La Fromagerie

2-4 Moxon Street
Marylebone, London
Tel: 020 7935 0341 Baker Street 0.3 miles

Patricia Michelson's award winning shop stocks nearly 200 varieties of fine cheeses (especially French and Italian) as well as wines, meats, fruit, and bread from Poilane.

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I agree with the last reviewer. We didn't stay to eat, due to the incredibly rude staff.

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 by JoA, 03 Nov 2011
I was looking forward to having a memorable breakfast when I took a trip to La Fromagerie. The food matched up to its reviews and reputation. Unlike the service.

The manager received us in a hurried manner. We asked for 2 small tables that were empty, since the big one was full. She unapologetically explained us that, no she couldn't, because it would have been too much of a hassle for her to move us later on to the bigger table and that we should better wait for that to become free. We had to insist on getting the 2 tables - which she agreed to on the basis that we didn't ask to be moved!

Whilst we were still sitting and taking our coats off, the same manager told us that we only had a minute to order breakfast and left without giving us the menus. During the meal we ordered additional bread that never arrived to our table and was forgotten. Only one of the two waiters was attentive and prompt, while the other was avoiding catching frustrated customers' eyes. What a shame.

Useful review?
 by claudia3119, 18 Nov 2010
How can anyone resist this shop if they like cheese? It is a magnet for the fermenting stuff of good dreams. I'd read so much about this shop that I had to visit when I came to London to work. It is so unique and, yes, the shop staff are knowledgeable to the the point of knowing a bit too much... but isn't that refreshing too?! And you come away with a selection that is so delicious and adventurous - the food is a real pleasure. If only all shopping experiences and shops were like this!

Useful review?
 by pekay66, 07 Jun 2010
Went here because Jamie O is always giving it shameless plugs on his shows. Went on a Friday evening when staff were more concerned with the party of luvvies who were coming in for a tasting, and in tourists taking pictures, than they were in actually selling me cheese. The guy who served me didn't know much about cheese - offering pasturised when I had specifically asked for unpasturised. Also, the Montgomery cheddar they sold me was very young. Will stick to Neals Yard in future - better quality cheese and staff who know what they're talking about.

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 by t.white, 22 Jul 2009
Cheese selection and organic produce absolute heaven, staff absolute hell. The staff member who served us is British, and spoke perfect English, but had combination of contempt, irritation and exhaustion in his demeanour. Seemed upset that we learned about the cheese we're looking for via dinner at restaurant Pied-à-Terre. Claimed he isn't aware of the cheese and offered us an alternative. Then got all 'superior' when I asked if he can vacuum-seal the cheese we're buying ("We don't believe in vacuum sealing", etc...)

Oh well. Maybe this store is unique in its contempt for its customers, and takes every opportunity to 'put them in their place' if they think a customer doesn't know anything about cheese.

Useful review?
 by HayleySW1 (2 reviews), 20 Apr 2009
Intolerably pretentious staff. Gorgeous cheese, but staff with an attitude or sense of superiority do not make for a happy shopping experience. Go for the cheese!

Useful review?
 by ilikecheese, 20 Mar 2008
Nice shop, staff struggle to speak English though and the prices in the cafe are outrageous!

Useful review?
 by McCormack, 07 Aug 2007
This is a must for cheese lovers, and it's an experience being inside the refrigerated cheese room (like a gigantic glass walk-in fridge). There are also plenty of delicious products outside to tempt the foodie. If you can get a seat in the miniscule cafe section, then well done, as the food that they serve on site looks great (although I must say eating in such cramped surroundings does not appeal).

Useful review?
 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 17 Jun 2007
The sales assistant was an absolute delight and really knew what he was talking about when I asked about the cheeses.

Useful review?
 by hanna297 (2 reviews), 13 Jun 2007
Resist the cafe, however nice it looks: saw-you-coming prices and the worst service in London (clueless French teenagers).

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 20 May 2006
Amazing is all I can say. Wonderful staff, great food and outstanding selection of cheese and other necessities. And a passionate and saucy owner, who is never far.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 12 Apr 2006
The food is splendid, but it's outrageously overpriced. They were going to charge me £8 for a tiny take-away salad! When I complained to the manager he became irritated and informed me that the vegetables are imported fresh from Italy... to which I replied that they can't be that fresh if they come all the way from Italy, and there is no shortage of excellent vegetables in England!

Useful review? 1
 by johncolt, 08 Jan 2006
Don' t panic about the smell that hits your nostrils when you enter the cheese section of the store - you' ll get used to it after approx. 3 minutes. The cheeses are wonderfully displayed, and the sales person guides you through and let you have a taste before you decide. I can also recommend their sausages - yum!

Useful review?
 by Bling (2 reviews), 13 Dec 2005
Certainly not bereft of cheese... The bees' knees. Staff really friendly and knowledgeable too

Useful review?
 by jameslondon (3 reviews), 12 Dec 2005
Knowledgeable staff and great cheese selection, bit expensive, but at least here you get what you pay for!

Useful review?
 by mattyd, 28 Nov 2005
Excellent shop and amazing selection. I am Turkish and it has been very hard for me to find a proper feta cheese. After 3 years, I found it in this shop. Great job!

Useful review?
 by nerikarra (7 reviews), 11 Sep 2005
Absolutely amazing food - wonderful atmosphere!! Highly recommended.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 23 Aug 2005
Wonderful. Charming service.

Useful review?
 by Smarty, 09 Aug 2005
Fantastic service, well-kept cheeses. One of the best places for French cheeses in London. Pick up some bread and olives while you're here, pop next door to the Ginger Pig and your tea's sorted.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 05 Oct 2004
If you like mouldy cheese you'll love this place! Excellent - it's got real class.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 23 Aug 2004

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