8 Hanway Place
Fitzrovia, London
Tel: 020 7927 7000 Tottenham Court Road 0.1 miles

Established by Wagamama and Yauatcha founder Alan Yau, Hakkasan is a restaurant with the atmosphere of a stylish nightclub. Its secreted entrance down an unimposing side-street, moody lighting, glamorous décor (black lacquered cut-away screens give diners just enough view of what's going on in other sections of the large eating area) and popular Ling Ling cocktail bar all contribute to this ambiance. Food is Oriental-inspired and worthy of the Michelin Star, with dainty dim sum a speciality.

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Food OK, staff awful, bar service slow, wine warm, service shoddy to say the least... None of my clients were impressed. The last visit for me.

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 by hooker, 25 Jan 2011
Very overrated, and tend to agree with many of the negative comments on here. Food was nice, without being at the level that I was expecting. Definitely not worthy of 1 star.
The main disappointment was the service. Very rushed and abrupt, and something that left a bad 'taste' in the mouth. As for the three bouncers on the door... no need whatsoever.
Would not recommend.

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 by rpgray, 13 Mar 2010
A very memorable night out. An experience not to be missed and hopefully one I shall enjoy again. The food, service and general ambience of the restaurant was well worth the travelling from Yorkshire.

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 by pllyryn, 01 Mar 2010
Worst service I have ever experienced in a starred restaurant. Despite questioning booking time day before, were told booking was for 18:30 when it was for 18:00. Rude waiters, rushed service, empty water, champagne and wine glasses, removed entree plates while we were still eating entrees to make room for mains, then moved off table into cramped bar area. Would not recommend. Food OK but can get equally good with better service elsewhere.

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 by critique, 16 Dec 2009
Rude and torturous. I completely agree with ridiculousness of three bouncers plus a 'guest list' person on the street... and they even remain rude after you pass the reservation test!

My reservation was checked again 30 steps down the stairs, and then AGAIN at the bar while I was trying to order a weak-sugary but pretty cocktail. During this third interrogation, I thought just maybe the Maitre d' was taking the piss. But she was serious, so I finally had to let loose and let her know how I felt. This was not a good start for a supposedly nice restaurant. She just walked away, silent.

The ambiance was nice, food was tasty but small portions, service was professional. But in all honesty, I will not be back purely because of the interrogation techniques. And I thought torture was deemed illegal, per the UN conventions...

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 by wanderlust, 02 Oct 2009
I've eaten here quite a lot and the look and feel of the place is still impressive with each visit.

The food, on the whole, is very, very good. Great dim sum and excellent grilled wagyu. Scallops in black bean sauce and silver cod in champagne and Chinese honey are particularly good, as is jasmine tea-smoked chicken. The only 'miss' I've ever had here is the soft shell crab, which comes covered in what tastes like bitter sawdust.

I'd give Hakkasan top marks were it not for the sadistic vigour with which they enforce the table turnaround policy and the fact that one or two of the waiters need to remember who is paying £200 for the meal and who is there to serve it without attitude.

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 by StuH (39 reviews), 09 Mar 2009
Great place. My favourite place to eat in the whole of London! Second only to Spoon at the Byblos.

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 by pwisl (2 reviews), 07 Feb 2009
Really enjoyed meal, even though they were very late serving my main course (everyone else was long finished). But it was lovely and was free of charge for the inconvenience. If you go and are a Bacardi drinker, you have to get the mojitos... scrumptious.

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 by thecrot, 02 Feb 2009
To die for. I've been to numerous 'top' restaurants and I have to say Hakkasan blew me away. The food was of the highest quality and tasted beautiful. I think it was the black cod - it was so memorable. I would recommend Hakkasan to anyone who is lucky enough to get taken there or able to go on their own budget!

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 by HeatherS (2 reviews), 21 Jan 2009
Terribly disappointing dinner. My party brought a client and the service was so poor that it was actually embarrassing. We were told to stop ordering starters after three. And the waiter, supposedly their 'best', was so rude we left no tip. The bar drinks are absolutely fantastic and are some of the best mixed cocktails I have had. Explained the poor service to the manager, and he did not care. Very, very disappointing.

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 by jmizzo, 29 Oct 2008
Food was outstanding but £9.50 (plus service!) for a bottle of lager at the bar is outRAGEOUS!

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 by tony2, 12 Oct 2008
Shame on them for serving shark fin soup, kudos for recently taking it off their menu. I hope the other fish they're serving is sustainable.

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 by monkeybike54, 02 Jul 2008
Delicious food... really amazing. My favorite Chinese in London.

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 by silviabarthes (5 reviews), 09 Jun 2008
Very fashionable restaurant in London with dim sum cooked to perfection. Also desserts are yummy, especially the chocolate lemon mousse. The atmosphere is very good. However, not all staff are very polite. Don't forget to try their cocktails in the Hakkasan bar! In general, it's a good combination.

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 by jclark, 17 Jul 2007
Overall quite an experience, so it's definitely worth going at least once to check it out. The decor is incredible, as is the food. On the down side though, the attitude of some of the staff could be much improved, as could the service, and I'd say it's a little expensive for what it is.

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 by Moo Moo (23 reviews), 09 Jul 2007
This place has the 'WOW' factor. If you want to impress anyone, this is a great place to go - it's always buzzing,

the cocktails are good and the food is very tasty.

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 by avc (2 reviews), 28 Jun 2007
Undoubtedly the most stylish Chinese restaurant in London. The lunch menu is limited, yet the dim sum are delicious. More choices for dinner (the duck salad and crab in sweet and sour sauce are my favorites).

The atmosphere is very seducing, hence great for dates (though having said that, 5 out of 6 times I have visited there were a good number of children, which can be slightly distracting). Service always friendly but sometimes can be overpowering.

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 by audrey (29 reviews), 16 Jun 2007
It was the first time I have been to Hakkasan and it won't be the last. My boyfriend took me for my birthday.

I met the manager - such a great person, so down to earth. I don't usually like fish, but thanks to him I tried it and, you know what, it was great. Excellent service.

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 by gurbet, 17 Apr 2007
This is not a Chinese restaurant. The food is, and I quote, "Oriental-inspired". I'm Chinese myself too, but I know the difference between Fusion and Traditional.

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 by Anonymous, 27 Mar 2007
Always a treat!

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 by doddi, 21 Mar 2007

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