8 Market Place
Fitzrovia, London
Tel: 020 7636 2228 Oxford Circus 0.1 miles


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Extremely overpriced, with stingy portions and non-existent sevice. Nothing special. Avoid if you can.

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 by DR WHO (3 reviews), 19 Feb 2010
I have twice bought takeaway cooked products from Carluccio's in Islington. First time was a chicken dish which consisted of extremely dry chicken in an oily sauce. Second time (today) I purchased meatballs - and found myself eating a sausage-y, cereal-heavy conconction in a bland tomato sauce. Not good enough at these prices. Meatballs should be mostly meat, Mr Carluccio! I bought them because I needed to eat protein, not carbs! This is sad, because when Carluccio's was less of a 'chain' the food was very good.

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 by marymorris44, 14 May 2009
I must say, despite Carluccio's books being fantastic, the quality of food at his restaurants is pretty inferior. Portions are on the small side, and the last time I had pasta, it was overcooked to the extent that we called it 'children's pasta'. You'd be better off buying the ingredients, which are good, and making something at home!

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 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 16 Jun 2007
Very friendly staff and tasty food. Ambiance always good, with a mix of patrons.

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 by HB (2 reviews), 14 Jan 2007
Not a bad spot for a quick bight / coffee but the standard is patchy. The last time I went there the toilet was in such a disgusting state it put me off eating there ever again. As Anthony Bourdin says, "if you want to know what the kitchen's like, check out the cleanliness of the toilets. If they can't be bothered to service areas that the public see, behind-the-scenes won't be any better." Enough said, I won't eat there again.

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 by cut2quick (2 reviews), 14 Nov 2005
Great for quick bites before and after shopping in Oxford Street. Portions are just enough to maintain your shopping spree.

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 by cheeseburger711 (11 reviews), 05 Aug 2005
I eat at the Market Place premises every time that I come to London. The food, wine and service are always excellent. Very happy visitor from Melbourne, Australia.

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 by DavidS, 30 Jun 2005
Only eaten snacks at Carluccios - very acceptable proscuitto, olives, bread which go very well with their red wine - but a friend swears that their coffee is the best.

The main plus point for me is that it's located in Market Place which is a little semi pedestrianised area one minute from Oxford St and a million miles from its noise and crowds. Outdoor seating makes it feel almost continental.

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 by capital girl (54 reviews), 17 Jan 2005
The deli's fab, if expensive. Shame about what you're actually served in the cafe, i.e. tepid pasta.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Jun 2004

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