Brompton Quarter Cafe

223-225 Brompton Road
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7225 2107 South Kensington 0.4 miles

Inspired by the food of the Mediterranean, Brompton Quarter Cafe produces all food in house including delicious pastries and breads.

Mon-Fri: 7.30am-11pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-11pm

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Strolled past this cafe at 9.30pm one evening and wandered in with a group of 6 and asked to have coffee and cakes. We were abruptly told that between 6pm and 10pm, they only served dinnner and dessert was reserved for customers who ate dinner. THE PLACE WAS ALMOST EMPTY and it was 9.30pm on a Wednesday! Yet they still didn't want our business?? So obnoxious and rude. Even though I have enjoyed their cakes in the past, won't be going back or recommending this place to anyone else.

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 by lynettelikesfood (3 reviews), 30 Jul 2010
Visited this place a few months ago with a friend. It took them over 30 minutes to serve us, and they were not even that busy. It was our own fault for not leaving, but we were tired by the time we got there. The staff are inexperienced and lack all manner of customer service skills. We ordered the lemon tart and cheesecake, which were both dry, tasteless and downright awful! I have had several cheesecakes, and the one served to us was by far the worst I've ever had. They also managed to get our drinks order wrong, and then took forever to serve the right ones.

But the icing on the cake was the head waiter or manager (who suffers from an acute case of halitosis), whatever he likes to call himself. We decided to complain, once we realized we had to wait an eternity to pay the bill. I asked if could put our complaint in writing to them, so they could learn from customer feedback, which prompted him to launch into an incoherent speech about how if you want to complain you should eat at MacDonalds!

Avoid this place - it's not worth wasting a penny on!

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 by rollercoastery2k, 26 Nov 2009
Had a lasagne which was dryer than the bottom of a parrot's bird cage. To top it off the bottom of the lasagne was burnt. When I mentioned this to the waitress she said all the lasagnes were made that way and it was slightly burnt to give it added flavour!!

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 by smiliekitten, 12 Nov 2009
The food is really nice and fresh and the restaurant is bright and airy. It's certainly not cheap, but makes a nice treat in Knightsbridge. I definitely prefer it to both Harvey Nichols' restaurants and Harrods' food hall.

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 by BettyBoop21 (3 reviews), 15 Jun 2008
Had dinner there yesterday. Would recommend to all. Everything very fresh and just great-tasting. Fresh juices with a huge range of fruits to choose from. Not too expensive for Knightsbridge either.

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 by Guy Azouri, 02 Apr 2008
The orgainc pomegranate juice there is AMAZING!

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 by munchalot, 14 Feb 2008
Great ambience and love the chichi decor. Most importantly, the millefeuille was absolutely amazing (though I must say the pastry could've been crunchier... but then it was nearly 7pm and the millefeuille was amongst the very few morsels that there was left, so it's justified). A tad expensive but it's worthwhile. Will definitely visit again.

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 by goji (4 reviews), 03 Dec 2007
As someone who used to work at Brompton Quarter I can tell you as a fact that they don't microwave the lasagna. They make it in the kitchen, and then just before they serve it they put it in the oven.

On the whole, it's a really nice place. Many celebs go there too (I've already got quite a few Chelsea football players' autographs).

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 by norman, 08 May 2007
Packed at the weekend, so you have to wait for a table, but there's a great buzz. Food not bad. Had the safe option of the lasagne - we could see them microwaving it in the open plan kitchen! Bit expensive for nothing special, but then this is Brompton Road. Go there for the atmosphere, not the food.

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 by flick007, 13 Feb 2007

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