Mao Tai

58 New King's Road
Fulham, London
Tel: 020 7731 2520 Parsons Green 0.2 miles

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What a cracking restaurant, a jewel of Parsons Green. I can't quite understand any bad word said about the place! The staff are warm and welcoming. I strongly recommend starting with a refreshing cocktail at the bar - either their Mojito or Espresso Martinis are my favourite. Once sat, you have an amazing array of Asian fusion delights on the menu. The salmon sashimi rolls and rock shrimp tempura are to die for! Once you move on from starters and have had your customary crispy duck, the whole seabass is something that should definitely be experienced! The sizzling steak and chicken in black bean can accompany if you have room...

All in all, I strongly recommend giving Mao Tai a go - you won't be disappointed! Atmosphere, service and food all 5*.

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 by sam.spring, 17 Sep 2012
Like others here, I am surprised by the mixed reviews - I thought it was terrific. I can't think of anything I didn't like. OK, it isn't madly cheap but I certainly felt I got what I paid for and the food was amazing. A competent and friendly bar tender serving unusual and well made cocktails. The sort of wait on the food that tells you it is freshly cooked and helpful staff delivering it and making suggestions. The food itself was wonderful - a good mixture of tastes - and though it all looked pretty appetizing, when it arrived it tasted even better.

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 by Alice H., 10 Sep 2012
This has to be the most overrated establishment in all of London!! From the moment I walked in there I was treated as if I was rubbish. I am from NYC and go to some pretty swanky places and even they don't treat you this horribly. We waited over 45 minutes for our food and when it arrived it was horrible (not to mention way overpriced). The barmen have this attitude like they are the best mixologists to grace the earth, taking forever to make a simple margarita. GET OVER YOURSELVES!!

Oh, and watch your belongings... the place is known to be frequented by thieves.

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 by unhappy3, 03 Jul 2012
Great cocktails. Had a few tasty appetisers at the bar, then moved to the restaurant and ate some very delicious food. The menu has many interesting choices, the service was efficient and friendly and the atmosphere fun and chic. It's not inexpensive but certainly worth every penny.

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 by pc.pcambell, 27 May 2012
A really fantastic, funky Eastern fusion restaurant.

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 by info23, 15 Dec 2011
Only average food, poor service, rip-off prices... We will not return. Too many better VFM restaurants in the area, and indeed all over London. Avoid.

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 by peterrozee, 13 Sep 2009
We went to Mao Tai for dinner. I don't normally write reviews after eating out, however our experience was so disappointing. The service was indifferent to the point of rudeness. The cocktails which we ordered at the beginning of the evening finally arrived half way through dinner, having been asked for several times. The food was good, but considering the prices it is not exceptional and given the service we won't be going back.

Useful review?
 by anne3, 28 Mar 2009
A real favourite. Since we moved to Fulham, we have been going there almost every Friday after work for drinks and/or dinner. Very nice ambience, friendly staff, nice cocktails, delicious food. Not cheap but good value. A great shame not to try it - whether you are a local or not.

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 by illy (3 reviews), 26 Sep 2008
I am shocked to see that this restaurant has so few stars. The food is the best Asian in London, absolutely fantastic, and the atmosphere is warm, friendly and unpretentious.

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 by tillyN, 01 Sep 2008
I can't believe that some of the reviewers have actually been to this restaurant. I have been coming to this restaurant for 18 years, and the food has always been great and has changed very little. I don't think it is quite as good as it used to be, as most of the original staff have left and two of my favourite dishes have gone (salt and pepper spare ribs, and chilled lychees), but is still very good. The food is fresh and exciting. It was ever so slightly under-seasoned for my taste last time I went, but not really an issue. As a whole it is great, and perfect for special occasions.

Useful review? 1
 by collen0, 26 May 2008
This used to be a real favourite for my wife and I. We returned last week and could not believe how dire it has become. The acoustics are appalling, the food is now designed on the pre-prepared, get it on the table immediately basis and the service inscrutable in its deliberate ignorance of their clientele's misery. It was never cheap, but it was good. It is now expensive and very poor. Avoid.

Useful review?
 by alan carroll, 03 Jul 2007
I'm not sure if these guys went to the same restaurant, but the food was great, service more than competent and the women on that particular night were beautiful. A great addition to Fulham.

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 by Michael Bailey, 28 Jun 2007
Poor service and an overpriced menu. Avoid at all costs. (I have seen the state of their kitchen and feel that this is enough to put you off their food altogether.)

Useful review? 2
 by Gturner, 25 May 2007
Poor food, awful service and expensive. Don't bother going there. London has so many other places way better to offer!

Useful review? 2
 by Laurent Andre, 13 Dec 2006
The worst Chinese food in London. For really good money worth 3 meals elsewhere. Awful waiters, management much worse though.

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 by Adamski78, 16 May 2006
Slow service, wrong orders, cold food, inexperienced wait staff, expensive menu. All in all, a rotten experience.

Useful review? 1
 by lm, 20 Jul 2005
Service was disjointed, food came cold and some of the dough very thick, shame as it's a great location and Chelsea needs a good Chinese.

Useful review? 1
 by Anonymous, 03 Jan 2005

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