Ping Pong

45 Great Marlborough Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7851 6969 Oxford Circus 0.2 miles

Popular West End restaurant offering a great range of dim sum at affordable prices, just off Oxford Street. The no booking policy, communal seating and quick service make it a popular lunch destination.

Mon-Sat: 12pm-12am
Sun: 12pm-10.30pm

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Jay Rayner's review of Ping Pong (The Observer)

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Healthy fix.

Useful review?
 by emcorrall (2 reviews), 16 Dec 2010
I booked a table at the Bread Street/Watling Street restaurant for myself and two friends. When we arrived we were told that I didn't have a booking. I insisted that I had spoken to a gentleman the previous day and confirmed a booking for the correct date and time and left my name and contact number. The very unhelpful and uncaring hostess then went to get the manager for me after she repeatedly told me there were no tables and nothing she could do. The manager offered us the first available table and a complimentary drink at the bar while we waited. It was 7.30pm on a Thursday evening and was not very busy.

We had a drink and after 30 minutes waiting and watching two groups of four people go through, I asked the manager how much longer would we need to wait. He clearly couldn't see why I was upset after waiting over 30 minutes and watching larger groups of people go through when we were promised the first table. He was still unable to give us an estimated time for us to have a table. He didn't seem to care that this was their mistake and didn't care about fixing the problem or keeping customers happy.

This was our first time there and in the end we didn't even get to eat. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. The service was poor, staff were very rude and had no interest in their customers.

Useful review?
 by LondonLady1 (2 reviews), 12 Nov 2010
We've been to a few branches of Ping Pong, and have found none of them to have good service. Why would we want to pay for such awful service when the food is not even particularly good?! The management of this chain should be fired if they don't understand the value of customer service; and if the waiting staff don't want to serve, why are they there?

I know some restaurants just happen to have big investment behind them, so they can afford to have the best locations and - no matter what they serve or how bad the service - people just flood in. However, I'd say unless you really have no other place to eat, don't bother with Ping Pong - you'll just waste your money. Go to Chinatown, where you can find better dim sum and better service too!

Useful review?
 by moniawright, 30 May 2010
Last night I dined at Ping Pong with a few friends of mine. The food wasn't great, to be honest. However, the service was excellent as we had a very nice waitress. The decor was lovely and the restaurant provided a good atmosphere. We had to wait a long time for our food to arrive but overall the evening was quite pleasant. I would go to Ping Pong again but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Useful review?
 by Princess Chloe, 25 Apr 2010
Was at Ping Pong on Thursday evening for a work Xmas party - first time visit - and was very impressed with the place. We had paid around £15 each for a set menu which included a really good variety of dim sum - dumplings, rice, duck roll, prawn toast to name just a few. Quality and service I would say were well above average. Top marks for the cocktails they do here, which went down a treat with everybody! The atmosphere inside made it a great venue for an Xmas do and I am looking forward to coming back here in future.

Useful review?
 by jeanpierre.perez, 13 Dec 2009
Not a bad night out at all. The food is a lot more filling than it looks and we ended up ordering more than we could eat, so beware! But very affordable and the place has a calm and intimate feel to it so we stayed longer than we would have done in some other places.

Useful review?
 by T.S.OLIVER, 19 Sep 2009
I ate here recently and loved it! Had the 'Healthy Fix' lunch which is from the set menu and available until 5pm. It was all done beautifully and even included a pudding! Delicious and fantastic value for money. Unfortunately I didn't get to try the much talked about cocktails but will definitely be back next time I'm in London. How about opening a few more Ping Pong?!

Useful review?
 by loopylou_, 07 Sep 2009
Why don't they have one of these restaurants nearer to me? The food was amazing and unbelievably good value. We had to wait a fair while to be seated but hadn't booked a table and it was Saturday evening. And really nice, cool decor too.

Useful review?
 by JKnights32, 20 Aug 2009
I decided to try the Bow Bells House branch of Ping Pong after it was recommended to me by a friend and it definitely didn't disappoint! There was a nice, buzzy atmosphere, the service was great, food delicious with a wide range of dishes to tempt you, and the cocktails an absolute must! And all at a very affordable price. A real gem!

Useful review?
 by Sarah Williams_, 04 Aug 2009
I dined at the Spitalfields Ping Pong last night and everything about my visit was superb. The restaurant has a great ambiance (a real cosy feel). As for the food, it's absolutely delicious and a great concept for interactive dining with friends - you get to try a little bit of lots of things - plus the Ping Pong cocktail is to die for! To top it off, our waitress was delightful and the meal was superb value for money. I will definitely be trying out the other restaurants in the group!

Useful review?
 by katepatient, 12 Jun 2009
Mmmmm... amazing, love it! Lots of little dishes, so many different tastes. Amazing cocktails too. No.1 restaurant - wish I could eat here every day! Also converted a lot of my friends and they love it as well.

