Labour of Love

193 Upper Street
Islington, London
N1 1RQ
Tel: 020 7354 9333 Highbury & Islington 0.3 miles

Mon-Sat: 10.30am-6.30pm
(Thurs to 7pm)
Sun: 12.30pm-5.30pm

Labour of Love

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I love this shop SOOOOO much.

LOL is an absolute joy to behold, a mixture of daring colours and designs but all the garms retain a bespoke class that you expect from designers they stock. (Check out the new season from Manoosuh or the LOL patent leather Jazz shoes, of which I have three irridescent pairs.)

The shop has a novel layout that changes from season to season and although occasionally a little flustered, I found the staff assistant very helpful, even if she was a maddeningly thin and attractive red head!

All said, this is a wonderful shop and a shining light on Islington's Upper Street.

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 by Dominique Caster, 27 Aug 2009
This is my favourite shop in the whole wide world. I love it love it love it! Everything I have bought from there is instantly coveted by friends and strangers alike. It's definitely the place to go when you want to treat yourself!

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 by lilladyrhino, 05 Aug 2009
I've seen better. It was very stuffy in the shop and I found the shop assistant very sour.

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 by hannasmithrochel (3 reviews), 03 Apr 2009
I love Labour of Love so much that I have to limit my visits, as it's a very dangerous place for ladies with a penchant for Le Shopping! I popped in there at the weekend and it has got some amazing new autumn stock. I'm saving up my pennies for one of its own-brand wool trenchcoats. Ahhh... the stuff that all 30-summat girls' dreams are made of!

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 by Steph W, 23 Oct 2007
I love this shop - can't walk by without going in.

Useful review?
 by darling, 16 Oct 2006
I had visitors from abroad and they had read about Labour of Love on the Internet, so I took them there. The shop is so lovely. And now my friend can't stop talking about a dress by a designer called Louise Amstrup. All the labels seems so carefully selected. I rate it definitely one of London's best at the moment.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Aug 2006
This is my favourite boutique in London, full of beautiful quirky clothes and accessories. There's always something I covet!

Useful review?
 by nixy, 30 May 2006
Labour of love...a haven with lovely people with unique, beautiful artifacts of meticulous LABOUR. If you're looking for something special that has been collated in a unique environment then here's your spot...or you could just go and feast your eyes and be inspired!

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 by walker, 24 May 2006
I've been told about this jewel of Upper Street so many times and finally went to visit it yesterday, boy was I the magpie!

Bought an amazing jacket by a new Danish designer called Louise Amstrup whom I haven't found anywhere else in London.

It is one piece out of many in the shop that is timeless, different, beautifully made and skillfully cut, well worth every penny! ...and believe me nothing like what you would find in Spits market!

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 by katie w, 24 May 2006
Quite simply a gem! Everything in this shop is covetable and certainly a labour of love! Some really unusual stylish pieces at a snip for the designer quality and originallity. I got a stylish but funky cap and a neat little leopard cardi, ready to give my step a spring for spring! Great fashion advice too, thoroughly recommend a visit - if you haven't been then you're missing out!

Useful review?
 by Fimoss, 23 May 2006
The last two reviewers must either have gone to the wrong shop or be competition, 'cos there's no way you could go and describe Labour of Love as the 'same old, same old'.

I'm a dedicated shopper and I know that the labels in there are usually unique to them (I've even contacted the designers direct before & been told that LOL is their only London stockist).

On the few occasions that they do stock the same label as somewhere else, they don't usually stock the same designs so you're guaranteed originality. I agree that it is a little bit pricey - but hey, quality costs.

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 by Shopping fan, 22 May 2006
Read about this shop in Time Out so I went and what a disappointment! Same old same old. Why are all the shops in London the same, selling the same labels!

Has no one got anything different!

Useful review?
 by hubble, 26 Apr 2006
Sorry, but have I missed something! Went there because I read about it in Time Out magazine.

Nothing you can't get at Spitalfields market on a Sunday at about 8 times the price. In fact I bet the owners go there and buy stock from the stall holders and then put a couple of hundred quid on it. 'Cos it's Upper St., but hey I guess that's business.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Apr 2006
Fantastic and original items.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Mar 2006
This is one of the best boutiques in London. The staff are fab, and the one-off pieces are for true lovers of fashion.

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 by Anonymous, 06 Feb 2006
I can't believe I have been missing out on this gem whilst living round the corner! Original, well-picked items. The owner makes a point of selecting labels which are not available on the high street, including her own quirky knitwear. I bought an amazing top which had been knitted from an original 1940s pattern, with vintage glass buttons. A must for all those kooky girls out there looking for something individual.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Feb 2006
Nice store. It's worth a visit if you are in that neck of the woods, but nothing you cant find in the West End.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Dec 2005
A one-stop-shop for a gift for your lady, with good female advice thrown in for free.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Dec 2005
Labour of Love consistently is full of nice things that I want to buy. It has a great mixture of affordable smaller items and more expensive clothes which I admit are more for the average person to admire rather than buy but I can't think of anything better to do on a Saturday than gaze at expensive clothes!

The staff are not only friendly but also helpful and extremely accommodating, and the owner clearly has great taste (which is a rare find). I love it!

Useful review?
 by shopaholic, 06 Dec 2005
Lovely staff, great clothes, very expensive. Would be nice too see some more affordable items, but a fantastic shop all the same.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Oct 2005

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