Ginger Pig

8-10 Moxon Street
Marylebone, London
Tel: 020 7935 7788 Baker Street 0.3 miles

Tim and Anne Wilson's shop supplies the best pork and bacon in London, from their own farm. Their large range of gourmet sausages is also not to be missed.

Ginger Pig

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Beautiful meat, great service. I've tried other renowned London butchers such as Lidgate and HG Walter, and Ginger Pig comes out on top every time.

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 by StuartEaling (2 reviews), 01 Dec 2012
Don't recognise any of the complaints about staff, but then I always shop at the Victoria Park Hackney branch, where the staff are charm personified. And of course the beef, veal, pork, sausages, game, bacon and legendary sausage rolls are all beyond reproach. As is the mutton, although I find the lamb to be their one weak spot: oddly flavourless. But in Hackney, that doesn't matter because everyone in the know buys lamb from one of the countless Turkish butchers: twice as good as the British and half the price. Best of both worlds.

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 by john7, 20 Oct 2012
I have been to Ginger Pig once (Marylebone branch) on recommendation of my friend. I always struggled to cook ribeye steaks at home - I could never get even close to results you get in Hawksmoor or Gaucho, and I tried at least 50 times with ribeye from M&S, Waitrose and all other supermarket chains and some local butchers. Whatever I did, I could never get fat marbling to melt away, even with heat so high that my griddle caught fire! This time it worked somehow. It can not be my cooking, it must be down to breed of cattle or the way they mature the meat.

I am definitely going back to try other steaks and meat cuts.
It is more expensive than the supermarkets, but after my disaster with roast beef from a big supermarket chain at Easter, I would recommend GP any time.

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 by beer_wine_ski_tennis_nut, 06 May 2011
I buy all the time from GP and have done for years. Lovely meat, rare breeds, great service. Borough is my local but Marylebone is also excellent.

People are human though, so law of averages says I will sometimes get bad service, as happened recently with an arrogant tit at Borough. But he's usually been OK - maybe it was a bad day for him, maybe his cat died or his girl dumped him... I can't judge him on one visit, for god's sake. I've also worked in the food industry - was a plongeur when I was a kid - so have the utmost respect for someone who works in a cold, wet, dangerous environment and sometimes might not have a beaming smile.

Angry of Tunbridge Wells, you bought sirloin on the bone and discovered it was wing rib? If I sold you a chicken ovum would you be surprised if someone told you it was an egg??!! Wing rib = sirloin on the bone, fore rib = rib eye on the bone. Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, you sphincter.

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 by ADDLED (2 reviews), 21 Jun 2010
My favourite London butcher. I have been a customer for some years since they appeared at Borough Market. Service has never been a problem, but I suspect that if you know what you want, you get a better deal. Excellent beef. I do know a better butcher, but he's not in London.

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 by chris.pearson (2 reviews), 09 Oct 2008
I love the Ginger Pig, always have, always will. Even more pleased that they're expanding without going mass market. As for the terrible comments about the staff, I can't believe that to be true. I work on the front line in a luxury hotel and fully understand how 'customer snobbery' is so often the root cause of unhappy staff. People think they can treat staff like that just because they've got money. Well, the workers can do it right back at ya.

I'll ALWAYS be a Ginger Pig supporter, loud and proud.

Oh, and if the boss wants to chat the women up, then that's up to him - I'm first in line though.

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 by katie106walker, 26 Jul 2008
You should try the Ginger Pig stall at Borough Market. One of the reviewers below mentioned Paul - he's a fantastic butcher, knows his meat, is honest, friendly and good fun.

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 by pollux, 11 Apr 2008
I went there today and, although all of the meats looked wonderful, was really disappointed with the 'butchery'. I asked for a piece of pork leg for 6 people and the man who served me cut it from a whole leg, but it was a thinnish slab with the thigh bone in it. I am not an expert but my husband was aghast at the way it had been cut. It is certainly not suitable for roasting, as it would dry out. It was not scored properly either. I don't think the man who served me has had proper butchery training, that much was clear from the way he worked. A pity to cut corners on un-trained staff when you have good products.

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 by suzerne (2 reviews), 22 Feb 2008
I bought what I believed, and had asked for, to be a very large joint of sirloin on the bone for Christmas Day lunch, only to be told by one of my guests when they arrived for lunch, that it was wing rib. The quality was poor and at £90 expensive and extremely disappointing. I will go back to Morrisons where their fillet of beef, from their own farms, is superb and of course reasonably priced!

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 by angry of Tunbridge Wells, 26 Dec 2007
Have to agree with most people here, the boss should spend more time training staff instead of chatting women up. I've been a few times, but not again.

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 by manmeat, 23 Nov 2007
To the complainers below: ask yourself, did you treat their staff with respect? I'm a regular customer of theirs and I've seen the snobs who expect their arses to be licked just because they can afford to shop there.

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 by Brian P, 07 Nov 2007
Have to agree with these recent postings about the poor service. My recent visit was saved when the young man (he did mention that he had recently finished a college course) was extremely helpful when the others were clueless.

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 by shopper, 31 Oct 2007
Have just read a few of the staff-slandering comments below, and although I only phoned with a query, the man I spoke to (Paul) was very helpful and friendly. Always a big bonus when you get good telephone service in London.

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 by Lou P, 31 Oct 2007
The meat and cooked products are fantastic but the staff are a nightmare. Taking a friend from abroad there last week, she was totally impressed until one of the staff was rude and aggressively abrasive when she got her camera out. Personally, sometimes I have had pleasant service but usually go in resigning myself to rude behaviour.

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 by ispy, 28 Oct 2007
I agree with the comment below, most of the staff are very rude - even the manager wasn't pleasant. It will deter people if they continue like that.

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 by brucemarsh, 25 Oct 2007
One thing to say: train your staff to get some manners.

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 by binnie, 16 Oct 2007
Had a really bad experience here last week. I don't know too much about meat, so I needed to ask a couple of questions. I was spoken to in such an abrupt manner, I definitely will not be returning. Considering the prices they charge, customers should be treated with some degree of respect.

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 by Gloria, 24 Sep 2007
There are lots of good things at the Ginger Pig. But I agree with a previous reviewer that the meat can sometimes be over the hill. In the space of the last two years I have had a fillet of beef and a broiling chicken for stock which were off and had to be thrown away.

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 by BLC, 24 Aug 2007
Great quality! You just have to become a regular customer to have a better experience there. Patiently and humbly learn form the expert! My Beef Wellington turned out to be superb tonight. I can only do this with their meat.

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 by lovefood, 25 Jul 2007
I agree the quality is usually very good, but sadly also about the rather offhand, sometimes surly attitude of staff. It was almost a relief to read that some others find they need to brave it rather than enjoy it, not just me.

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 by sakec, 14 Jul 2007

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