Dutch Colour Cafe

The Cut
Waterloo, London
Tel: 020 7922 1379 Southwark 0.2 miles

Savour Dutch café culture (minus the pot) at the Dutch Colour Café - a vibrant affair that brings all the colour of Amsterdam to The Cut in Waterloo. Located in Siecle - a wall papering and paint store specialising in environmentally friendly Dutch paint - the Dutch Colour Café offers traditional Dutch food such as stompot (the Dutch version of bubble and squeak), Tik Tak coffee and diet-averse syrup waffles.

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It may be solely my opinion but my favourite part of this cafe is the fact it has two names. That is, the unique marketing of the Dutch Colour Cafe inside with signage noting Waterlook Sandwich Bar. Any party with half a brain would walk right past it. It is ideal to keep the dopes out and the cool people in. Five stars I say - HIP HIP HOORAY.

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 by jamesminu, 24 Sep 2010
I rate this Bad not because of the food or service but because of the confusion of - why is this called the Dutch Colour Cafe when on the outside it's name is Waterloo Sandwich Bar?

We finally found this "Dutch Colour Cafe" when we were not looking for it. We happen to be in The Cut for a dinner in another place. My husband and I happen to be looking at a menu at an Asian restaurant and by curiosity looked into this cafe that was shut next door. Voila! it was this "Dutch Colour Cafe" we went looking for two months ago where we went up and down the street several times.

Put the right signage up!

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 by mylene_mccullough, 28 Sep 2008

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