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Just bought an Alexandre Oxford Street London jacket. It's a mix of cashmere and wool. I bought it at a thrift shop but it looks newish and the quality and fit are excellent. It's longer than usual but a slim fit, almost like a riding jacket. Looks awesome with combat boots or wing tips. All I can say is that I would buy more if I knew where to get them here in California.

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 by orbitalproximity, 18 Feb 2013
Rubbish - ill fitting and poor quality. Never again.

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 by Ultramatic, 24 Nov 2012
I have an overcoat bought by my Dad in the '60s that has an Alexandre Oxford Street label inside and another label that says Milium Metal Insulated lining. It was worn by one of my sons when he was a teenager. He is now in his 40s and the coat is still as good as new.

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 by Hillaby, 22 Oct 2012
In 2005 I had a sports jacket and suit made here. I was extremely disappointed with both. I'm 6ft tall with a 36inch chest. For skinny guys the shape of their blazers were awful with big shoulder pads like from the '80s. I've bought better suits on the high street for half the price. They took 3 months to make them in Liverpool too. I will never go back to Alexandre ever again.

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 by d_kinross, 03 Mar 2012
Complete rubbish made-to-measure suit! Made in Egypt, jacket was so wrinkled it looked like an old creased suit. Staff were embarrassed and had to order a new jacket from Egypt - another 4 weeks' wait! WELL DONE Alexandre.

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 by keats, 05 Jul 2009
I just bought a suit and it was made to fit. The quality is very good but it does have a tag that says 'Hand-made in Egypt'.

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 by bengalsfan, 24 Apr 2009
These guys know what a professional should look like, because their suits are carefully made. If the suit that you see in the store does not fit, they can make you one that fits. Enough said... but if you're still wondering where you should purchase a suit that is reasonably priced and of high quality, I strongly recommend Alexandre.

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 by chappajay, 14 Nov 2008
Superb quality and service. Some of the threads are occasionally loose, but generally a fantastic tailor.

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 by whizzer (3 reviews), 21 Sep 2008
Excellent quality suits and the best sales people I have ever dealt with. The suits here in the US are made in Egypt but the quality is up to par with the Saville Row suits. Where else can you get a made-to-measure suit for $600? Come on guys, this is an excellent deal. Check them out for yourself and don't rely on others' decisions, good or bad. I have 11 Alexandre suits from my time in the military and several actually from the Saville Row store in the UK. LOVE 'EM!

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 by MeadowsT, 16 Jul 2008
I have 4 off-the-rack Alexandre suits. Beautiful! As close to bespoke as I will get right now. The detailing and the look are fantastic. You definitely feel like money! Have never had problems with them. As to Gary's query about NYC, I thought they were looking at a presence at Bergdorf's. I know they have a boutique at Macy's in Chicago - ask for Michael Coates, he's the manager and a tremendous salesman.

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 by shawnotaiwan, 04 May 2008
I have purchashed Alexandre suits, shirts, ties and top coats since 1991. I especially like the three button blazers and Harris Tweed jackets. I do wish Alexandre had a store in New York City.

Useful review?
 by Gary Stahl, 28 Apr 2008
To correct Mr.BoJangle, Alexandre made-to-measure are still made in England, Goole (North Yorkshire) and always have been to the highest standard required by the Royal Household.

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 by Store Manager, 09 Apr 2008
These days, made-to-measure suits by Alexandre London are in fact tailored in Egypt. The quality has become poor - too many loose threads, visible wrinkles, and lack of attention to detail. The Royal Warrant should be taken away!

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 by BoJangle, 16 Mar 2008
Great suits, great shirts. Bought at least ten different suits in the last few years. Always funky, always top notch, good wearing and well fitted. Very highly recommended!

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 by duncjwood, 08 Dec 2007
I can't say enough good things about the suit I recently purchased. Very form-fitting and well made.

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 by Matt Moye, 26 Apr 2007
My first suit was in 1972, the last was a month ago. Never had a complaint in the past 34 years. Fortunately, I have access to military exchange stores, so I have been able to get suits in the USA.

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 by Bill Darby, 31 Dec 2006
Very impressed with attentive service and tireless personal assistant (Duncan) who sorted out a fantastic wedding suit for me. Would recommend that their tailors double check the suit before the client receives it. First suit jacket was ripped! Second was perfect!

Useful review?
 by mattyo, 27 Dec 2005
I have only been for my first fitting, so I will tell you more once I get the finished suit. Personally, the service was excellent - very attentive and down to earth. I have had a number of suits made by City tailors who get it wrong every time, (not every one wants to look like they have just walked out of an 1890s insurance office). Alexandre are quite the reverse - very slim fitting, dapper with out losing the business sensibility I required. Alexandre came on recommendation and the service thus far makes me feel confident I have placed my money well.

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 by Simon grs, 05 Dec 2005
I just became privy to Alexandre. I bought three suits the first time. I love them and I wish they had a store here in the States.

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 by Anonymous, 14 Nov 2005
Fantastic clothing, nice to find a brand which knows we are not all Plain Janes out there, definitely tradition with a twist.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Sep 2005

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