Baker and Spice

47 Denyer Street
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7225 3417 Sloane Square 0.5 miles

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Queen's Park (Main Branch)Belgravia

Baker and Spice reviews

Tile hanging over unprotected food... hum... plaster salad anyone?

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 by sweetie23 (3 reviews), 21 Jan 2009
This place is completely overrated, overpriced and pretentious. We went there for Sunday brunch and it was fraught with frustration from the moment we sat down. I wanted scrambled eggs and bacon, so chose the 'scrambled eggs with cream fraiche' - but they refused to supply a side order of bacon with it. Moreover, when the dish arrived there was no toast or anything - merely just a plate of eggs and that's it, for 11 quid!

My husband ordered the full English breakfast, but asked for the eggs scrambled instead of fried - again this was not possible. I would have thought that was a basic and common request. And when the dish came, the eggs were in fact poached, not fried! He hates poached eggs.

My mother ordered the smoked salmon on savoury pancakes - and was told that "that dish may take a long time" - god knows why!

I found the staff to be extremely unhelpful, rude and pretentious, and obviously the chefs are either totally unreasonable or incapable of cooking the simplest things - probably both. We will not be returning.

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 by Rosemonkey, 06 Jun 2007
Great food, you can't fault it. The sausage rolls are stunning - I am told that they are made for them by a local organic butcher.

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 by additive free (3 reviews), 20 May 2006

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