Hope and Greenwood

20 North Cross Road
Dulwich, London
SE22 9EU
Tel: 020 8613 1777

From Acid Drops, Sweet Tobacco and 24 varieties of liquorice to handmade chocolates in unusual flavours, the ‘nostalgic confectionery' of this much loved Dulwich shop has a little something for everyone's sweet tooth.

Hope and Greenwood, London

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Hope and Greenwood reviews

They sell great ice creams in summer. Easily the best in Dulwich.

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 by Gabe (26 reviews), 01 Jul 2008
All our family are huge fans, not only of the contents of the shop but of Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood themselves. Why don't those guys get married?!

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 by uplands Queen, 04 Feb 2008
Me and my sisters all love going to the shop. Whenever we go there's always someone we know in there too, which just shows how popular it is.

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 by AliceLynch, 19 Dec 2007
I had been trying to get some authentic 'jelly babies' ever since I saw them on the TV series 'Dr Who' in 1976 on the public broad casting network in Destin, Florida, USA.

Recently a friend told me he was going to visit his son in London and I asked him to get me some. On his arrival home, he handed me a small bag of jelly babies from Hope and Greenwood. To say the least, it was worth the 30 year wait. The taste and texture was far superior to anything I have gotten here in the United States. I have shared very few with my family and hope to order some from H&G's new website when it is up and running. I only have 3 left, so let's hope they hurry!

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 by Michael in the US, 06 Aug 2007
What a fab shop! Brought some champagne truffles which were definitely a 10/10. Praline butterflies are also very yummy. Can't wait to visit again.

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 by Lisa j, 19 May 2007
Just took my visiting in-laws into Hope and Greenwood.

What fantastic service and 10/10 for their Fairtrade sweeties. Keep up the good work.

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 by edfoodie (2 reviews), 07 May 2007
I picked up a bar of their 'treacle pudding' chocolate recently - it was amazing! Can't wait to try out all the other flavours.

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 by Dinkybelle, 12 Feb 2007
My favourite destination when we have visitors, 'our' chocolate shop in East Dulwich. The new Christmas window is divine!

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 by choco, 19 Nov 2006
Yummy chocolate buttons in chilli and lime flavours. You really have to try them.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Oct 2006
I can second the ice cream. It is the best!

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 by Anonymous, 11 Jul 2006
A great selection of sweets for young and old. Excellent ice cream in the summer!

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 by rodneybreen, 04 Jun 2006
Wonderful...a credit to East Dulwich.

Useful review? 1
 by Anonymous, 13 Apr 2006

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