Patrick Ludde

22 Maddox Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7495 9040 Oxford Circus 0.1 miles

As you might expect from a top Mayfair salon, Patrick Ludde provides a suitably sleek and stylish backdrop for bespoke hair and beauty pampering. The salon is home to two beauty rooms and a specialist long hair clinic. It can also convert into an impressive open space venue in which to host a catered event or soiree, where beauty and styling treats can be included for your guests to enjoy.

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I visited Patrick Lüdde salon for the first time last week and can honestly say it's the BEST hair colour and cut I have ever had! I am so happy with the result and have had non-stop compliments. Thank you, Amy, for doing such a great job! I will be back.

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 by Jazjaz, 09 Sep 2013
I've been a customer of Pierre's for years and used to love coming to the salon for a relaxing, fun experience. Sadly they have since joined up with another hairdressers so the salon is now totally overcrowded and the stylists from the other salon a bit brash in attitude compared to the usual staff at Patrick Ludde.

The salon has received a 'makeover' but sadly it's more of a 'makeUNDER'. I was, for the first time ever, dumped in the basement for my hair services. It's dingy, windowless, with a fish tank the only hint at any 'décor' and the walls an awful tacky shade of magnolia, obviously very cheap paint and workmanship too! Why not add some pictures/mirrors/get a decent Farrow & Ball shade of paint to warm and style things up? It's very off-putting. There is no music on and when I asked a girl to turn it up/put it on, she gave me the most horrified, blank look back as if it were the most insane request. Another women next to me said she'd also asked for it earlier and had been met with the same reaction!

When you are paying top notch in price you do expect the surroundings and service to be pretty welcoming and stylish to reflect this. Sadly the salon's look is as basic as it gets.
The new basins are so uncomfortable I had a stiff and very painful neck for the day after, so this really needs to be looked into (why can't they offer neck guards?). The water was also freezing cold! Pierre is still super but I'm beginning to wish he was in a different salon as I almost dread spending 3 hours here now.

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 by Lauren1, 29 Apr 2013
I was delighted to find Pierre as a hairdresser. He really takes time to understand what look I was after and then was meticulous in the way that he cut my hair, making sure that it was perfect. He really is a master of his trade, knowing exactly how my hair would behave and lie. It is always the sign of a good cut that it kept its shape and over six weeks grew in a way which still kept its style. As well as being utterly professional, careful and extremely capable, he is also the most cheerful and happy hairdresser, who makes you feel at ease with his free-flowing conversation. Highly recommended.

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 by jimmyjamtheone, 27 Mar 2013
Having tried most of the 'top' salons around Mayfair and not being completely happy, I decided to try this salon after reading reviews online. It's quite understated, which I like. Although the decor is slightly dated, it is still somehow very warm and welcoming.

Staff were friendly and made me feel comfortable. My colourist, Tan, was great and really looked after me. We changed my shade slightly but I am amazed how such a little change can make a difference and be so flattering to my skin tone. I didn't realise I was previously the 'wrong' shade of blonde!

I really enjoyed my overall experience here and will be back for my next appointment in the new year.

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 by andersencharlotte, 19 Dec 2012
Horrible service! I bought 3 Patrick Ludde gift certificates for £180 from Elevate-uk. When my girlfriend called to book she was told VERY rudely to buy more services to get a timeslot after work. Trying to get a refund to no avail, even though there were lots of complaints about Ludde to Elevate-uk. One for my solicitor...

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 by RealCustomer, 09 Oct 2012
Had colour and cut here 2 weeks ago. All in all, a positive experience and hair services were top notch. However, this is the priciest salon I've encountered in London and I have been at Mayfair salons for 10+ years, so that's really saying something... They should also play more lively music, as I wanted to fall asleep after 30 mins but had another 2+ hrs in front of me (music played on a loop and very unexciting). Also, I asked for a rough dry but my hair was still damp in places when I left - very naughty! If they addressed these issues, I'd become a regular though.

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 by lizib, 29 May 2012
I had my hair coloured by Tan. He changed my colour from peroxide blonde back to a glossy brunette. All my girlfriends love it and say my hair is the best colour they've ever seen it. I must admit, I was really unsure at first. However, I am so happy with the results. I highly recommend Tan, he is a sweetheart and a joy to be in the company of. Can't wait for my next colour refresh!

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 by Christine22, 06 Apr 2012
I visited Patrick Ludde for the first time last week. I got a discount on my colour and, much to my surprise, was with their creative colour director. His consultation really made sense - he clearly went through all my options, taking into consideration my eye colour, skin tone and personality. I felt completely at ease and looked after from the minute I walked in. I left with an amazing new colour which took 10 years off me! I had a great blow dry and a hair mask too. I highly recommend this salon. Everyone was friendly and professional.

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 by Rosieclarke, 10 Feb 2012
I solely recommend Pierre at Patrick Ludde Salon. I have been mistrustful of all hairdressers since having a bad haircut 2 years ago. Pierre was delightful, professional and extremely educated on what can possibly be achieved with my hair type and my preferences, and gave me an amazing cut and styling tips for my hair type. I highly doubt you would regret getting your hair done with him.

