1 Paternoster Square
The City, London
Tel: 020 7248 6606 St. Pauls 0.2 miles

Tea's goal is to bring tea into the 21st century. With its relaxed atmosphere, carefully selected loose-leaf teas and range of seasonal, organic and free-range foods, Tea is the perfect place to enjoy a cuppa and a bite to eat. Forget pomp and ceremony, this teashop brings tea drinking back down to earth and celebrates its humble roots.

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I work in the London Stock Exchange and I try and escape every day to get a cup of real tea from here. It's the only place that I know of where they use proper tea and brew it for a proper amount of time.

Try the Assam!

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 by alastair.judge, 23 Feb 2009
Fine tea (actually it was the finest Earl Grey I tasted during my week in London, but I'm just a tourist...). Good location, nice staff. A bit overpriced maybe, but still I would recommend the place to all my friends.

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 by rina-cu, 26 Nov 2007
It's basically Costa or Starbucks does tea. Overpriced, stale scones and hardly any hot water for the tea. It also has a 'philosophy', which means you have to pay more for the tea because they have had to pay a philosopher/corporate marketer to think of it! Nice surroundings though, at the edge of St Paul's. But only one toilet.

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 by Ingie, 12 Aug 2007

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