187 Piccadilly
Piccadilly, London
Tel: 020 7439 9921 Piccadilly Circus 0.2 miles


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It would be a basic nicety if the staff on the till said 'please' and 'thanks' - for not buying online and contributing to that rarity: a job.

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 by shoodybong, 07 Dec 2011
Dearest Mark and Ian, on the second floor. Thank you so very much indeed for your patience. My daughter will be delighted I have a copy of Duffy & Armitage. Love the recycled plastic bag!

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 by Linda Marshall, 26 Mar 2009
Staff knowledgeable and helpful, and the shop has atmosphere. Disappointed to learn that it shares the same owner as Waterstone's, as I have been buying from Hatchard's to support it! (But Waterstone's staff are also helpful; just different ambiance.)

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 by Consuming with Thought (6 reviews), 17 Feb 2008
To be fair, Hatchard's hasn't been truly independent for a very long time, yet it retains its 'old money' atmosphere. A grand, lovely old shop with a great selection, friendly staff and - because of the Waterstone's thing - competetive prices. Have your cake and eat it!

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 by Papaghede, 15 Jun 2007
A wonderful bookshop. The staff are always helpful and they stock a great range of books. This is what a proper bookshop should look and feel like.

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 by Bookbuyer, 25 Mar 2006
An absolute gem of a bookshop. The employees couldn't be more helpful and the shop itself is a throwback of the days where customers were recognised by their first names upon entering. It is nothing like a Waterstone's or Foyles where as a customer you feel like a number. They carry very nice editions of almost all their books, with more signed copies than I have ever seen in a shop before.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Nov 2005
The staff are still knowledgeable and helpful, and the ambiance delightful but there is very little behind the facade. Hatchard's is owned by HMV who own Waterstone's and is therefore not an independent. It used to have a great range of books but is a shadow of its former self.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Mar 2005
Hatchard's is THE nice bookshop in London, set next to Fortnum & Mason, opposite the Royal Academy. The shop feels luxurious and they have a great range of books (although they could do with more children's books), in nice editions.

They have been around since the 18th century. As a true independent (i.e. only one store), they are always struggling financially and it's worth giving your money to them. Not half as big as Waterstone's of course, but a better experience.

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 by macaonghus (4 reviews), 21 Jan 2005

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