110 Holland Park Avenue
Holland Park, London
W11 4UA
Tel: 020 7727 8243 Holland Park 0.1 miles

Established in 1850, David Lidgate's shop specialises in naturally-reared meats including organic meats from Prince Charles's Highgrove estate. They also sell a wide range of homemade sausages, quiches and award winning pies.


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The quality of the meat is excellent. However, several of the butchers are incredibly rude and unhelpful, making the shopping experience unpleasant.

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 by Shopper13, 29 Nov 2011
I've been coming here for years. Always superb quality. Home-made sausages, truly first class Beef Wellington and even the most amazing Fish Pie imaginable are some examples of the great range of products available. Real gem of a shop.

Useful review?
 by Ma_wrona, 14 Jan 2011
I have been using Lidgate for some years now, and mostly it is very good, although you do pay for it. Recently though, I have noticed things like the minced steak to have small fragments of what seems like bone in it. Something I wouldn't expect given the price.

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 by eddiemate2000, 11 Dec 2008
My family enjoyed some really lovely wild boar sausages from here for our dinner last night. They were really fragrant, had a great flavour and weren't fatty at all. What's more, my boyfriend had a really nice experience at the shop when he dropped by to pick them up. He had just got a puncture on his bike and hadn't planned to stop off on his way home so didn't have his lock with him. The butcher allowed him to bring his bike inside (I suppose as it was right at the end of the day and there weren't many another shoppers). How kind! A really great shopping experience - a delight to see all that is on display and a real treat, whatever you buy!

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 by luv_a_duck (4 reviews), 15 Oct 2007
I see they are still doing well. I wish them all the best for the future.

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 by johnny kwango, 28 Sep 2007
We just went on a day trip with the Lidgate butcher to see the Kelly turkey farm. This is where we will get our Christmas turkey from. Wow! What an experience! Amazing farm, all organic and forest wild turkeys. Lovely people, free day trip, incredible hospitality. Buy your meat here! This is the true meaning of 'local' shop. Organising something so special for your customers... couldn't be a better shopkeeper or better produce. Worth every last penny.

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 by maggie-bb, 23 Sep 2007
We first used Lidgate 2 years ago and will always travel the 30 miles whenever we are entertaining or cooking a special meal for the family. The quality is exceptional.

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 by carllyon, 29 Jun 2007
They offer very good choice and high quality meat. Expensive, but well worth it.

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 by Anonymous, 07 May 2007
The very best pie in all the world.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Jan 2007
Simply the best, with helpful and friendly staff. You pay for the quality and it's well worth it. I've been shopping there for 25 years and have tried many other butchers in the meantime. I recommend going off-peak (avoid Saturday late morning or afternoon) as the queues can be long otherwise.

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 by Stewart J (2 reviews), 13 Nov 2006
Staff not over-friendly. They seem to be rushing around at 100 mph - makes you dizzy!

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 by Anonymous, 22 Jul 2006
I have yet to buy anything from Lidgate's that has been less than exceptional. Everything they sell is beautifully tender, full of flavour and a huge pleasure to eat. I particularly love their organic Highgrove sausages - the seasoning is perfect. The staff are reasonably friendly but extremely professional and the shop itself is small with a fantastic, old-fashioned atmosphere. Despite the phenomenal quality, however, I'm not entirely convinced that it justifies the astonishing prices.

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 by Anonymous, 23 Jan 2006
Undoubtedly the best supplier of meat, sausages and turkey that I have encountered on my world-wide travels. Excellent service and good value.

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 by Cadillac, 08 Dec 2005
Crazily expensive but great meat and pies. Chicken and mushroom pie is heavenly. I love the old world feel about the shop.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Nov 2005
Exceptional. The Highgrove sausages are the best I've tasted, and I had a fillet of venison that was something else. The window display is amazing and everything they sell is beautiful. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Oct 2005
When dealing with quality of this standard, you don't have the right to complain about the price! This meat will literally melt in your mouth. Fantastic store and by far the best butcher I have ever come across.

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 by Anonymous, 02 Sep 2005
I was appalled to discover upon telephoning this butcher that the girl who took my call had no idea what a sirloin is, had no idea where the meat came from and could get no more info from her colleagues than that it was 'from Scotland'. Did not inspire confidence, given the reputation of the shop.

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 by Anonymous, 06 Jun 2005
Perfect sausages.

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 by Anonymous, 01 Jun 2005
Awesome quality meats and cheeses. Fabulous pies and very friendly helpful staff. A little expensive but worth it. Try the Coq au Vin pie.

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 by Anonymous, 07 Apr 2005
Very expensive.

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 by Anonymous, 27 Mar 2005

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