22 The Pavement
Clapham, London
Tel: 020 7498 2636 Clapham Common 0.1 miles

Macaron is a popular patisserie, boulangerie and cafe selling some of the best cakes in London. A wide selection of French breads are on offer and the patissiers wearing traditional chefs' hats can be seen hard at work behind the large communal table.

Tue-Fri: 7am-7pm
Sat: 9am-6pm
Sun: 9am-5pm

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Very friendly. I ordered a mille-feuille for a birthday and it was super fresh and delicious. My preferred patisserie in Clapham!

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 by Marie-Anne, 10 Nov 2011
Sadly this excellent establishment seems to have suffered an internal downgrade of late. No longer are the pastry masters wearing white hats and carefully baking. Instead, they're out the back having a smoke.

Last time I visited, in July 2007, the place had been lauded in TimeOut. The window shone with sparkling jewel-like desserts and the counter was full of piping hot pastries that would melt in your mouth. The indulgent chocolate eclairs were small and light in the French style.

The freshness and the Frenchness of this cafe always appealed to me and I'd plan a day getting there to enjoy it. This past Sunday I got up early and got there for opening at 9am. I ordered a cappucino and a croque monsieur.

Firstly, the coffee was served with longlife milk. I couldn't believe it but thought they'd misheard me, so I asked for another, this time requesting it with proper milk. "No, we don't serve it like that and we've never had any complaints". Alarm bells went off. Umm errr, I wasn't complaining. I asked for a black coffee instead.

Next the croque monsieur. These should be heart-attack-renderingly good. You know when the gruyere is so spot on, it snaps in your mouth? This particular version had processed ham and Tesco processed cheese. Great if you make it for the kids at home. Not so great in a French cafe.

So then I went on to pastries. I ordered a chocolate croissant and an almond croissant. In 2007 the pastry was butter light. It would dissolve in your mouth, it was that good. This time, the almond croissant had been painted with some sort of icing and the chocolate croissant was pretty heavy going. Both were one day or more old. The longed-for chocolate eclair was not very appealing; there were two in the glass fridge looking very sweaty.

I really wanted this place to be brilliant. I loved it so much when it opened but now it's completely altered. It's one thing to change a few things around, alter the menu and so on, but this was nothing short of a Tesco bakery but with triple the prices.

Why does this sort of thing happen? It got rave reviews that were totally deserved in 06/07 but like so many restaurants and cafes in London, as soon as a reputation is established, the quality and expensive ingredients are stripped out and the customer is left with an overpriced rip-off scam of a shell of what was there before.

Save yourself the bother and your well-earned pounds and go to a PAUL (yes, even that is better than this crime against).

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 by sonian, 03 Aug 2009
I was rather surprised by some of the reviews below, and I suspect some of the more negative ones to be sour grapes (especially since two of them were written by the same person). If some products are bought in, which I doubt, I don't think we're talking about buying from Tesco here or from some factory, since these are clearly all artisan products. The patisseries are certainly made on the premises, since one can look in to the kitchen from the shop and see them being made.

As for the quality, this place was rated best patisserie in London in 2006, and if Anonymous and Lukas cannot taste the three freshly-squeezed fruit juices which go in to each of the three layers of beautifully light mousse in some of the cakes, then I suggest that they might wish to pick up a Sara Lee Mississipi Mudpie from the freezer at the supermarket on the way home. I've eaten there twice now (I ended up eating two cakes last time) and am going there again this weekend.

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 by Jo2, 16 Apr 2008
Nice place, but it's a shame that almost everything comes from external suppliers and they only do a few pastries on the premises. Not impressed by the quality.

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 by Lukas, 06 Nov 2007
I have eaten here and can vouch for this place being one of the best around!

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 by Qu1nuk, 15 Jan 2007
That is a real shame if bread is brought in. SHAME ON YOU!

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 by Anonymous, 28 Sep 2006
Macaron is a fantastic little French style Patisserie in the middle of Clapham. It's a quirky, pretty little place with the staff wearing burlesque style outfits.

They have a great selection of teas and little cakes, served on china your grandmother would have... all adding to the charm of the place.

I thought the cakes were lovely but it's not just about the cakes, it's about the ambience too and they've got that down. They could do with more seating space but it's definitely worth visiting and sitting over tea and cake and indulging your inner Marie Antoinette.

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 by Pretty Things, 01 Jun 2006
Style over substance. Looks great, but not impressed with the quality.

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 by Anonymous, 02 May 2006
Macaron looks lovely and is a beautiful shop to visit. However the only things made on site (I believe) are the patisseries which in my opinion are not always the best quality. The bread and croissants are bought in from external suppliers.

While I find it pleasing on the surface, it doesn't reach much further.

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 by foodie, 26 Apr 2006
The best thing to hit Clapham in some time! The staff wear quirky uniforms and serve the most delicious cakes and a selection of teas to enjoy with them. There's not much seating space and it gets busy but it's definitely worth checking out. It's next to my favourite butcher too (Moen's).

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 by jenny80 (8 reviews), 08 Apr 2006

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