The Cross

141 Portland Road
Holland Park, London
W11 4LR
Tel: 020 7727 6760 Holland Park 0.3 miles

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If it wasn’t for the delightful Cross girls I wouldn’t have a clue what to wear! Not only do they have a great selection of clothes for a busy mum but they are happy to entertain my little ones while I try things on. Great service and lovely girls.

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 by juliewhite04, 21 Jan 2011
I love The Cross. It's a little London gem with a really eclectic feel about it, which you just don't get everywhere. Great labels, the buyers really know what they're doing. And the girls there always offer a brilliant service, helpful without being pushy!

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 by shopaholicgirl, 15 Jan 2011
For a relaxed, friendly and helpful shopping experience, or just a browse at lovely things, The Cross is the perfect place to visit. My son is happy playing in the colourful toy section and cared for by cheerful staff while I get to try on the latest skinny jeans by notify and cool shirts from MiH - a rarity for a busy mum! A visit always cheers my day, even if I only leave with a handmade card and a fake poo!

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 by thirtyplusx, 15 Jun 2010
Not how it once was. Unfortunately it's become unoriginal and uninspiring, with extremely high prices. Sadly, I also found the staff to be arrogant and complacent.

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 by DOTTYDOT, 13 Jan 2010
The Cross is a Godsend - the perfect place to go for the present for that difficult girlfriend/wife/sister/mother. The enormously helpful staff guide you to the perfect present without making you feel like a troglodyte.

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 by Burge, 06 Jan 2009
I think The Cross is looking very tired these days. Crammed with overpriced over-embellished mumsy clothes and pink kitsch interiors clutter, it's really not worth the trek there. Fine if you're a local picking up a scented candle, but The Cross is no longer on the fashion map I think - lots of brands I had also seen in Fenwicks Brent Cross!! A very ordinary shop.

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 by Roxy24, 21 Nov 2008
Oh my god, The Cross is just the best shop in London - in fact, anywhere! The staff are informative, efficient and beautiful girls.

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 by the queen, 24 Sep 2008
Sadly, this store seems to have lost its way in recent years. The rails are so crammed it is difficult to see what's there and expensive stock is thrown into baskets on the floor. I bought an unspectacular holiday dress which I later discovered still had its security tag on it. Ggrrrr. I agree there are too many staff in the store and, in my experience, they are inexperienced and over-bearing. I can see that The Cross is still very successful, catering for yummy mummys and ladies from the country in town for the day, but the buying is uninspired and the boutique appears to have forgotten its niche-eclectic-destination origins. Shame!

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 by FashionLover (3 reviews), 05 Jul 2008
Hyped-up shop, snotty staff, and yummy mummy stock. Made a special visit and was nearly stared out of the place. Went shopping with my mum to buy something really special for an event and just HAD to leave. I'm a fashion girl who cares, but if I'm not good enough then I don't know who is! Won't go back.

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 by katey5 (5 reviews), 15 Jun 2008
Just popped into The Cross. The staff were very friendly and the new stock is magnificent. The spring/summer line brought in has been carefully edited and I was delighted to be introduced to some new names. Easton Pearson from Australia featured heavily throughout the rails in light, colourful, dip-dyed, ethnic-inspired tops, dresses and skirts. Embroidery flourishes were everywhere. This must either be my perfect season or The Cross has chosen items just to my taste!

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 by denib33, 29 Jan 2008
I remember this shop almost 10 years ago. It must have been virtually the first of the little boutiques that was imitated so sweetly by places such as Coco Ribbon etc. What I still love about it is that it reflects the personal style of the owners and it has never deviated. There was a point when it stocked mass produced stuff like Chanel and lots of Missoni but if you want to find really unusual eclectic clothes, furnishings, plus great kids' stuff, then go there. Lovely, unfussy, unstuffy staff and you still see the owners on the shop floor!

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 by plug23, 12 Jun 2007
This is one of those shops that WAS great but sadly is no longer. It was probably the prototype for many boutiques that have opened since, like Coco Ribbon. However, nowadays The Cross lacks any originality. Very much a shop for Notting Hill's yummy mummy set. I remember going there when it had just opened a few years back and seeing tons of things I would like to have. This was not the case when I visited recently.

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 by audrey (29 reviews), 11 Jun 2007
I love this shop - I was in such a panic because I couldn't find a dress for my friend's wedding but the girls were so sweet and went out of their way to find something that I felt comfortable in and could afford. Definitely will visit again!

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 by Lucy Holmes, 11 Jun 2007
Totally overrated, unfriendly and arrogant staff, quite unoriginal and uninspiring stock... basically a waste of time, don't bother.

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 by fabiani, 23 May 2007
It stocks unique pieces. However, I thought it was totally overrated. Far too many staff for such a cramped shop. I didn't feel as if I could shop in peace or with ease.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Jan 2007
Worth going to the interiors shop (across the Road) - surprisingly cheap and pretty things and very helpful staff.

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 by Anonymous, 12 May 2006
The Cross struck me as being just so-so. I had heard so much about it and was terribly excited but it's just a nice, regular boutique.

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 by chopburn, 06 Dec 2005
Beautiful, beautiful... London's original boutique.

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 by Nicole (3 reviews), 15 Jul 2005
Always ready to help. Quite expensive but worth it. Beautiful clothes accessories and the like. Friendly and fun atmosphere. Nowhere else quite the same.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Jun 2005
The best shop in London, definitely worth a visit... lovely girls - very helpful!

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 by pops, 14 Apr 2005

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