Frank Godfrey

7 Highbury Park
Highbury, London
N5 1QJ
Tel: 020 7226 9904 Arsenal 0.5 miles

Run by the same family for 4 generations, this shop places great importance on animal welfare and all the meat is free range and free of additive and antibiotics. One of the few London butchers licensed to sell pure-bred Aberdeen Angus beef.

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The meat I have purchased here has been simply superb. But as a mum with a young baby and a hungry steak-loving husband to feed, we will have to leave the steak here for special occasions because the prices are, quite simply, extortionate. It's not only the steak which I resigned myself to pay moonbeams for but the chicken too. The meat is exceptional but if you are looking for good quality for good value then walk down the road for 10 minutes to Highbury Butchers - your husband won't taste the difference. If you're savvy, try it; if not, enjoy your meat!

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 by donnabradford, 03 Oct 2012
Visited Frank Godfrey's for the first time this weekend, and was blown away by the standard of the food. Bought as much as we could carry home! Had the fillet steak last night, and can honestly say it was the best fillet steak I have eaten in many years, absolutely fantastic. The pepper sauce we used was absolutely delicious. Another great bonus is I can order what I want on online, which will save the long journey I would have otherwise. The costs also were more than comparable with supermarkets/butchers, but you get a better quality of meat. I wish I had found this shop years ago. Now I know that the meat I give my family will be of the highest standard.

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 by helendjemal, 31 Oct 2011
Best butcher I've ever found. Great meat, great staff.
P.S. Also spotted Nigel Slater buying there - must be good!

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 by geoff67, 03 Aug 2010
Very good meat, good quality. Shame about the manager - he's very rude when serving sometimes. Apart from that, very good. Best butchers I've been to so far. Well done.

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 by gary uwen, 09 Aug 2008
I've not long moved to London from up north. My friend had been telling me about the butcher she visits every Saturday to buy her meat for the week, so upon a free weekend I took a trip to Highbury and queued up outside Frank Godfrey.

The shop girls were all so charming and very helpful as well as cheerful (shops I've been to in the past have had such rude people who would never say 'please' or 'thank you'). They knew what I wanted and how much would be the right amount. I was having a party on Sunday and I bought some of their lamb burgers - the children loved them. I got things for my BBQ and again everyone commented on how great and top class the meat was. I took all kinds of their sausages and by the end of the night I didn't have any left over.

It takes me a while to get there by car but it is worth it, as is waiting in the queue. I must say if you're in London and want top meat, Godfrey's is the place to go. I'd also like to thank everyone working there for doing a wonderful job. Great food, great service.

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 by Alyson.D, 05 Aug 2008
I don't know of a butchers shop in London quite like Frank Godfrey of Highbury. The staff are most delightful and know how customers should be served. The old-fashioned way is always the best. The knowledge of the shop girls is so refreshing. I don't know what the complaints on this website refer to, but I shop here every week, trying something new each time. Keep up the good work all!

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 by pauline r, 03 Aug 2008
All the staff polite and helpful. The meat is excellent and of an extremely high quality.

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 by sean thompson, 25 Jul 2008
I've only been here once, about a year ago when I was looking for a new butcher. While I suspect that my experience was just down to bad luck, the woman behind the counter was positively short, curt and really unfriendly.

I spent nearly £70 in the shop on racks of lamb, and when I asked her if she could tell me when the salt marsh lamb would be in season her only response was 'not today' (i.e. that she didn't have the time to tell me today). It was a Wednesday morning and the shop was empty - and furthermore, why be so miserable and rude?

The lamb I bought was great but surely any good butcher should be happy and willing to field questions from customers about their range of products, breeds on offer and origin of their meat with some degree of interest and patience? I left feeling as if they had done me a favour by serving me. Who needs that when you've cycled 10 minutes uphill to Highbury just to buy meat?

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 by jenlemon, 25 Jun 2008
Delicious, free range meat. Never disappoints. As the previous reviewer says, the steaks are superb.

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 by ianharvey (2 reviews), 02 Jun 2008
After reading about this butcher on this and other websites I made a pilgrimage over to Highbury last weekend. After much talk with my friends about how awesome the steak from F Godfreys was going to be, we all hoped it would live up to its expectations.

The steaks were cut for me out back and after cooking them up on the BBQ we all agreed they were fantastic. I've got a top 4 steaks I've ever eaten and the one from here easily beat all of them, taking first place!

Considering everything, it was cheaper than a restaurant, a better steak than any of us had ever eaten in a restaurant and it was more satisfying to eat as you knew you'd gone to the shop and come home and cooked it. Plus you're supporting a skilled trade and a family run business and animal welfare, something the major supermarkets don't have a clue about.

I've decided to have a monthly trip to Franks to sample some other meats, I think next up pork fillet will be on the shopping list. I can't wait!

The best thing of all though, I only live 2 miles away! I can't believe I've been missing out on it for so long.

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 by keifallen, 29 May 2008
Best butcher in London, if not the country!

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 by STEVE MCMURRAY, 12 Sep 2007
My local. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Brilliant produce.

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 by StuH (39 reviews), 16 Mar 2007
As everyone here says, great quality produce, worth the extra money compared to those nasty supermarkets.

One little gripe though. It would be nice if they would slice the bacon to order - it's a bit too thickly sliced for my liking.

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 by Anonymous, 18 Dec 2006
Wonderful meat, highly recommended.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Dec 2006
Great meat, great family.

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 by chevvy, 08 Nov 2006
The meat is always top quality and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Really a pleasure to go in every week.

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 by KennyS, 27 Jun 2006
One of the best! Treats you as family and has the best food.

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 by KimmyJ., 09 May 2006
Best meat I've ever bought.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Feb 2006
The best sirloin I have tasted and very reasonably priced. Also the best Lincolnshire chipolatas. There is always a pleasant smell to the shop, unlike some butchers shops.

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 by Yiodi, 02 Feb 2006
Outstanding. We live in W11 but get monthly delivery from Frank Godfrey. The meat is just as good if not better than Lidgate's, and two thirds the price.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Dec 2005

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