294 Upper Street
Islington, London
N1 2TU
Tel: 020 7359 8877 Angel 0.4 miles

Diverse Women, Islington, London

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I like this store and have usually found the staff to be ok. The men's department are really helpful.

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 by paulabc, 07 Dec 2010
Staffed by miserable people with bad attitude.

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 by lulynmrk, 04 Dec 2010
For a (relatively) small boutique there is an amazing selection of clothes and labels here, including pretty much every label I really like and wish I could afford more of: APC, Vanessa Bruno, Forte Forte, Margaret Howell, Opening Ceremony, Antipast and Isabel Marant, to name just a few. Whoever does the buying has an excellent eye for clothes and accessories. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable whilst not being pushy. Really I just try and stay away due to the damage each trip there does to my wallet!

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 by smlee, 19 Oct 2010
They were absolutely brilliant when I needed an outfit and let me stay way over closing time so that I could choose properly.

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 by liz1, 20 Nov 2009
I don't think the last few posts left on this site are completely honest ones. I've shopped in Diverse quite a bit over the years as they have such lovely clothes. I've always found the girls there very helpful and very sweet. They leave me to shop at my own pace and help me when I need it and have given me some very good advice in the past. Lovely place to shop. I've since moved from Islington but still make a point of shoppng there. I think some of their customers have a few chips on their shoulders.

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 by bonnieD, 07 Feb 2009
I agree. Every time I go in there the service is terrible. Some of the staff just look down on you and the atmosphere is not what it should be. The clothes are really good but it's not the only cool shop in London. I just don't go there any more.

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 by kat35, 25 Jan 2009
I agree with the previous review. I went in on a Saturday and found the staff particularly unhelpful and unfriendly. The girls stood around chatting and they made me feel like I was putting them out when I asked for help. Not great saleswomen! I hope they are better during the week. I wouldn't go again if it weren't for the fact that the stock is great.

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 by jcuddigan, 19 Jan 2009
The staff are bizarrely aloof at this shop and really not helpful. They look you up and down in that ghastly competitive female way and follow you around, rearranging hangers after you look at the clothes. There is quite a good selection of clothes but no more than at other wonderful boutiques such as Koh Samui.

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 by sara3, 03 Dec 2008
A delightful experience! Great clothes, but perhaps a few too many on the rails. The service is excellent and the girls are not pushy like in West End boutiques. I found just what I was looking for. My only gripe is they didn't have a bag big enough for my purchase!

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 by cbuttersquash, 20 Oct 2008
What a lovely, lovely store. I'd never been in before, though I'd always walked past it on my way to work. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Warm welcome, excellent range of clothing - especially APC - and attentive service. Will certainly be returning in the very near future.

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 by mariemarie, 05 Oct 2008
I adore this shop! The girls are so knowledgeable and helpful, and the labels are great. A great place to shop any day. I'm shocked at the negative reviews - maybe you offended them? I've always found it very pleasant to visit indeed.

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 by sweets, 28 Sep 2008
Finally - a great little London fashion spot! The girl serving me was gorgeous and really knew her stuff. I walked out with something I would never have picked up, but I love it! Thanks! Surprised at the negative comments below - maybe you did something to offend them?

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 by sally6, 22 Sep 2008
I live close by and I visit the shop frequently. I couldn't agree more with all the reviews below. The staff are rude and can't be bothered to serve you; it is a really unpleasant shopping experience. Nevertheless, if you want something interesting, you will find it there.

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 by hh163, 15 Sep 2008
A lovely selection of labels and individual buying. Too much on the rails though, and what's with the tatty walls and kitsch paintings? I thought I was going upstairs to a student flat, not the lovely first floor that it is. The girls were really sweet and helpful. Give yourself a spring clean ladies!

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 by dkay (2 reviews), 04 Sep 2008
I love this boutique. Coming from NZ and not being able to find a number of the labels at home, I was delighted by the clever selection of labels and merchandising in the store. I've bought a number of items and have loved the way the staff allow you to try on garments, offer great advice and assistance, but in no way hang around in that "Well, are you going to buy it??" manner. I just wish there were great boutiques like Diverse in NZ!

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 by khobbs, 03 Jul 2008
I'm shocked at people's negative reviews. This is a relaxed and honest boutique, not like some of the hostile snotty ones in the West End. It can get a little busy at times. However, I was served by a lovely helpful girl who made great suggestions - things I never would have usually picked up - and was thrilled with my purchases! Will definitely go back. (I do agree though with some of the comments that the lighting is a bit hospital-like.)

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 by katey5 (5 reviews), 15 Jun 2008
The selection here is really great, but I agree with others who say that the staff cannot be bothered. Considering that you can get these brands elsewhere, you would think customer service would need to be their strong point in order to lure customers back... but no! Terrible service - I always feel utterly ignored. It is more 'serve yourself' than H&M. No one takes your items to the changing room, no one asks you if you need a different size... you get the picture! There's usually plenty of staff but they are busy chatting amongst themselves, eating chocolate bars, etc. Last visit the service was so disappointing, I won't go back.

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 by annalon, 12 May 2008
I was served by a really pretty, down-to-earth girl who didn't mind me trying practically the whole shop on! Why aren't there more cute boutiques like this?

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 by teatime, 28 Nov 2007
Love the boutique - very relaxed atmosphere. Was served by a lovely girl who was extremely helpful and patient. The only negative comment I have is the lighting is a bit stark and could be softer.

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 by chloe3, 24 Sep 2007
You always find something amazing here. It's got the best selection of brands in London. If I ever need something special I don't bother with Selfridges but head straight to Diverse instead. Most of all I value that the staff never try and 'sell' me anything - they are honest and say if something really doesn't look that great, rather than letting you make a mistake.

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 by Melissa Dick, 14 Jul 2007

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