342 King's Road
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7352 9832 South Kensington 0.6 miles

Napket is a boutique café-delicatessen on the Kings Road offering a chic environment for respite and refreshment. Designed by Peter Van Hooreweghe, Napket's décor is the result of a dramatic blend of influences from modern to baroque. Murano glass chandeliers and dark wood flooring reclaimed from a church provide an ideal backdrop for Napket's carefully selected coffees and teas, sandwiches and 20 varieties of speciality pound cakes.

Mon-Thurs: 8am-9pm
Fri-Sun: 8am-10pm

Napket, London

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RIP OFF!! If you do not want to pay £4.10 for a 0.5 litre Evian still water bottle or £3.60 for a single chocolate cookie, do not go. The waitress actually admitted that "they have just put the prices up and nothing is cheap any more".

Except the decor, there was absolutely nothing special about Napket. The service was slow, the BBQ chicken salad was disgusting and the manager was 'not available' when we complained about the bill. Absolute disappointment.

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 by pup, 27 Jun 2011
Napket has a couple of branches around town and, while it is true that the Kings Rd branch is small, ill placed and underdeveloped (something I was told they are working on), I would not pass by a visit to the Vigo or Piccadily St Napkets. There's nothing like a chat with the incredibly friendly bartenders and bakers at Vigo early in the morning over a cup of hot chocolate. Piccadily has surprised me recently with its new menu and, apparently, chef! The food was already good there but now it's even better. Give it a try - you might enjoy the place as I do.

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 by etherealblack, 18 Jul 2010
This place has the most disgusting, tasteless coffee. The lattes I ordered were lukewarm and just tasted of milk with a weak, very faint, yet slightly foul taste of coffee. I took them back and the waitress apologized for the coffee, saying that they have "weak coffee". They offered to put two shots instead of one, but it made no difference! There was still no real coffee taste. I wish I had gotten a full refund. The worst coffee in London!

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 by aiylovesugar, 07 Mar 2010
Snob food? More like snooty food, snooty staff, snooty service, snooty atmosphere. You're better off with a Pret sandwich!

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 by jbloggs, 05 Dec 2009
Arrogant staff, limp and tasteless salad and watery coffee - not a great first visit and probably the last.

Useful review?
 by bmman, 23 Oct 2009
Terrible, pretentious, uncomfortable, mediocre place... both food and atmoshpere-wise. Most of the staff are witless, the food on display, while looking nice, tastes no different than the supermarket fare. I guess what's saving this place is the fact that it is on Kings Road, so must be visited by many a bored, rich Chelsea housewife.

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 by pigletto (4 reviews), 16 Sep 2009
Are you serious? No wine? So instead I ordered a mint tea... Correct me if I'm wrong, but hot water with a few wilted mint leaves doesn't classify as tea.

Meanwhile at the table next door, a young lady was having some bread issues - even her bodybuilder boyfriend struggled to break the bread roll open for her.

It made KFC look exceptional.

P.S. Rice pudding? Come on... throw me a bone.

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 by the.projects, 06 Sep 2009
I went to Napket on King's Road and to the one on Brook Street. Well, apart from confused and confusing staff, everything was absolutely great, even the coffee. Loved their muffins too! Will definitely return.

Useful review?
 by Svetlana, 20 Aug 2009
The food menu sounded really interesting and flavourful, but didn't deliver on the execution - things were either too bland or just cold and gummy. Snob food, it isn't.

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 by bagelfairy, 18 Feb 2009
Great ambience, hi-tech, decor, service. Terrible, terrible coffee!

I've been drinking coffee for over thirty years and this was one of the worst experiences of my life. I'm traumatised!

Weak, wishy-washy and drowning in milk. Many establishments justify their prices by serving coffee in large cups and the best way is to flood it with milk. Most Brits will not be able to tell a good coffee from bad but this Brit can!

Bar Italia may be expensive and getting more expensive nearly every two months but the coffee there is rich and served in Italian-sized cups.

Useful review? 2
 by chome4 (2 reviews), 11 Mar 2008
Wandering around the Kings Road Saturday lunchtime, I was curious to check out the new place, Napket. From the outside the blackened windows don't give much away, but what a fantastic suprise once I opened the doors to see the most incredible selection of fresh foods ever!

The attention to detail in Napket is amazing - I couldn't stop looking at everything around me, like a kid in a sweet shop. I chose a selection of fabulous salads and a cubed ciabatta sandwich (which the attentive waiter then quickly toasted for me). The salad dressings are served in cute plastic test tubes, which are added to your chic wood tray. I drank pomegranate juice and fresh mint tea to finish.

The best eating experience I've had in London in a long time. My boyfriend loved it so much that from now on he's going to pick up his lunch there on the way to work, and I can't wait for next Saturday!

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 by chelseagirl, 16 Feb 2008
We went to Napket twice last week for Sunday brunch, which was fabulous. Had the ham and cheese croissant, which was to die for, then my husband had chocolate croissant and I had the wild mushroom soup, both of which were absolutely fantastic. When you sit and look around, everyone is enjoying themselves without having to speak in hushed voices so as not to disturb the people next to them. After saying all the above, the restaurant would collapse without its fantastic and superbly experienced staff, which I'm sure do extremely well in tips! Next time we are in London we shall return to Napket.

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 by David_H, 06 Jan 2008
Great food, delicious coffees. The selection of salads, sandwiches and cakes is impressive and the place itself is gorgeous. However, the atmosphere and the enjoyment of the meal was tarnished by an extremely unfriendly French waiter. He asked his colleague if he had to charge me for the chair too (I am overweight). Although he whispered, I could understand every single word. I'll never go back.

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 by JaNe_15, 15 Dec 2007
Worst service I have ever had! The food is great, but one particular waiter in the Kings Road Branch was so rude and disrespectful. Having blamed me for paying for the wrong order, he then managed to walk off while I was speaking and almost refused to refund me! We left. Later, when calling to lodge a complaint, I found out that it was the same waiter on the other end of the phone, who waited for me to explain the horrible event and then hung up on me. My friends and I will never go back.

Useful review? 1
 by ngina, 02 Oct 2007
Great salads, sandwiches and coffees in a very cool little cafe. Quite pricey, but then again it's certainly a cut above any chain sandwich/coffee shop.

Useful review?
 by Legal Alien (9 reviews), 11 May 2007
Delicious and fresh food. Good service and good value when you consider locality and surrounds. My salad was generously piled with goat's cheese and prosciutto but don't think the local girls could eat here regularly and still fit into their size zero jeans. Ipods on the tables are a cute touch. I hope the owners of this clever place will resist turning it into a chain and ruining its individuality and charm.

Useful review?
 by raq, 10 May 2007

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