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24a Savile Row
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7734 6846 Oxford Circus 0.3 miles

B Store

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This store used to be great (aside from the slimeball of a manager, now co-owner) but like everything else that gains a little notoriety it has become decidedly safe and utterly boring, with the B store brand ripping off previously sold designers. For a shop whose concept was based on showcasing new designers, this really is awful!

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 by melanie675, 26 Sep 2010
I live in Helsinki and have bought two pairs of b store shoes (of London). My disappointment stems from the fact that the shoes that they are producing (or just designing, branding and selling) seem to be of low quality albeit high price.

The first pair, which I bought last year, I wore only once and realized how sensitive the plastic sole is (it was model Mario, black leather, with ciel plastic sole that is so thin and easy to wear out) so that I hesitate to wear them.

The pair I bought more recently are b sneakers in 'mid-patent' black. The sticker inside showed that there was leather outside and inside. There was no mention though about the stupidest thing of all - the 'mid-patent' leather was actually shiny leather coated with a PLASTIC film! Today when I took the shoes to a shoe repair shop the man smiled, "Well, you don't necessarily buy quality with a lot of money", he said...

The problem is this: the leather is not really patented ('mid-patent' doesn't say much as there is a whole process to make leather patented), it is just plastic coated. This is why the coating (which isn't compatible with the flexible leather) cracks and started peeling off by the third time I wore the shoes. I don't know what perverse design mind thought of coating nice breathable natural leather with a shiny plastic coating, but the result is useless. The shoe repairer said that with wear, wherever there is a wrinkle or crease the coating would crack and peel off in parts leaving ugly patches of coat-free leather. How nice is that for a 199€ pair of shoes?!

I thought that my experience might not be all that unique and decided to share it.

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 by taratata, 03 Apr 2009
Love this boutique. Beautiful and friendly.

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 by hannasmithrochel (3 reviews), 03 Apr 2009
The service in B Store is second to none, the collections are always spot on... You really can't beat it. My favourite shop in the world, let alone London!

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 by michael1, 23 Dec 2008
Best place in the world to shop! Fantastic atmosphere, amazingly nice people and super-nice unique designer clothing.

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 by Looking for Mr Grey, 23 Jun 2008
The BEST shop in the whole world! Really friendly assistant - I go in just to have a chat with her, whilst my boyfriend buys up the whole shop...

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 by katey5 (5 reviews), 15 Jun 2008
Great shop, much better and with a wider selection now that the location has moved. I admire the owner's enthusiasm and support for young designers and his vision for choosing amazing pieces. Just fantastic.

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 by audrey (29 reviews), 11 Jun 2007
A fantastic store. The menswear rocks. I always find something that makes me look even cooler. Great shoes. One love.

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 by Dick Tiger (12 reviews), 27 Jan 2007
Amazing shop. The best in London by far. What a great range of designers! It's great to see someone supporting young design talent on such a level.

By the way, they are now at 24a Saville Row not Conduit Street.

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 by melvin1, 20 Apr 2006
A lovely collection of designer ranges and a beautiful environment to buy in. All the furniture and decor was designed by their various artists and designers too, so there's always something interesting to see. Great for inspiration and good to hang out in... they even have a super i-pod play list to boot!

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 by Lolla.B, 21 Feb 2006
My favourite shop in London! A beautiful collection of designers and fantastic staff... you must visit!

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 by Anonymous, 13 Dec 2005
Helpful and polite staff. Always really good range of clothing, Bernhard Wilhem, Roksanda Illinic, my 2nd fave London boutique. Cute jewellery and also one-off unisex jewellery by stylist Judy Blame.

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 by Miss_M, 20 Jul 2005
Excellent store. We visit whenever we are coming from Japan.

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 by kiyomi, 25 Jun 2005
One of the very few stores in london where the staff are genuine and very helpful. Amazing shoes and great labels!

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 by Anonymous, 02 May 2005
I love this little store... somewhere that stocks Karen Walker, and where there is fabulous service and a really interesting range of innovative clothing, high qualtiy shoes and accessories... a favourite shopping place in London!

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 by jasmin, 10 Sep 2004

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