WH Wellbeloved

31 Tanners Hill
Greenwich, London
Tel: 020 8692 3679 Deptford Bridge 0.2 miles

Popular local "Butcher and Grazier, est 1829" with a good selection of popular meats and magnificent pies.

Wellbeloved Butcher, London

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Used this butcher a few times now and there's a reason we keep going back. A rolled free-range pork shoulder was £23 and fed 10 of us with plenty for seconds and, most importantly, was delicious. We were provided with advice on how best to cook it, which was perfect. Their pies are deliciously fresh and, according to my father-in-law, are the best he's ever tasted - he wanted to go and buy a batch to take back to Plymouth. Much better than going to the supermarket.

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 by Groundhogday, 12 Oct 2013
Mr Wellbeloved is simply the best butcher in London. When we moved away from Deptford to Notting Hill and then Clapham way we tried other local butchers (with posh shops and good reputations) but nothing has beaten the personal service, quality and price found here. We make a special trip back each year to buy our Christmas ham and pork pies. We've tested it and it just doesn't taste as good from elsewhere. It's a shame there aren't more places like this left in London and that I don't live closer.

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 by Pangchetta, 16 Dec 2012
Mr Wellbeloved's shop is an English treasure, and a great find for a foreign tourist like me. Love his steak and kidney pies, and he sells just the right English mustard to go with it. My girlfriend loves it!

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 by freepacifica, 28 Aug 2012
We started using this butcher after reading all the great reviews. It's been almost two years now and I go there every other week to stock up my fridge. The meat is superb and Will knows so much about the different cuts and what they are good for. If I say "Will, I need to do a curry or a roast", he will find me just the right cut. I trust his stuff so much that most often I call and place my order and then it's all ready to go. We recently had to move house and one of the things that came into consideration when selecting our new place was how close we are to Wellbeloved!

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 by amintap, 25 Jul 2012
Brilliant butcher - great meat, great range, great prices, and a really friendly butcher who knew a lot about the local history too. Looking forward to trying the pies. I bought lamb chops and they were excellent. Very highly recommended!

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 by drbint, 06 Mar 2012
Absolutely love this butchers. The owner, Will, is a lovely and honest guy. The service is always the best. The meat is top quality at a very reasonable price. The pies are so tasty and delicious they're sometimes very hard to resist - totally agree with one of the reviews below, their pies really are the best in town. Thank you Will, and see you very soon.

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 by filipafreitas, 22 Dec 2011
My hubbie said they are the best pies he has eaten. I made some mash and liquor with mushy peas, which went fantastic with the minced beef pie. So, so yummy and so full of meat. Always service with a smile and time to talk. Thank you Wellbeloved, and see you soon!

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 by virgojulie, 27 Oct 2011
I was studying video editing at IMC Hurricane a year or so ago and happened across this pie shop one dinnertime. One word: magnificent. In fact, so magnificent that I went back time and time again over that 3 month period. My waist will never forgive me, but my tastebuds couldn't resist. The steak and kidney puddings and rolled shoulder pork joints are pretty fantastic too. Thoroughly recommended.

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 by borez, 24 Jul 2011
I have to say, Mr Wellbeloved's pies are some of the tastiest in the whole of London! Packed full of meat, and nice crisp pastry... a real treat. Ordered 6 from Jenna and can't wait to try them all!

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 by gervase, 14 Jul 2011
My quest to find the best pie for the past 7 years finally ended last week when I found Wellbeloved's pies. I've travelled to every major city in Australia, Italy and Eastern Europe and I couldn't find pies as fresh, tasty and chunky (filling) as Wellbeloved's. I especially like the steak & mushroom. No.1 on my agenda will be a visit to Wellbeloved's on my next trip to London.

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 by PaulineLee, 13 Jun 2011
Absolutely LOVE this butchers! I used it all the time when I lived in Deptford but then started to use the likes of Tesco for ease when I moved... won't be doing that again. Have started to go back to Bill's. The meat is super, Bill and the team are marvellous and the pies are delicious! Can't rate them highly enough. Definitely value for money.

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 by amc, 17 Jan 2011
Started using this butcher after finding the recommendations on here, and it is without doubt the best butcher I have found in London. Absolutely superb!

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 by JAM, 12 Jan 2011
Deptfordkid, I cannot believe it has taken you a whole year to make your disrespectful comment! If you were unhappy with my service you should have come and seen me. As for the pork pies, they must be excellent as - yet again - I sold out of them this Christmas! Happy New Year!!

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 by WillWellbeloved, 28 Dec 2010
Agree with Brockley Trick Cyclist, Deptford Kid needs to grow some balls and take up his issues with Will the butcher. It sounds like he only uses the shop at Christmas anyway. This is the best butcher's in the whole of England! The meat and pies are to die for. Everything is superb and Will the butcher is a great bloke. I don't find the prices high for the quality of the meat, I think prices are reasonable.

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 by SueB, 28 Dec 2010
Deptford kid needs to take his issues up with Will instead of ranting here. Quality meat, quality bloke, hence high(ish) prices. But great value for money.

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 by Brockley trick cyclist, 22 Dec 2010
Last Christmas they completely ripped off my in-laws over joint for Xmas day. Said it was going to be one price when they had arranged the joint, then charged double when in-laws went to pick it up the day before Christmas. Pork pies are awful too.

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 by deptfordkid, 13 Dec 2010
The best butcher in the area by far. Very professional and friendly service. My mother used to shop here over 50 years ago; still the same quality and service.

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 by gwendo, 04 Dec 2010
This is, without doubt, far and away the best butcher you will find in London, if not the UK. Mouthwatering pies and pastries to die for, well cared for meats and a top bloke. This has been a sublime family business, and continues in the tradition of the TRADITIONAL butcher. Highly recommended. Just leave some of the HUGE pasties for me, okay?

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 by Cubinoid, 18 May 2010
Top, top butcher. Top, top bloke. Been shopping at Will's for over 15 years now. Trouble is, you get spoilt, and then nowhere else will do. His fillet steak is to die for, legs of lamb are sublime, and you can even tell the difference with his poultry and offal. And I echo the other comments about the pies - try the steak and mushroom, made on the premises.

Just allow plenty of time when you go, because if Trev is working that day, he really enjoys a quick chat for half an hour or so.

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 by mckay, 28 Dec 2009
Simply the best and most helpful butcher in South East London, probably the world!

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 by fredaspirit:, 22 Dec 2009

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