 Feb 2008
Great place! I am glad that the NY-style day spa concept is becoming more and more popular in London. So far BWW, Illuminata and Adamina Day Spa are my favourites. Top service and facilities.

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 by luxury addict (5 reviews), 24 Jan 2008
Last week I was at the salon and, girls, before I say anything else let me mention that Rachna is back at BWW. If you have been to her, you know what I am going to say... My skin feels so amazing after seeing her - she really is the skin guru. She was away for the last four months and you can feel the difference when someone else does it.

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 by sandra j, 24 Sep 2007
On Saturday I treated myself and my friend to a full body massage at BWW. The experience was AMAZING and I can recommend this salon to anyone. When we arrived we got some flavoured water and tea with fruit and nuts. All the therapists were friendly and the receptionist made sure that we felt welcome and taken care of. The massage was perfect and I felt so relaxed and pampered afterwards.

All in all, a great salon that makes sure you feel pampered and treated. Highly recommend!

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 by Anel, 03 Sep 2007
I had a massage at the salon last Thursday. I have been particularly stressed at work and thought I deserved a treat. The receptionist was very pleasant and asked if it was OK if she packed up the reception area, as they were to be refurbed over the weekend. She got me a glass of water and some fruit, which was lovely.

My therapist seemed pleasant, and I asked for 'deep pressure' massage (I have had many massages and know what this means). During the massage the pressure felt painful but I put this down to my aching, tense limbs. However, I was surprised at the therapist's insistance on painfully pushing at very tense areas.

At the end of the massage the therapist rushed off and it was then I realised I had an exceptionally painful right shoulder. This pain developed overnight and felt dreadful and sore the next day. I also had some bruising on my arm where the pressure had been too deep.

I have contacted the salon to discuss, but they have not felt the need to get back in touch. I thought it was ironic, after my experience, that the Evening Standard magazine on Friday recommended the salon for a massage.

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 by Yamini, 29 Aug 2007
I went for a Ling Oxygen Facial here recently and was, like some other reviewers, disappointed. The staff at reception were uninterested and I was left waiting for some time. The facial was fine but nothing special; the therapist just seemed to be going through the motions and not paying attention to making sure my face was being steamed properly, etc. I feel that the extra gadgets such as the ultrasound are not needed and are just gimmicky. Upon finishing I had a difficult time getting the attention of the staff, again. It seemed like I was bothering them by asking for my bill! Even less friendly when I declined buying their products. I don't think I'll be visiting again.

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 by Hailbop, 20 Jul 2007
My friend and I were booked in for the Ling Oxygen Facial last weekend and after reading the last review we were seriously thinking about cancelling. But we'd also read about all the celebrities who swear by it, so we decided to give it a go. We're both so glad we did.

It was the best facial I've ever had. My skin is glowing, smooth and clear and everyone keeps telling me how well I look. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly and every detail has been thought of... like the gorgeous smelling candles, choice of herbal teas or freshly made cappuccino, heated therapy bed and soft down duvets.

After cleansing and massaging my face my therapist explained how using ultra-sound makes the oxygen products penetrate deeper, which increases the rejuvenating effects. She advised me not to have steam or extractions because I have sensitive skin. While the herbal mask was working she put my hands into hot paraffin wax gloves and gave me a hot stone massage. Bliss! Next my friend and I both had pedicures and watched DVDs of Desperate Housewives and Frasier while the chairs massaged our backs.

Believe the hype. We'll definitely be going back!

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 by Nicolette, 17 Apr 2007
After reading the review on this site about the Oxygen Ling Facial with Ultrasound I decided to try it out for myself. The salon is located on a trendy little side street and looks good, clean and modern. The treatment room was OK, with soft music playing in the background, quite average. However, the facial itself was the worst facial I have ever received.

Firstly, they extract everything manually, they don't use a needle. My face was not steamed properly and the women heaved and squeezed my poor little pores until my usually perfect skin was all red with spots (and it really hurt). Secondly, the Chinese Jade Massage to restore energy flow was nothing more than having a mask spread around your face and then washed off, with a bit of shoulder massage thrown in. Thirdly, the beautician was supposed to apply a 'cooling mask' afterwards to help with the redness but instead of actually letting it dry she kept on spreading it from one side of my face to the other and then washed it off.

A few days later, I am not glowing. While my pores are cleaner, this is definitely a one star facial, not worth the £100. It is ridiculously overhyped. I have facials and other beauty treatments regularly and shall be sticking to the usual places. Thanks but no thanks.

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 by Liz H (5 reviews), 29 Mar 2007
I had a fabulous massage, which I booked at the last minute as was feeling in need of pampering after a long week. I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist and brought a glass of water on a small platter with some nuts and grapes. The therapist introduced herself to me and took me through to a lovely calming therapy room (the bed was heated, which was truly amazing!).

The deep tissue massage was exactly the right pressure and she was very perceptive to problem areas and knew how to release them. I rarely fall asleep but did on this occasion; when she had finished I was left to leave the room in my own time before floating home. Would highly recommend.

Useful review? 1
 by alibee, 20 Feb 2007
After reading rave reviews I booked in for the renowned BeautyWorksWest Ling Oxygen Plasma & Ultra-Sound Facial which Madonna apparently has regularly. The press reviews on the website are also unbelievable as are also the interviews with top models who swear by it.

The salon itself is pretty and nicely decorated but there is no wow factor or extra features like sauna or steam rooms - it's a no fuss approach but both in reception and beauty rooms - its clean, minimalist and a calming environment. You are asked to strip and slip between the covers on a heated bed which already is bliss. As with most facials lots of various lotions and potions are smothered on and taken off with warm cloth but it's the machines they use - facial steamer and an ultra-sound treatment that set this apart. There is also 10 minutes of severe pain with extractions- my therapist totally went for it and I was in agony. But then the light went off again and I was soon almost dozing off as my final mask was applied.

At £100 for 85 mins it's not cheap but for the first time ever after a treatment I've received comments from people about my skin looking so great. She has done a great job on my blackheads and my skin really is shining - almost a week after my treatment. I am peeling slightly but fresh skin is coming through so I can tell this has clearly had an effect. I will definitely be going back as this combines 'beauty and science' and I can see it works.

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 by jemimastar (4 reviews), 15 Jan 2007
A divine experience. I had the oxygen plasma facial and it was superb. My therapist was excellent and obviously knew her stuff - I felt completely relaxed in the hands of a professional. The therapy rooms themselves greatly add to the overall experience, with heated couches and beautiful attention to detail. Top marks!

Useful review?
 by Juicy J (4 reviews), 12 Oct 2006

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