Le Pain Quotidien

72-75 Marylebone High Street
Marylebone, London
Tel: 020 7486 6154 Baker Street 0.3 miles

Le Pain Quotidien's first London bakery and café sells their internationally famous organic sour dough breads and a range of excellent preserves, snacks and biscuits.

Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-6pm

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I have always liked this place. I always go to the Kings Road store to get pastries and cakes, and these are great. Last week, however, I went and had a boiled egg for breakfast. It was not well cooked. I should have known better but instead I ate it and 2 hours later I had really bad food poisioning that lasted for 17 hours. 2 days later I'm still not back to 100%... Do not eat undercooked eggs anywhere.

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 by Annarad, 01 May 2012
Went to the St Pancras branch for brekkie whilst waiting for the train. Had scrambled eggs with prosciutto and toast, a couple of cappuccinos and a croissant. I thought the eggs were delicious, and the prosciutto went rather well with it. However, the croissant was not the freshest, and my second cappuccino had far too much foam on it. On top of that, the service was bland - I did not feel compelled to tip, and I am not a picky person.

I am not in the habit of paying £14.18 for breakfast, but I felt like a treat. Sadly, Le Pain missed the mark for the value for money there. Had the coffee, croissant and service been better, I'd visit again. Nice decor though.

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 by skeen, 26 Jan 2010
I've been at the St Pancras branch a few times but was very disappointed last time. The food was very average, too expensive, and the service was really bad, almost rude. I went again this morning to get a take-away latte, but when I got on the train I found out it was a soggy watery porridge with banana slices that looked like they had been cut 3 days ago. Of course I was disappointed that I didn't have my coffee but I was also amazed how someone in their right mind would want to eat that!! I'm definitely not going back, ever!

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 by melan, 18 Dec 2009
I thought this place was an unmitigated rip-off. From start to finish. The coffee was cold and small (at £2.40) for a shot. We ordered the chicken pie; it was tasteless, unseasoned, overcooked and most definitely overpriced at £11.90. Then, to top it all off, despite the poor service, a further £3 was automatically added to our bill. For two people it came to £33 for a couple of microwave oven pies, a cold coffee and a small orange juice.

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 by arthur.woodward, 30 Nov 2009
Average really. Have eaten at Marylebone and St Pancras. The former has inordinately slow service, with croissants a little stale. The latter had pretty fresh stuff but all ridiculously overpriced if you consider a bog standard pastry at Delice de France at Gare du Nord would be about 50c. As for the rest of the menu, uninspiring and bland. Unfortunately another London restaurant cafe which promises much in terms of decor but can't deliver on substance. Quel dommage.

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 by hackettlad (4 reviews), 08 Nov 2009
I don't understand all this negativity. I'm a regular at the South Kensington branch and I have rarely left disappointed. The decor is great, the service has never disappointed me, and the only time I was let down was when they had run out of scones.

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 by isnainshah, 07 Jun 2009
I just had a breakfast there and am not impressed at all. Although the decor is nice and vibe is good too, the service was awful (even rude) and the food was mediocre. The sandwiches were small and the salad was just okay. The main components were nice separately (buffalo mozzarella, asparagus, grilled beetroot salad) but there was no harmony between them. They seem to be very proud of their bread too, though I could not understand why. The babaganoush was not smokey enough and the guacamole was sweet (?). It took ages to get the bill and service charge is a must. I do not think I will ever go back...

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 by poffertje, 10 Aug 2008
The service at South Ken branch is consistently terrible. Extremely disappointing all round.

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 by clmarley, 30 May 2008
Went to the one in South Kensington on a couple of occasions. Agree with the remarks about the fresh orange juice - it was very watered down and not worth the price. Second time around, I asked for a crumble. It came out cold. When I asked for it to be reheated, it was obviously microwaved, as when I got it back all the crumbly bits had almost melted away. Not impressed and won't be returning.

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 by vickyo1 (3 reviews), 10 Mar 2008
Absolutely awful. The service at the Marylebone High Street branch was forgetful and inattentive. The 'tartine' we ordered is a glorified sandwich (and not good at that) and the bread was mediocre. It may be good for pastries etc, but I would avoid at all costs for main meals.

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 by em2008, 31 Jan 2008
Again, London rip-off prices and poor service! Would the Belgians be prepared to pay £3.00 for a small glass of undrinkable orange juice, £2.20 for a medium luke-warm coffee served in a mug without handles, and £2.30 for a crumbly almond croissant? Total: £8.44 (£7.50 + service 0.94). The staff were hopeless and refused to refund me for the undrinkable orange.

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 by dpcdpc1, 09 Aug 2007
I had a fanatstic dinner at the Festival Hall branch. The sea bass was perfect and the desserts and cheese all top quality. I thought the service was very good too. I would recommend it to anyone.

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 by critic, 01 Jul 2007
I was served a fish pie that smelt like a corpse. It was so off I couldn't believe the kitchen staff hadn't noticed. They then brought me a second pie that was also off. I spent the rest of the evening feeling sick and wondering if I had food poisoning. And to make matters worse, the staff were totally inexperienced and no one seemed to be managing them.

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 by alim, 21 Jun 2007
Had lunch and dinner in the Marlborough Street branch last weekend, while on a visit to see the Sound of Music (just around the corner). Loved it! Food fab and the wine not bad either. Would visit again.

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 by mary masterson, 11 May 2007
I've tried this place about 4 times and I am never happy when I leave. You wait a long time for a table, then the latte always comes cold, the food is not that great, and it's quite expensive too for a cafe.

Useful review? 1
 by vspira (2 reviews), 30 Mar 2007
I've visited the Great Marlborough Street branch three times and each time the bread and cakes were excellent but the service amateur. Brought different cake, different tea, forgot a plate, spilled water on me... I know why they add the service charge to the bill - because no one would give any tips! But the bread is fantastic and I will be going back. I'd rate 5/5 if it were not for the service.

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 by Anonymous, 26 Mar 2007
Went there for breakfast 3 mornings on the trot, plus one lunchtime. The baguettes are to die for and everything else we had was great - food tasty and fresh and excellent coffee. On all 4 occasions the place was really busy but each time the service was spot on and we had no complaints. Perhaps a little pricey, but this is London and the food was good!

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 by Anonymous, 14 Mar 2007
The food is great but the service is the worst I have ever come across. You get some sour look from the shift manager when you ask for 2 more slices of bread for your salad. Such a shame as it really spoils the experience. Reading through the other comments I see that I am not alone in this impression.

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 by Gideon (2 reviews), 13 Mar 2007
I've been to the High Steet Ken branch numerous times and although the food never fails to disappoint, the service always does. It's invariably slow, sporadic and inattentive. Even though the food is good enough to make me go back, they should attempt to address this other aspect, since with good service my rating would be a 5.

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 by Lavina (3 reviews), 27 Feb 2007
Good cappuccino, bad service! We had to wait too long to order, to be served and even to pay! I understand they are very busy but they should be more organized.

Useful review? 1
 by Anonymous, 13 Feb 2007

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