A la Mode

10 Symons Street
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7730 7180 Sloane Square 0.1 miles

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Whoever picked up the phone to me a few days ago was extremely rude and arrogant with no reason for being so. Disgusting customer service, and on a few occasions may I add. She needs to be retrained and have her her attitude reined in - you work in a shop, not a prestigious corporation, get over yourself!

On the plus side, the clothes are beautiful and are well chosen, but I will not be spending my hard-earned money here again. The boutiques I frequent (higher end than this) are all full of lovely, helpful and down-to-earth girls who always greet you with a smile and would never belittle their customers.

Based on the reviews I've seen, I think it's time the owner considered new staff or at least some lessons in etiquette !

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 by FashionLove, 24 Jun 2011
Does the owner of the store pay the staff extra to be so RUDE and OBNOXIOUS?!

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 by mercmaid, 13 Jun 2011
I called on Monday to speak one of the staff, who was absolutely RUDE. She actually hung up on me and I found that extremely uncouth.

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 by epokclarke, 07 Sep 2009
I too am surprised by the comment - I walked in just the other day (5 minutes before they were to close) and the people in the shop were incredibly nice, encouraging me to look around and not to worry. Thought the clothes were beautiful.

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 by fra, 13 Aug 2008
I'm really surprised by this review, as I've been in on a number of occasions (never looking terribly smart) and have always been made to feel welcome. The people who run the shop have a real delight for fashion and a wonderful eye for beautiful clothes.

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 by sophielawton, 09 Jan 2008
Lovely shop, but the staff were extremely rude. I felt unwelcome because I was dressed in high street fashion. They were incredibly snobby, which made me feel really small and insecure. A shame, as I had intended to spend an awful lot of money but didn't out of principle.

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 by Anonymous, 14 Nov 2006

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