A Dove and Son

71 Northcote Road
Battersea, London
SW11 6PJ
Tel: 020 7223 5191

Bob Dove's shop has been in business since 1899 and specialises in free range and organic meat. His wife Linda makes their excellent frozen pies, which are free of preservatives and colouring.

Dove and Son's Butcher

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Anyone from Ireland will know how difficult it is to find a half decent sausage in London/UK. Superquinn if you know what I mean! Anyway, this place is no better. Whilst cooking (on a medium heat) the sausage meat just oozed out, resulting in being left with a very rubbery skin and a mostly empty body. Awful. 4 chicken fillets were £9.80. Scandalous.

Now for the worst part: the service. I didn't particularly like the mannerisms but what I could not believe was NO GLOVES, handling all sorts of meats. He picked my 4 fillets bare handed and immediately afterwards I handed him my debit card - not even a wipe on an apron of any sort (I waited). I honestly was in shock. All over the Visa card, card terminal (which I had to handle), the plastic bags, you name it. Seriously need to sort that out. I'm just ashamed of myself for not refusing to hand over the card and walking out instead.

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 by stanmorgan10, 16 Apr 2013
I got two geese from Dove butchers for an early December feast and they were magnificent beasts, well worth the many pennies paid. Organic turkey the year before was stunningly good too. I save up to get decent meat at Dove's. The supermarket competition is tough for them, but I want to support them as much as possible so they continue for another century. Owner can seem grumpy but he's passionate about meat and knows his stuff and works very hard.

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 by moneypenny, 01 Mar 2011
Great butcher shop. Excellent quality, much better than what you can get in supermarkets. Highly recommended. Will definitely come back again.

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 by 4mic, 22 Dec 2010
The meat here is certainly top drawer but, other reviews are correct, it is the rudest service you’ll probably find in all of London. It's like being dared NOT to shop there! Call me a masochist, there is something I kind of like about these gruff surly guys. And with such good product, what’s not to love?!

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 by lmueting, 13 Dec 2010
Best butcher - won't buy meat from anywhere else. Great to see regular staff who like to have a joke with their customers. Who needs Tesco?!

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 by hazeljbews, 20 Nov 2010
Bit of a mixed bag. Have had some excellent meat/fowl from Dove's and their sausages are the best I've ever had (the pork, not the 'savoury' ones); however, the customer service is woeful. They always try to give you more than you want, which is very annoying.

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 by julesw11, 30 Oct 2010
Do not shop here. The rudest member of staff ever told me I clearly shopped at Tesco and didn't appreciate good meat because I asked to buy less mince than he had packed for me for the budget-busting price of £10. He even said he wouldn't sell to someone like me. There was no way I was putting a penny in that man's pocket. (As a matter of fact, I grew up with a village butcher in Yorkshire... but they didn't rip you off!)

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 by Ckirkham, 26 Sep 2010
The RUDEST shop ever! We have given up going, since the 'gentlemen' who serve in here are curt, rude and most unhelpful. We just bought burgers from there, but considering the cost, M&S tasted better. If you want a butchers, cross over the road - they are helpful, polite, have a smile on their face and offer good food all round.

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 by kerry.newman, 31 May 2010
Best butcher I have been to. Terrific staff banter and out of this world quality bits of meat. The chef does some pretty good pies as well.

P.S. Don't tell anyone about the Scotch Eggs - they are legendary and all mine.

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 by Ian Mac, 11 Jun 2009
This really is a great butchers. You won't be disappointed. The quality of the meat is the best in the area, and the sausage rolls are amazing!

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 by jimbrobinson, 12 Dec 2008
This is the real deal. Great meat from a great butcher. They are very friendly and thankfully they don't do that plastic smile rubbish you get from the plonker at the supermarket. The same supermarket that scr3wed the farmers to get you 2 chickens for 5 quid...

The integrity of meat is important me and the meat at Dove and Son has integrity. These guys know where it has come from and they know the quality. If you ask them, they will happily share the knowledge (3 generations of it).

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 by jameat, 04 Dec 2008
The pies from this butcher are out of this world! I don't actually get my meat from here as I live a bit further away, but whenever I'm in the area I always pop in for a pie to take home. Current favourite is Old Fashioned Rabbit with Bacon & Mustard but I also LOVE the Pork, Beans & Chorizo stew one and my boyfriend's a sucker for the Steak & Claret. This is convenience food at its absolute best. If you like your pies be sure to check out this traditional and very friendly (I don't believe some of the comments below, crazy people) butchers. AND I've just found out they do deliveries, so my pie intake is about to go through the roof! YUM.

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 by sarahr, 27 Nov 2008
Bob’s my local butcher. I always go in for a Sunday roast treat and have never been disappointed. Top quality. Love the homemade soups and curries too - perfect for nights when I’m too lazy to cook. They’re always really friendly and good for local news!

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 by louhorscroft, 13 Nov 2008
What a pair of miserable butchers! I travel past this shop every day on the bus and have always wanted to visit – so I did. A couple of portions of chicken on the bone, maybe slightly pricey, but good quality. Unfortunately they had just started to empty their counter and I was just an irritant. I would have much rather they had just told me to go. First visit – last visit. There are other nice butchers that have all broken into a smile at least once this decade.

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 by suezoid (2 reviews), 13 Oct 2008
Butchers wonder why they are going bust left right and centre. This place is the perfect example... awful customer service, like most unfortunately. Until they realise the world doesn't owe them a living and treat people with a little respect then they can keep going bust as far as I'm concerned. At least the supermarkets train their staff to be courteous.

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 by SteakMate, 11 Jun 2008
Top quality Scottish beef and English lamb. Great prepared foods too. A real treat, with first-class service!

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 by archieboo (2 reviews), 11 Feb 2008
I've just started going to this traditional butcher, and I must say I am very impressed with the produce and level of service.

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 by Iolite, 25 Jan 2008
Great shop. Top meat, particularly the Ridings Reserve beef and lamb from Yorkshire.

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 by rtufton (2 reviews), 30 Aug 2007
I've been coming here for 13 years. I can honestly say I have never had better meat from butchers elsewhere. Ludlow/Devon, other foodie places, the beef in particular is never as good. The sausages, especially the chipolatas, are the perfect balance of meat and bread. Bacon superb. I could go on... And no poncey window arrangements, like fake grass etc. Brian and Bob are master butchers.

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 by sue cj, 20 Jun 2007
This is the best butchers I have been to in a long time. Fantastic staff, especially Bob the owner (who is a bit of a looker!).

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 by morris, 11 May 2007

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