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 by noorz, 01 Dec 2011
There is none better than Karen at Patrick Ludde. The salon is welcoming, the staff attentive to all needs, warm and friendly. You may not be a celebrity but you do feel like one with the service at this salon. Karen can make you look beautiful with her exacting styling and colouring. Testament to Karen, I travel from Fife in Scotland to Mayfair in London, as I can find no better hairdresser... Wonderful.

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 by paula logan, 17 Nov 2011
My first visit to this salon was last week. I had a senior stylist named Shaz, who did a Brazilian blowdry for me. I must say, he's fantastic and uses the best products. My hair looks great - soft, manageable and, most of all, frizz-free. Highly, highly recommend.

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 by sky.s, 05 Oct 2011
I've been going to Pierre for cuts for the past four years off and on. I don't live in the UK. If I could afford to fly to London every two/three months to have my hair cut by Pierre, I would do it. I love him. Not only is he completely gifted at cutting hair, he is a thoroughly nice person and it's always a pleasure to be in his company. He takes his time and is super detail-oriented, not to mention that he has talked me off some bad haircut decision ledges (thanks Pierre!). His cuts are so good that I still get compliments months later. Visit him and you will not be disappointed.

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 by CatherineD8709, 08 Aug 2011
I was impressed with Patrick Ludde salon the moment I rang to make the appointment, the receptionist was so friendly and helpful. I was told that because I work in the area I would get a 25% discount - fantastic!! Amy took such care in highlighting my hair and she did a GREAT job, I'm so pleased with it. This salon is real value for money. Thank you so much. I can't wait for my next visit!

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 by kate87, 21 Jun 2011
I visited the long hair clinic at Patrick Ludde yesterday, and I can honestly say it was the best hair experience I've ever had. Having not had my hair cut for two years through fear of the usual high street butchers/hairdressers, I had been trawling the internet trying to find someone that specialised in long hair and really knew what they were doing, and that's exactly what I received.

Neil is absolutely amazing, he really knows exactly what he's talking about when it comes to long hair. This was the first time in my life that I've ever left a salon happy and confident. Also, the George Michael products that he uses are fab. I was shocked this morning at how little shampoo and conditioner I needed. I usually get through a bottle of conditioner a week, so using "a cherry pip" amount was like an alien concept to me. However, I read up on my care sheet and followed all the steps exactly and it really worked. I do not recall my hair ever feeling so clean and soft and shiny, and it's not got tangled once today.

All in all, this salon really is a must for people with long hair. I just wish I had found it, and Neil, sooner. Looking forward to going back in 8 weeks for my 3 hour conditioning hair treatment and trim. Thank you all so much.

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 by helenproctor, 26 May 2011
I laughed out loud when I read that the Royal bride's hairdresser took 3 hours and several months of practice to do the 1/2 up 1/2 down hairdo for the 29th April wedding. Neil at Patrick Ludde salon has been doing that hairdo for me for years, and it takes no time at all. He is the real long hair expert, and can do amazing things with long hair. If you have long hair and want it to be healthy and stylish, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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 by peggywalmsley, 07 May 2011
I've been going to shaz for a haircut for 15 years and he's a true artist. I've never been disappointed - highly highly recommend him. His charisma and professionalism is second to none, love the salon chilled out very down to earth.

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 by Andrewwood19, 22 Mar 2011
I have known Pierre since his early years when he worked as a hairdresser at the BBC. He is not only the most quality consistent hairdresser in London, but also the most open, friendly and highly skilled. His work is sublime and would not disappoint you. His new base, in Mayfair, is a real haven from bustling Regent Street. All in all, a gem of an experience! I cannot recommend Pierre highly enough.

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 by Stefanie, 15 Mar 2011
I visited this salon for the first time last week and was pleasantly surprised. I had my hair cut by Shaz, a creative stylist who did a brilliant job. Thanks Shaz, for listening and styling my hair just as I asked. Will be returning for sure. Best of all I got a 25% discount for my first visit and for mentioning urban path.

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 by Lucyg123, 14 Mar 2011
I have followed Pierre from JLT over to Patrick Ludde and have to say he is the BEST hairdresser I have ever had! His cuts are immaculate. They are cut so well that even weeks after he has worked his wonders friends compliment me on the quality of my haircut and how good it is looking. I think he is a genius! A hair god! Can not recommend him highly enough and will never willingly have my hair cut by anyone else. The salon is also very comfortable and relaxed, with excellent service from all. BRAVO!!

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 by claire.darnell, 10 Dec 2010
My family has been having our hair cut by Pierre (now at Patrick Ludde) for years. He is FANTASTIC. He pays amazing attention to detail and understands hair so that you never leave feeling depressed! Also his cuts really do last, which is testament to how good he is. On top of that he is thoroughly nice, not overbearing but just a totally genuine person. My mum, sister and I ALL recommend him and we are converting others to his cause too!

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 by lucy3, 03 Nov 2010

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