Sketch Parlour

9 Conduit Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 0870 777 4488 Oxford Circus 0.2 miles

Whimsical and stylish cafe at the entrance to Momo Mazouz's Sketch complex. Perfect pastries and fine teas are served all day long.

© Sketch Parlour

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Sketch Parlour reviews

Never fails to be a fun place to go for drinks, although downstairs is sometimes a bit too crowded. As for the private area upstairs (used to be house of Christian Dior), the dinner is delicious, staff attentive and the Cris always keeps flowing. Love it.

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 by Liz H (5 reviews), 06 Mar 2009
I adore Sketch, it is delicious! By far one of my favourite places in all of London for tea and snacks. Whenever I have a friend come to stay I insist on taking them there and they always enjoy themselves. It has an atmosphere like no other and is a pleasant experience every time. Service isn't perfect, but there are a couple of very sweet girls if you're lucky to be served by them. I recommend coming back at night when it turns into a bar, and also recommend visiting the toilets too for either a sparkly or futuristic surprise! Enjoy!

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 by jet. (2 reviews), 18 Nov 2008
Amazing place! Took my best friend there for the start of her hen do, and had the most wonderful time. Cakes to die for and tea not actually that expensive. We went first thing on a Saturday morning and it was divine!

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 by Imisstoast (2 reviews), 15 Aug 2007
Expensive but by far one of the best places in London.

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 by patoinuk (5 reviews), 15 Aug 2006
One of my favourite places in London, period! Although the gallery may have been slated due to over-pricing, the Parlour is really very reasonable. Friendly and attentive staff just added to the amazing food on offer. A great place to have a break from shopping.

Useful review?
 by mister.dave (3 reviews), 04 Aug 2006
Whilst it can be expected in such an excellent establishment as this, the staff really do go out of their way to be friendly, funny and efficient on another level.

An awesome place that's been made even better by its excellent staff.

Useful review?
 by jacob (2 reviews), 27 May 2006
Everything looks perfect in that tea room. I brought my boyfriend there and he was really impressed. There's only one thing... the bill but as it's "only" cakes and tea everyone can still treat himself. Don't forget to go to the beautiful luxurious toilets.

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 by Aurore (2 reviews), 09 Nov 2005
Decor tasteful and inevitably swanky. The attitudes of the staff are less than inviting or welcoming, and considering how overpriced the drinks are, I would sooner spend my money in an establishment where I was made to feel more welcome.

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 by Ben Fowler, 10 Oct 2005
Fantastic Jasmine tea! Helpful staff gave me the address of their supplier so I can enjoy it all the time!! I will return when next in town.

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 by cutesam, 19 Aug 2005
Just like picking your jewels. Very light tastes trick you over and over. Don't feel guilty at all, even with 5 pieces.

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 by cheeseburger711 (11 reviews), 05 Aug 2005
Pure magic, expensive magic, but pure magic.

Make sure you pee in the Swarovski crystal loos.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Jan 2005
Fantastic cafe and ideally located for a break from Bond Street shopping. The cakes are some of the best in London, in my opinion.

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 by Lauth (36 reviews), 06 Nov 2004
Not quite like any other tea shop I've ever been to... beautiful, white decor with animal print rugs and art on the walls. Try the gorgeous tiny, violet meringues which have a real and edible (well I ate it) purple pansy on the top. Not cheap.

Useful review?
 by capital girl (54 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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