La Fromagerie

30 Highbury Park
Highbury, London
N5 2AA
Tel: 020 7359 7440 Arsenal 0.5 miles

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La Fromagerie reviews

I couldn't agree more with jennysauve. A lovely little cheese shop in my local high street but one I won't even enter if the grumpy old man is there. The staff seem diminished in his presence. Bloody rude and someone I really don't want to give my money to.

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 by tromeu (2 reviews), 28 Feb 2012
Yum, what a great selection of cheese.

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 by louiseZ (2 reviews), 28 Feb 2011
The cheese and other food in this place is great and the staff are, for the most part, very friendly and helpful. The owner, however, is a rude elderly man who can barely even bring himself to scowl at his customers. I used to go quite often but can't stand to be ignored and barked at by this man any more. Sometimes I walk by and see if he's in there; if not, I'll go in, but otherwise I just keep walking. He should stay in the back and let his far more competent staff deal with the customers.

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 by jennysauve, 17 Oct 2009
I shop here quite a lot and there is no denying the fact that they sell a huge selection of top quality, well-kept cheeses. They also have a great selection of deli goods.

There is also no denying that it is nose-bleedingly expensive.

I've always found the staff really helpful. I can only think that some of the reviewers' comments derive from frustration at the long waits you can sometimes have in here, as it gets very busy.

Bottom line though: brilliant produce. I haven't bought supermarket cheese for years.

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 by StuH (39 reviews), 11 Nov 2008
Yummy cheese and delicious breads/sweet treats (including the River Cafe's chocolate nemesis cake!). Very happy for you to sample before you buy and to offer advice on what to pair with the cheese.

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 by MissJoJo (3 reviews), 14 Oct 2008
Fantastic cheese, arguably the best in London. I've also noticed an improvement in the staff over the last few months. Let's hope it continues.

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 by ianharvey (2 reviews), 02 Jun 2008
As a regular visitor to this shop I've never experienced grumpiness from the staff - they've always been extremely helpful and forthcoming with suggestions and are happy to let you taste the cheeses. The old spot pork pies are also very good. Food here is expensive, but worth every penny.

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 by cuppatea (3 reviews), 05 May 2006
Sensational cheeses and the staff know exactly what they're talking about.

The real experience is to walk through the shop door and be enveloped by the best 'stinky cheese' smell in London. I love the way kids react (retching, vomit noises).

Other hidden treasures are their non-cheesy products: delicious muffins, fantastic quiches and flans. These people know how to eat well!

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 by Jane Kramers (3 reviews), 04 Oct 2005
Fantastic staff and some of the best cheese in Britain. I feel that the other reviewers might be better off sticking to pre-packed 'cheddar' from Asda if they felt this place was overpriced. A place for people who truly appreciate food, not for those who think a Jamie Oliver book qualifies them as a foodie.

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 by Anonymous, 03 Mar 2005
I am a regular customer, and have always found the staff courteous, helpful, and thoroughly professional in their dealings with me. These other reviews seem to be grossly unfair and I doubt if they are genuine - are they talking about the same shop? And it goes without saying, the cheese is the finest in the UK, to say nothing of everything else they sell.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Dec 2004
Heavenly cheeses, but possibly the worst service in London. You feel the need to apologise to them for troubling them with huge chunks of cash from your wallet. In this part of North London, the horrible staff are as much of a legend as the divine fromage.

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 by Anonymous, 30 Oct 2004
It may be the original but its gang of grumpy old men qualify as perhaps some of the worst shop assistants you could wish to encounter. Their bare faced refusal to sell a fresh goats cheese is frankly ridiculous. Oh an it ain't cheap.

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 by Anonymous, 20 Oct 2004

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