Ken Lo's Memories of China

67 Ebury Street
Belgravia, London
Tel: 020 7730 7734 Check availability and book Ken Lo's Memories of China
Victoria 0.2 miles

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Check availability and book Ken Lo's Memories of China

Check availability and book Ken Lo's Memories of China

Ken Lo's Memories of China reviews

Love this place! Have been there on many occasions, though before experiencing Ken Lo's refused ever to eat Chinese food. This place has a good atmosphere and a fantastic selection of starters. Delicious food overall. Definitely the best Chinese restaurant in London.

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 by axelle, 24 Oct 2007
I have eaten at Ken Lo's on several occasions and it is without a doubt the best Chinese Restaurant I've been to (and I have high standards with Chinese). It would have been more believable had the negative reviewer below claimed that the food wasn't good or the service was bad, as even the best restaurants in the world have their off day but the claim about sitting on picnic furniture, bad service and bad food - I just don't buy it! You must be talking about a different restaurant Audrey!

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 by Yonel, 13 Feb 2007
I am also surprised at the poor review. Remember that for Chinese the food is more important than the chairs! The restaurant is a favourite of ours for special occasions, and the banquets are particularly good.

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 by jacanon (3 reviews), 08 Feb 2007
I eat here regularly and am puzzled by a previous reviewer's negative entry. The food, service and wine list are, in my opinion, consistently top notch.

It is pricey, but it's the choice of the real A-list celebrities who can eat anywhere, so it must be doing something right. To entertain people that matter, or for special occasions I choose it every time.

I have never found it too stuffy - you get treated well when attired in jeans and a t-shirt, and even when accompanied by a baby in a carry cot.

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 by Anonymous, 18 Dec 2006
Absolutely, the worst dining experience of my life. The staff were very rude and arrogant. I dined with a party of eight people and booked well in advance, they set us a table with plastic picnic chairs! With the price I paid in that restaurant, we should have at least sat on some proper chairs... Very inattentive and nothing special about the food. Keep away!

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 by audrey (29 reviews), 18 Apr 2005
For those who like to enjoy good wine with excellent Chinese food.

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 by Anonymous, 02 Jul 2004

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