Bar Italia

22 Frith Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7437 4520 Tottenham Court Road 0.2 miles

All night Soho favourite since 1923. Great Italian coffee and absolutely packed whenever there's a televised Italian football match. Soho media fact: The blue plaque above celebrates that John Logie Baird first demonstrated television in 1926.

Bar Italia

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Excellent coffee but at nearly £3 for a cappuccino in the worst downturn in memory, it's better to go elsewhere. Costa Coffee do an excellent macchiato.

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 by chome4 (2 reviews), 20 Mar 2012
I've been visiting Bar Italia for over 20 years and I've never tasted a better coffee anywhere else. I know everyone, from the staff to the owner - great people and an excellent place!

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 by Robstar72, 29 Aug 2011
Bar Albania. Don't be duped by the name. Poor, poor service. Nothing Italian here

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 by sebastian_flyte, 28 May 2011
I hadn't been to this place for at least the last four years until tonight, Saturday. And with all honesty it will be more than four years before I go back. I was shockingly charged £3.80 (!!!) for a Double Espresso Macchiato. That is not just pricey, or even extortionate, that is legal theft. Ciao Ciao Bar Italia, keep your old manually-operated Gaggia machine for the tourists.

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 by RockyMarciano, 25 Sep 2010
Great history, pricey, passable coffee. But the worst thing about Bar Italia is the nasty and arrogant baristas. They make spiteful racist remarks in Italian about their English customers, chuckling that they can't be understood. If you are tired of anti-Englishness in London, boycott this place.

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 by Matt94, 21 Aug 2010
Torsten-fc, you are spot on. There's much better, cheaper coffee nearby. You go there for the experience. It's the Italian version of Wong-Kei Chinese restaurant or Waxy O'Connor's pub.

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 by sonoflondon, 20 Jun 2010
I started going to Bar Italia in the seventies as a tourist and I still go as resident (not of London, alas, but of the TW postal code...). Definitely the right stuff. I even own one of their espresso cups and a saucer.

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 by ligia, 14 Apr 2010
We love Bar Italia! My husband and I spent several days at Hazlitt's, just down the street towards the park, and we went to the Bar several times a day. The staff were all friendly and our coffee and cocoa were always steaming hot. The manager was often concerned when I would show up at 4am. He would watch me walk back to Hazlitt's, and he would always wave as I went inside. He made me feel safe and secure. I adore Bar Italia and its clientele. We met many interesting and talented people at this tiny treasure. Long live Bar Italia!!

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 by cv5000 (2 reviews), 21 Dec 2009
I remember going clubbing and then making a stop at Bar Italia with my Italian friends, having breakfast with a coffee and a tasty ciabatta and then off to work! Good atmosphere, always packed but the staff were always efficient and friendly.

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 by ismitana, 04 Sep 2009
Very good coffee but very expensive. £2.50 for espresso is a lot, plus very bad customer service. Staff are impolite and unfriendly.

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 by remymazar, 23 Aug 2009
A vaguely threatening air of overly-jocular machismo pervades this establishment. The staff are indifferent to their customers and, at times, not at all welcoming. The coffee is good, actually, but never served really hot - because, I suspect, they want you to bugger off pronto!! Weird, but really worth visiting because it is authentic, independent, old and, as an experience, really quite fabulous - particularly for the life-affirmingly noisey!!

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 by torsten-fc (2 reviews), 14 Aug 2009
A Soho institution, famously open all hours and genuinely Italian. But for cutting-edge barista skills, latte art and the very best fresh roast espresso blends, walk around the corner to Flat White (17 Berwick Street), Fernandez & Wells (73 Beak Street) and Milk Bar (3 Bateman Street) or Monmouth Coffee (27 Monmouth Street).

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 by grant_rattray, 29 Apr 2009
I love, love, love Bar Italia. This is THE place to have coffee in Soho, whether it be the first cup of the day as wonderful Soho is waking up for another working day and the lucky ones are making their way home after a night on the town, or the last cup of the night to sober up or kick start the night! The crowd is always fascinating. If I go alone I always end up having a life-enriching conversation with someone! You can find better quality coffee in Soho; however, you can't beat the atmosphere here.

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 by clubvoyage (6 reviews), 10 Jan 2009
Very good coffee but much too expensive! Staff are quite impolite and unfriendly.

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 by sarado, 29 Oct 2008
Bad manners, bad food, too expensive and not even a good coffee. Don't be fooled by the word 'Italia', this place is neither Italian nor run by Italians. The best coffee in the city is to be found at 'Caffè Vergnano 1882' at 62 Charing Cross Road (towards Leicester Square tube).

Useful review? 3
 by marcash, 31 Aug 2008
Superb coffee, great food, a little pricey (but that's to be expected, it is Central London). Massively unfriendly staff though! If you're english-italian (like me!) don't expect any friendly banter unless you're in their little circle. You'll be lucky to get a smile. The only time a sense of togetherness prevails is during the great atmosphere when Italy are playing on the TV (if you can get in!). The place has managed to keep its authenticity though which is great. The unfriendly welcome you receive during ordering manages to generate a general snootyness throughout the place and for Italians... this place is COLD! Let's end on a high note... eating their equally cold (but delicious) gelati on the tables outside is a real treat.

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 by Milan AC, 07 Jul 2008
Bar Italia is a long time fav since my bro first introduced me to it in the 80s. We always have to make a little pilgrimage there whenever I'm back in town from Vancouver. Great coffee, atmosphere and characters, what's not to love about it...

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 by deb miller, 10 Apr 2008
Fantastic - great pizza, great fun!

Useful review? 2
 by molflanders (2 reviews), 29 Mar 2008
Never had better coffee.

Useful review? 4
 by Moo Moo (23 reviews), 04 Feb 2008
Firstly, the door man is so impolite and always makes you feel unwelcome. Secondly, it is so small and packed you haven't got a place to stand up, let alone breathe.

Useful review? 1
 by jacksmiths, 15 Dec 2007

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