Eve Lom

2 Spanish Place
Marylebone, London
Tel: 020 7935 9988 Bond Street 0.3 miles

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I was blessed to receive my Eve Lom facial as a gift from my sister. I was a little nervous at the idea - after years of facials and every other treatment I could get my hands on, I am now a stay-at-home Mum with less disposable income to spend on myself. I need not have worried. Both Jenny (Eve's assistant) and Eve herself were so lovely with me. This facial goes way beyond the face and skin. My skin has truly not felt so clean in years and I am convinced the slight jowliness that has crept in in my forties has somehow magically been tightened.

I have continued to use the wonderful cleanser (another generous gift) and have managed to fit it in to my busy child-filled routine because it is so worth it. I have looked at the prices of the products and will definitely be investing in the cleanser and some of the other products in the future. When you find something that's right for you, it's a real gift.

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 by sam.lavender1, 26 Apr 2011
This was the worst £250 I have ever spent. The treatment room was like a doctor's surgery and although I had booked an appointment with Eve, her assistant did about half the facial. The consultation afterwards revealed nothing of use and I was told how some of my ailments were typical of my star sign; I had to correct them because they had totally misheard my date of birth. Expected miracles, received a mediocre "I'm using my name to carry me through" service. I was the last appointment on a Saturday and I got the impression they couldn't wait to get away. I left feeling short changed and seriously disappointed.

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 by poppy09, 13 Oct 2009
I had an Eve Lom facial with Eve last October. It was fantastic. Eve could tell quite a few ailments I had simply by her craniosacral treatment. It's very expensive but I feel that you can learn much from the experience. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

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 by rinku singh, 26 May 2009
Excellent facials - my skin really glowed afterwards. I was convinced to purchase the cleanser as well, but it is an excellent product, so I didn't mind. Very expensive and they only take cash or cheque, but it was a very pleasant experience. Also, the therapist wasn't pushy at all (no pressure to book appointments in 2 weeks or anything silly like that; just recommended to come back in 3 months). Highly recommend.

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 by pampered, 06 Nov 2006
The therapists are wonderful, but the treatments rooms (all 2 of them, no wonder it's such a wait for an appointment!) leave a lot to be desired, especially the small one where there's no wash hand basin. And you can hear the loo next door flushing.

Most expensive place for the treatment ANYWHERE.

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 by nigella fan, 30 Apr 2006
I could never get an appointment here so I went to Jackie @ Sandersons. Wonderful, going back in 6 weeks!

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 by Anonymous, 13 May 2005
They know what they're doing here - my skin hadn't glowed like it did after a cleansing facial at the Eve Lom clinic since my teenage years. Not cheap, but so superior to other facials.

If they're booked up here, try Spa NK or the Sanderson spa.

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 by Lauth (36 reviews), 13 Nov 2004

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