Ozwald Boateng

30 Savile Row
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7437 2030 Piccadilly Circus 0.3 miles

Ozwald Boateng

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The best you can buy and worth every penny. Keep up the good work Ozwald.

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 by martintreacy19, 19 Jun 2010
"Flashy suits for the young and thin - pretty much everything the row isn't."

So I take it you mean the Row is staid suits for the middle-aged and corpulent...

Useful review?
 by Rufus McDufus, 24 Jul 2009
Ozwald Boateng is the best when it comes to making men look cool, suave and sophisticated all at the same time. His new store on Saville Row is amazing. Every man should definitely have a Boateng in their wardrobe.

Useful review? 1
 by SiawMisa, 15 Jul 2009
Flashy suits for the young and thin - pretty much everything the row isn't. More fashion than classic. I'd stick to my father's tailor at Huntsman.

Useful review?
 by botero1982 (15 reviews), 16 Aug 2006
Love his work. I must say my husband has never looked better!

Useful review?
 by alegna, 01 Aug 2006
Definitely for the 'watching calories' brigade and made for anyone who has coloured skin. But shoulder pads always go on these suits, so beware!

Useful review?
 by R Patel, 10 Jul 2006
When will he come out with a women's line? I think he knows how to use color very well, and women could benefit with classy clothing with color.

Useful review?
 by eansah, 20 Jun 2006
I love the colourful suits, shirts and ties!

Useful review?
 by Alex Sale, 07 Apr 2006
Would do well to remember that not all of us are 180cm and 85kg.

Useful review?
 by prak, 20 Nov 2005
I love your collection, but please - there are big daddys around, thus size 48 trousers and 18-19 shirts.

Useful review?
 by ivy007, 13 Aug 2005
Simultaneuosly imaginative, elegant and classy. Utilises wonderful fabrics and creates exquisitely cut suits. The finest in men's tailoring.

Useful review?
 by Feemz, 13 Aug 2005

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