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The Ivy, London

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Many other people have spoken about how great this place. Well, I can assure you it's totally overrated and overpriced. Food average, service average, bar seating area a joke.

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 by forster-m1, 04 Jun 2009
What is the fuss about? The food is OK, but nothing special. The room is OK, but nothing special. The atmopshere is OK, but nothing special.

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 by StuH (39 reviews), 07 Mar 2009
I went to the Ivy for my birthday and found the place very disappointing. As noted below, yes the fries do seem to come out of a frozen packet. The Bang Bang Chicken had no bang at all, merely small pieces of dull chicken covered in a peanut butter sauce. The ravioli was just terrible. When ordering I asked the waiter for some fries, he corrected me that they were called chips! Overall, very disappointing. Makes you wonder why the rich and famous bother to go... unless of course when they arrive it changes!

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 by arion11, 16 Jul 2008
My friends at work booked me and a friend in for my birthday last March. It was the best food I have ever eaten in a restaurant. Staff very friendly. Would go back and would definitely tell all my friends how lovely it is.

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 by sam longhurst, 29 Mar 2008
We've eaten at The Ivy twice now and thoroughly enjoyed it both times. The food was great and we love the relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere. We feel very comfortable there - in fact, we've just booked up again.

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 by Michael Werner, 26 Mar 2008
All I can say about The Ivy is 'WOW!' The food is amazing - I have never tasted anything like it, absolutely gorgeous. The staff are wonderful - very respectful, smiley, pleasant and helpful, and the service was brilliant. I will be back without a doubt. A lovely experience. Thank you to all the staff who made my night so special. 10 out of 10.

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 by london1987 (3 reviews), 31 Jan 2008
I read some good reviews about this restaurant but this place has finally really turned me off for life. Do not even try and make a reservation, as the restaurant managers are very rude over the phone (so much snobbishness - funny when this place is not even classified as the 'creme de la creme').

After finally getting the chance to dine there, the food was absolutely plain average with awful service (a lot of food delays) and, unsuprisingly, the staff were again very rude. It's just amazing to see how popular this place is when the service they provide is not properly in place.

Do not waste your time and money. My recommendation would be for you to dine at either Gordon Ramsay at Claridges or Petrus instead. My dining experiences in these places have been absolutely superb!

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 by emmaforsyth, 19 Jan 2008
I decided to try The Ivy because of all the hype and positive reviews. My first impression was good - the staff were polite and the restaurant generally had a nice atmosphere. The only annoying thing was, I had to book way in advance for a table as it was a Saturday night. The food was nice but didn't have the wow factor. Perhaps my expectations were too high... my husband said it was one of the best meals he has had, but I am not totally convinced.

After we had paid and as we were walking out we were asked if we enjoyed our meal, with a genuine smile. I will definitely go back, but I will order something different next time and maybe then I will be convinced that the prices are worth it.

P.S: I originally gave the Ivy 4 stars, but I have since been back and, yes, I ordered something different - much better choice this time - and my husband and I got to sit right at the front where all the celebrities normally sit. We did have a good time.

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 by Tabby (3 reviews), 10 Nov 2007
Very tasty food and good service - they squeezed us in at the last minute. The vegetables etc. come separate, which is how it gets expensive. Everything is cooked to perfection, though the portions are possibly not big enough. The atmosphere is nice but people look each other up and down too much to see who is 'somebody'.

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 by cystalhaze (20 reviews), 06 Oct 2007
The Ivy is a great place to go for food, service and hospitality. I live in north Wales and whenever I go to London The Ivy is the only restaurant for me. I love it there, I love taking people there, and it's even better if you sit next to a star. Long may The Ivy reign!

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 by BROOKSAND, 11 Aug 2007
Went for the 'set lunch' on Sunday (been 3 times previously). The food was good and the price was right. Staff were friendly too. Shame the roast potatoes weren't crunchier - but you can't have it all! The room is so beautiful. It is an experience and well worth the wait for a table. A really nice way to spend any evening or a Sunday.

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 by Moo Moo (23 reviews), 09 Jul 2007
My boyfriend and I went there a few weeks ago. I was disappointed, shocked even, by the terrible service and poor quality of the food. The atmosphere was like a cheap pub. When I went to the ladies' bathroom there was a male cleaner there. I asked him kindly if he could come back later but he didn't leave! Never again.

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 by Zelda, 22 Nov 2006
Completely overrated. The food is poor and, for the price, frankly terrible. The menu is uninspiring and for the money there are countless other places to go that top it by a mile.

The service is average but hardly attentive.

What's more, the tables are far too close together. To go to the toilet required the table next to me to move their table. Pathetic. I will never even attempt to go again. I know this sounds over the top, but I really do think that the celebs are welcome to it.

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 by ollynbloom, 09 Nov 2006
The food was good but not exceptional, (would highly recommend the crispy duck salad and tiger prawns in ginger though). The service was fantastic and the atmosphere lively. The tables were very close together however, and I could hear everyone else's conversation throughout the whole meal, which I didn't like. Book 2-3 months in advance.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Sep 2006
Because of its 'A' list status I thought the food would be poor and the service snobby. The food was better than good and the service very friendly. Definitely worth returning to (which I will).

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 by Bamford (4 reviews), 25 May 2006
Four adults and one thirteen month old baby went here on New Years Eve. Service was excellent, we were made to feel very welcome, even with baby!

Food very nice, but not great. I would not recommend the 'organic pork belly slice', unless you like eighty five per cent fat with your meat. We will go again though, just to see if it was an 'off' day.

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 by nospringchicken, 01 Jan 2006
The best restaurant in the world - bar none.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Dec 2005
My girlfriend loves it here but I can only muster up an ok vote. Service is very good and no matter if you are an A, B, C list celeb or just a regular Jo Schmo, the service seems to be the same, which is a good thing.

Ok so the sausage and mash or shepherds pie may be the best you've ever had, but at the end of the day, it's still only sausage and mash!

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 by Noodles (6 reviews), 07 Oct 2005
Perfect. Interesting people, good dinner after a musical.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Sep 2005
The "I saw a celeb" comments below are really quite sad. If you want to see a celebrity, stay at home and watch TV.

The Ivy's a lovely restaurant, polite but friendly service and delicious comfort food - not fine dining, just popular, enjoyable dishes, beautifully prepared.

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 by stripes (10 reviews), 09 Jul 2005

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