113 Wandsworth Bridge Road
Fulham, London
Tel: 020 7736 3426 Fulham Broadway 0.5 miles

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Brian is a great butcher and a consummate gentleman. The rest of the staff are great also. It is a pleasure just to visit. But the product... well, that's the real reason to go. The best meats around.

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 by BobRendine, 10 Jan 2010
Outstanding butcher. Produce is varied and they will get just about anything you could want if you ask ahead. Always exceptional quality and service top notch. Prices at steeper end but would pay same again for the quality and taste delivered. Would never buy meat from anywhere else. A little gem!

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 by weebearzy, 02 Jan 2010
Bought a hogget lamb recently. Cooked it for 6 hours until really tender and it fell off the bone. The taste was truly sublime, the best lamb ever. All 4 guests said the same. More than enough for 4. Will shop here again and again.

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 by neil r, 24 Feb 2009
Absolutely fabulous. Ordered one whole cooked ham and one large roast beef. Both were perfect and delicious.

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 by paola1, 16 Nov 2008
Best butcher in London. Really friendly bunch. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

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 by nicksmyth24, 13 Nov 2008
Had a lump of sirloin this week. Tender, but lacking in flavour and rather dear. Good service. Why does Mr Ramsay recommend them?

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 by chris.pearson (2 reviews), 09 Oct 2008
I found the service poor and the product overpriced.

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 by paris, 09 Jan 2008
Superb meat, and Mr Randall is a gentleman. I have always had great service.

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 by Mangetout, 27 Oct 2007
Attitude of butcher really bad.

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 by Anonymous, 04 May 2007
Amazing meat and great service. Be prepared to spend lots of money mind... it's pricey.

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 by Mr Monk, 04 Dec 2006
The best butchers in London by far.

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 by Steve1, 13 Nov 2006
Rack of lamb was the best we had in UK. Aberdeen sirloin well hung and tasty.

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 by Toffe, 21 Aug 2005
This butcher does not display his certificate for processing organic meat. When asked if he has one (it is a legal requirement) he was very rude.

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 by happy at last (2 reviews), 06 Aug 2005
Best meat, great service.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Jul 2005
Way overpriced!

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 by Anonymous, 04 Jul 2005
Immaculately presented, great variety and quality of meat and very friendly and helpful.

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 by Anonymous, 16 May 2005
Where do I start? Immaculately presented shop and staff of whom there were plenty which is just as well because it's always busy and not without good reason. The quality of the meat is unsurpassable, which is packaged beautifully.

The staff are especially courteous, addressing me as 'miss' which was a lovely touch as we all know how offensively over-familiar butchers can be. I have and always will, travel for miles to get here.

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 by Anonymous, 01 May 2005

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