Useful review?
 by sammybuka, 25 Feb 2009
We fancied having dinner somewhere within walking distance, so decided to give Ping Pong (Westbourne Grove) a try. We arrived sans reservation, asked for a table for two and the so-called waiter casually gestured to a couple of available tables. Not impressed, but fine. We sat down next to these two Californian women talking at the top of their voices for a reason that still escapes me. As we discussed the menu, it became apparent that due to the volume of the people beside us, any type of conversation was going to be difficult.

As the ladies called the waiter over, he rather rudely put up his hand in a 'just wait' fashion. Rude. 2 minutes later, I politely asked if he'd mind moving us to another table. Apparently there were none. (a. It was a Monday night, and b. I have eyes and can see numerous spare tables...) "We’ll order drinks and then wait for another table, if that’s alright", I said. Can you believe that the waiter dismissively moved his hand in a I-really-don’t-want-to-be-here fashion, rolled his eyes and then stood with his hand on hip waiting for our drink order. At that point, I asked my boyfriend if he minded eating elsewhere, we popped our coats on and off we went. We had lovely cocktails at Westbourne House (my espresso martini was divine) and then headed to Mulberry Street resto – the NYC-style upmarket pizzeria with the best service.

I will N-E-V-E-R so much as look at a Ping Pong menu again and will be sure to share my negative experience with anybody who’ll listen! Plus, they have cheap, wooden, disposable chopsticks = bad for the environment and not what I expect from a restaurant.

Useful review?
 by Milla (46 reviews), 27 Jan 2009
This is a great chain because it actually does not feel like one. It is not 100% authentic Chinese, so what? Who wants to eat chicken feet anyway? I love Ping Pong, especially the new one near St Pauls. The food is great, the service fantastic and the price right on. If you have not tried it yet, then don't waste any time. Oh yeah, almost forgot: champagne for £14 (right now, that's cheaper than Tesco!).

Useful review?
 by mickaelc1, 05 Dec 2008
Located near famous dim sum restaurant Yauatcha, Ping Pong is striving to imitate Yauatcha but with great failure. Horrible food and bad service are all they have!

Useful review?
 by CCJ, 29 Sep 2008
As a Chinese living in London all my life, I regulary eat at dim sum joints across the city, so I generally know what to expect. However, Ping Pong was totally unexpected and a disappointment after a friend's suggestion to go there. Dishes were of tiny portion compared to the norm and many dim sum choices were experimental and average-tasting at best. For example, the Chef's Special - scallop with asparagus fried dumpling - came on a plate looking like 3 supermini Scotch eggs and each one I would say is 90% filled with a mushroom. How much? £3.99. Oh My God! Also, you would expect a Chinese restaurant with dim sum to serve noodle dishes. Don't expect any here.

To be fair, the decor was okay, it was clean and the staff were generally friendly. I guess you pay mainly for the scenery and service and not for a good meal. Dim sum for 6 = £90 + half full stomach. Nevertheless, experience counts and I'm glad I did try Ping Pong because now I know not to go there any more and because it makes me appreciate proper dim sum places in London such as Joy King Lau and Golden Palace.

Useful review?
 by JW76, 13 May 2008
We waited ages to be seated, then ages to get a menu. I had to stand up and wave my arms about till someone noticed we were there. All 5 of us opted for the 'eat all you can' option for about 17 quid. We placed our order but the waiter refused to let us keep a menu so we could order more whilst we were eating. Very strange.

The food was very good, and we took full advantage of the offer. The service, however, just got worse. Instead of charging us for the 'eat all you can' option they charged us for each individual dish - a mark-up of over £50! When we pointed this out, the waiter accused us of having 6 people round the table and we had a few very awkward moments until the manager sorted things out. They then included service charge in the total bill. I found that a bit cheeky, so we refused to pay the 'discretionary' service charge. A shame, because I enjoyed the food.

I ate at the Ping Pong on Goodge Street. If the waiters were better then I would recommend it, otherwise I'd say go to Chinatown.

Useful review?
 by ollyharvey, 03 Feb 2008
I've been to Ping Pong twice, so I've tried a variety of dishes, but the fact is that the dim sum is unauthentic and unimpressive. I wouldn't dare take my Singaporean mother there!

Useful review?
 by zooeyg (6 reviews), 28 Jan 2008
Had dinner at the South Bank Centre last week with a couple of friends. Food was not so great but the cocktails were nice and staff friendly. Overall a nice experience.

Useful review?
 by James Crofht, 24 Jan 2008
Ping Pong is great little parcels of deliciousness. If you have a very reasonably priced dumpling fix, you will be comfortably full for the rest of the evening. Stop moaning and enjoy!

Useful review?
 by tonywalls, 17 Jan 2008
Yesterday I had dinner at the Westbourne Grove restaurant and I found a spider, complete with web, in my husband's sticky rice. Both the waitress and the manager (who only came after we asked to see him) told us that the spider crawled in to the rice and got cooked and there is nothing they can do about it. They didn't seem to be apologetic or bothered about it. We told them that, even though we used to be regular customers up till now, we won't be coming back. This is basic hygiene and all restaurants who have a licence to serve food should not be allowed to serve food with spiders. Apart from being disgusted, people can get ill!

Useful review?
 by pok, 10 Jan 2008

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