Bharti Vyas

24 Chiltern Street
Marylebone, London
Tel: 020 7935 5312 Baker Street 0.3 miles

The Bharti Vyas Centre offerering holistic beauty therapies to help balance the mind, body and soul. These include ayurveda, acupressure, manual lymphatic drainage and aromatherapy. They also offer laser and IPL treatments for hair removal and scarring.

Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm
until 7pm on Wed and Fri

Bharti Vyas

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I have been going to Bharti Vyas for many years now for the harmonising treatment. It's fantastic there. The staff are very friendly and professional, worth every penny! I highly recommened it.

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 by littlejasper20, 21 Oct 2009
Do yourself a favour and go to Vaishaly instead (Paddington St, W1) for both brilliant facials and seriously good, flattering, careful threading. A friend went to BV last week and they've totally ruined her brows.

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 by Alby, 02 Aug 2009
I went to Bharti Vyas for eyebrow threading about a year ago (so it might have improved since then... but judging from the recent review, I think not). I had a horrible experience which left me in tears. The shape was awful and they took so much off I looked ridiculous. I complained and Bharti herself came over but was very unsympathetic. I left, in tears, and went straight to Space NK to buy an eyebrow pencil to pencil back in my massacred brows.

I now go to Lost in Beauty in Primrose Hill, where Rekha does an amazing job. Wild horses wouldn't drag me back to Bharti Vyas again.

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 by Konstantine (2 reviews), 23 Mar 2009
The Bharti Vyas salon is not really a threading centre, it is more a therapy centre. I have been going there for 17 years. I had acne and Bharti and her team have done a wonderful job. They are caring and they are all (especially Bharti) very knowledgeable. I would say go there if it is your skin that needs help. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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 by Sachin, 26 Nov 2008
I went here for threading. Bharti Vyas herself did it. It was terrible. The shape was awful and it was excrutiatingly painful. I was screaming in agony, and all Bharti Vyas managed to do was keep up an extended snigger throughout the proceedings. It is the most painful threading I have ever had. I will never go there again. I think she focuses largely on marketing and media. As a practising threader she is abysmal.

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 by lizclegg, 01 Oct 2008
This salon must be the worst salon I've been to. Okay, staff are good and know what they are doing, but it's a shame because you can actually see that they are de-motivated and have no enthusiasm for it. I think rather than Bharti offering retreats to her customers she should think about taking her staff on retreats to boost morale so that they do their jobs with a little more passion!

Overpriced, treatment rooms are way too small, staff nice but just no enthusiasm... The managers blow their own trumpet about Cherie Blair being one of their clients; well, I can show her better places!

Useful review?
 by minnie77, 28 Sep 2008
All the reviews seem to be about threading, but from what I understand Bharti is renowned in the field for her holistic beauty treatments... of which I am a huge fan. The therapists are very knowledgeable and professional and know what they want to do. I had really bad acne and it was Bharti and her team who turned my skin around. I say knowledge and excellent therapy is much better than plush surroundings. I recommend this salon to anyone!

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 by Sophie G, 20 Sep 2008
I have been having my full face threaded for years now. In desperation (my normal beautician was away on hols) I went to the Bharti Vyas salon in Marylebone. It was convenient as it was not far from where I work but boy, what a disaster...

To start with, it seemed like my threader was in some kind of rush to get it over with asap. When I started telling her to clean the patches left behind I was made to feel guilty. The worst bit was the amount of cuts she managed to give me - I still have the scars to prove it 4 days later. There was no apology, just a giggle and "oops". I have been having my hair threaded for years and never have I experienced this kind of treatment. Considering the price they charge, one would expect their service to be near perfect if not perfect. However, the room was small and baking hot and the tap area on side was not cleaned. I was totally unimpressed, especially when they tried to overcharge me.

Needless to say, I will NEVER go there again. Bharti needs to take a look at her staff and these reviews if she is not to lose her reputation. Totally not worth the effort or money. A backstreet salon would have done a better job.

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 by fotardo, 19 Jul 2008
I had my eyebrows threaded here and it was a disaster - it took ages and I ended up with loads of little spots. I would thoroughly recommend Urban Retreat at Harrods for brow threading. What a difference - quick, perfect shape and almost no redness (certainly no spots).

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 by louise12345 (2 reviews), 18 Apr 2008
I have been to the Bharti Vyas Salon in Marylebone on two occasions to get my eyebrows threaded. The first time I went I came out devastated, as the shape was not at all natural and the therapist had not listened to a word I had said.

Having said this, I thought I might be lucky on a second occasion and get a better-trained member of staff working on my eyebrows the next time round, since the reviews I had heard about the place were still good. In actual fact, the second time was worse. I came up with a lot of allergy spots and the shape once again was not what I wanted, despite me being explicitly clear as to what I would like.

I will never go back to this salon.

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 by Moni123, 28 Mar 2008
I have been coming for treatments and total harmonising for over 17 years now and I would not go anywhere else. My daughters and I use all the products. If I have any problems the staff are always there to advise, and I never feel rushed at any time. I could not have the healthy lifestyle I lead without Bharti Vyas salon. Every woman deserves the best and, to me, this is the best!

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 by Jasbir, 02 Aug 2007
Although the staff were lovely and polite, their skills were not so great. I went with the hot wax Brazilian and full leg wax. My legs were fine, but when I got home I noticed that there were patches of hair on my bikini line which were missed. After all the pain of going through the Brazilian wax, I would have liked her to have done the job well. Unfortunately I am going to have to go elsewhere and pay to have this done again!

Save your money and go some place where they specialise in these wax treatments. I once went to the NY Nail Company for a Brazilian, which was amazing. Not the most luxurious place but at least the beauticians were trained and had been doing these treatments for a number of years.

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 by Tas, 27 Jun 2007
I've had two different massages here. They were quite short in duration, especially considering the cost, and the 'therapists' were not particularly well trained. Rooms are poorly decorated and it was quite noisy. Bad value for money!

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 by Das, 19 Jun 2007
The first time I went, Bharti Vyas did my eyebrow threading herself. It was perfect, although the room was horrible.

The second time it must have been an apprentice because she didn't know what she was doing and messed up completely. I won't be going again.

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 by CDA (3 reviews), 11 Jan 2007
I left with more spots than when I entered!

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 by piggy (6 reviews), 25 Oct 2006
They do a very good bikini wax using hot wax. However, I do think you may be paying extra for the name.

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 by dottydom, 11 Oct 2006
I went here for electrolysis, but I can't say the treatment justified the price. I have had better treatment and service at other salons, and not paid an arm and a leg for it.

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 by Anonymous, 10 Aug 2006
Wonderful place. The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. Will go nowhere else for threading.

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 by sashimi, 28 Dec 2005
Brilliant - so impressed by the service & most importantly the results - I will not go anywhere else now.

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 by mesmerism, 14 Dec 2005
Does the most amazing harmonizing treatments (with 'flowtron boots'). You feel a new person afterwards. Also uses/sells the best face pack I have ever come across. I can't live without it. A little pricey, so something to put on your birthday/Christmas list.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Dec 2005

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