Cowshed Clarendon Cross

119 Portland Road
Holland Park, London
W11 4LN
Tel: 020 7078 1944 Holland Park 0.2 miles

An elegant cafe and spa offering "sociable grooming" in a relaxed atmosphere. Manicures and pedicures take place in comfy leather chairs on the ground floor; beauty treatments and massages are carried out in downstairs rooms and use the all-natural line of Cowshed products.

Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm
Sat: 9am-7pm
Sun: 10am-5pm

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Cowshed Clarendon Cross reviews

I have to say, this is the best place for a mani and pedi in West London. I have come back here time and time again for nails that last for over 3 weeks un-chipped!

However, I do have to agree with the review below that they can at busy times ask you to move from the comfy chair for the next client, but I keep coming back for the standard here and I just try and make sure I do not book in at peak times.

The food is great too.

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 by juicyboo (3 reviews), 09 Nov 2008
I was most disappointed by my recent visit to the Cowshed. I went for a full pedicure and had previously enjoyed the experience on 2 earlier visits. However, things appear to have gone downhill somewhat. I received quite a poor pedicure, which was rushed and messy. I had to point out a few times to the therapist where the polish had been smudged etc. Then, to add insult to injury, I was rudely told to vacate my chair immediately as another client was coming in. So with wet nails I hobbled barefoot across the room. Hardly relaxing and in the process the pedicure was ruined. So much for the 10-15 minutes of supposed uninterrupted relaxation after your pedicure. It feels more like a conveyor belt.

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 by hkjenkin, 02 Sep 2008
I went to Cowshed Clarendon Cross to have my nails done and get a massage. This place is amazing for manicures and pedicures, really really worth it, and the nail lounge is beautiful. But for body treatment I wouldn't go there again. I could hear a lot of noise from outside the room whilst I was having my massage, which doesn't make for a relaxing experience. They don’t have any proper relaxation or changing areas either. In my opinion, Adamina Spa (just round the corner) is better for facials and body treatments.

Useful review?
 by Bims (2 reviews), 02 Apr 2008
I am sorry to see that the below reviewees have had unhappy experiences at Cowshed Clarendon Cross. I have recently moved to the area from NYC and, having walked past Cowshed and seen the very comfortable-looking mani and pedi chairs, I popped in to make an appointment and was greeted by two very smiley and helpful therapists.

When I returned the following week to have the two treatments I had booked in for (a Cowshed pedicure and a hot stone massage), I was equally delighted and can say it was by far the best pedi I have had in a long time (coming from a girl who knows a thing or two about pedis!) and that it lasted without chipping for ages. The therapist who gave me my massage was brilliant too, and I found it an incredibly relaxing treatment - a very enjoyable way to spend a cold winter afternoon in London!

Cowshed is a spa I would definitely recommend and I will be sure to book in friends for a bit of pampering when they come and visit me.

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 by clarissa, 28 Feb 2008
I went there because I was given a gift token for a facial worth £95. When I first walked in no one greeted me; when I finally did sit down I was waiting for ages, as they were running late. The therapist took me down to the room, which was very small and didn't look very clean. She was very knowledgeable about skin etc but she talked throughout the whole facial, which meant I didn't relax at all. After she finished, I went to the toilets and about 3 of the therapists were in there chatting and laughing really loudly in front of me. It really wasn't the relaxing treat I thought it would be.

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 by babydoll88, 06 Feb 2008
Oh God, this place shouldn't be in the spa listing in the first place! It is perfect for a nice pedi and mani, maybe a muffin and a coffee (which you have to pay for, by the way), but not for facials or body treatments. I should be fair and say that their nail treatments are pretty good though. But there are no relaxation facilities or changing area.

There are pretty good spas in this area that charge just as much but offer much better value. Try Shymala for ayurvedic treatments and Adamina Day Spa for top facials - both in Holland Park as well.

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 by luxury addict (5 reviews), 26 Jan 2008
Extremely disappointing. Had a facial and a massage there. Felt totally rushed. I couldn't relax at all in the massage, as all I could hear was noise outside the door. Went to the ladies' and all I could hear was what the therapists were going to be doing that evening and their boyfriend problems, as they were standing around the staff lockers. Sounded like they couldn't wait to get out of there!

Service was good at reception and the food was good, but I will not be returning. I feel very let down.

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 by laura hammonds, 23 Nov 2007
So depressing when you call a spa and before you have even booked your appointment you get some seriously bad attitude on the phone.

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 by redder, 29 May 2007
I too have had experiences with Cowshed where you ask for one thing but get another treatment (e.g. half hour massage instead of full hour). Another example was having to endure an hour's treatment to the sound of building works next door. Again discounted but again not the point at all really.

Cowshed lacks the attention to detail of other spas. I recently tried to book a 1 hour appointment with them, only to be told they could not fit me in at the requested time. Although I have tried several times to find out other times available (which are good for them, rather than necessarily good for me) they have been extremely unhelpful and I have been told quite vaguely "next year" - what? January or December 2007? It was at this point I gave up.

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 by backpain, 20 Dec 2006
I booked up here, after spending a long time reading various reviews of spas on the internet, expecting great things. I wouldn't say that my friend and I were disappointed - it was a treat just to take some time out for ourselves, and the surroundings were attractive and comfortable - but the welcome (especially from the manageress) wasn't exactly warm and effusive. Maybe it was because we weren't regulars/locals?

Anyway, the next disappointment was that even though I had specifically asked for a certain facial, massage and manicure, every single one of those treatments had got confused between reception and the therapist and I ended up getting something completely different! In the end it cost me about £20 less than I had planned, but that wasn't the point - I got shorter and more basic treatments than I'd quite specifically requested. I would suggest that if you are going there, check with your therapist just before she starts that she is going to do what you've actually booked.

My therapist was efficient and very friendly (no complaints there), the rooms were clean, and the food at lunchtime was delicious. But I didn't like the groups of therapists standing around chatting downstairs, right outside the toilets. It almost made me feel embarassed that I was disturbing them when I had to go to the loo!

Overall, perhaps we should have gone to one of the big hotels in central London. I thought we were going to be truly pampered for half a day, but in the end it was almost as if we were only being tolerated.

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 by amandad, 27 Oct 2006
So often beauty salons are disappointing - bad service and mediocre treatments can make a visit more of an ordeal than a treat (I'm thinking in particular of the Urban Retreat in Harrods). But I highly recommend the Cowshed. I love the light, sunny surroundings, the shabby chic decor and the luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere. It feels exclusive and friendly at the same time.

The therapists really know their stuff and I rate this as the best place in town for a pedicure or a St Tropez spray tan. However, I think that if I wanted a really heavy-duty pampering facial I'd go to Spa NK on Westbourne Grove instead, just because there you can almost pretend you're in a Balinese boutique-hotel spa...

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 by belledejour (4 reviews), 19 Aug 2006
Love the relaxed homely, clean and healthy atmosphere. Wonderful treatments and delicious food!

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 by tricky, 23 Apr 2006

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