140 Portobello Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 2DZ
Tel: 020 7727 6067 Ladbroke Grove 0.4 miles

Family-run old-fashioned butcher's shop, selling only organic and free range produce, and specialising in rare breeds. Also try their excellent homemade pies.


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As good if not better than Lidgate and Allen. Great Angus beef, old spot pork, amazing sausages and home cured bacon. Reasonable prices for superb quality. Never ever fails.

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 by millingtons, 24 Jan 2010
Sounds like 'nina2000' popped into a bookies', rather than my favourite butchers for over a dozen years. No complaints... ever.

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 by Bumpkinhype, 28 Mar 2009
Our favourite butchers in London. Definitely more friendly and reasonably priced than Lidgates, and they're always willing to make recommendations if you're in need of inspiration. Perhaps the wind was blowing in the wrong direction to warrant the below comment, as in 2 years we've never had any problems.

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 by hannahwalley, 18 May 2008
I love these guys, with the photos of the family members displayed on the wall... Really lovely, local place, with good meat and lots of seasonal choice. How could anyone wish for it to be shut down? Go and get their lamb chops or oxtail - you won't break the bank.

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 by kittenpet (2 reviews), 24 Jan 2008
Been to this butchers and found that they say they sell organic and rare breed meat, but this has turned out not to be the case. Also, they didn't seem to have much knowledge on the subject. I even went in there one day and all I could smell was cigarette smoke. I will never go in this place again. In my opinion, it should really be shut down.

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 by nina200, 06 Oct 2007
A local favourite. Superb beef on the bone, well aged and a lovely dark burgundy colour (a good sign of proper aging) unlike the vivid scarlet of supermarkets' pre-packed stuff. Cheaper than famous neighbour Lidgates.

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 by Capt T (4 reviews), 09 May 2007
Very nice people and very helpful. Have been happy with everything I've bought there, especially the sausages.

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 by Anonymous, 20 Dec 2006
Excellent quality and selection. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Not inexpensive, however.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Nov 2004

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