Artisan du Chocolat

89 Lower Sloane Street
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7824 8365 Sloane Square 0.2 miles

Artisan du Chocolat showcases the talents of Belgium-trained chocolatier Gerard Coleman. His ganache-filled chocolates are coveted by discerning chocoholics for their imaginative, distinctive flavourings: banana and thyme, red wine and tobacco, and green cardamom to name but a few. Great for an elegant, stylish egg at Easter or sculpted Christmas figures in finest chocolate.

Artisan du Chocolat

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Cute hats.

Useful review?
 by fabduchess, 13 May 2009
Friendly staff, and the most amazing chocolate. I thought it was impossible to improve chocolate by adding flavour to it, but L'Artisan's exceptional fusion bars made me reconsider. Usually I only eat pure chocolate bars, but I'll make an exception for L'Artisan any day.

Useful review?
 by Mistedly, 03 May 2009
Wow, new shop in Selfridges is amazing. I sat down with a friend and had a hot chocolate and a cold cocoa pulp juice with a small plate of chocolates. Very very good indeed.

Useful review?
 by sweetie23 (3 reviews), 21 Jan 2009
Copycat chocolates: stilettos, trees, mint chocolate, Marmite, salted caramels... A large selection of chocolates but lots of 'have been created by others from around the world'. Very disappointing.

Useful review?
 by londongourmet (4 reviews), 25 Dec 2008
Disappointing and becoming too 'high street'. Not the nicest staff either - arrogance? Clifton Cakes make a far more exciting collection of chocolate shoes which I found on the website 'notonthehighstreet'.

Useful review?
 by morrismaria (6 reviews), 20 Sep 2008
I am addicted to the liquid salted caramels since I had them at Claridges. Must try!

Useful review? 1
 by kkofan, 05 Aug 2008
Boring French-style chocolates. Go to La Maison on Piccadilly for something a bit more interesting.

Useful review?
 by manuela (5 reviews), 02 Aug 2008
Very regrettably past their sell-by-date. A bit too complacent in my view. What a shame.

Useful review? 1
 by chelsea girl (11 reviews), 19 Jul 2008
Still good, but getting a little tired now and have been overtaken by both Demarquette and Melt. Maison is still for me London's number 1 though.

Useful review?
 by rachelnewyork (4 reviews), 16 Feb 2008
The best chocolates in London. Doing their own conching has definitely improved an already superb chocolate. Staff helpful and knowledgeable.

Useful review?
 by degoldring, 26 Jan 2008
The best chocolate I have ever had, and I found the staff incredibly helpful and friendly.

Useful review?
 by benny, 19 Jan 2008
L'Artisan is definitely a fraction better than Demarque for the top two spots, even though Demarque say they have one hand-made step that Artisan do not. It would add to the shopping experience if the staff at Artisan were friendly.

Visiting all the best chocolate shops in the world, I unexpectedly just came across one that clearly exceeds Number One Artisan - Vasalissa in Buenos Aires. I am sure many will be surprised at that.

Useful review?
 by petermoon, 14 Jan 2008
Fabulous chocolates and great service.

Useful review?
 by daisysam, 08 Dec 2007
EXTREMELY rude staff.

Useful review? 1 2
 by bobbywobbly, 28 Nov 2007
Glad they have now stopped making the weird flavors. Very good indeed but the snooty French shop staff spoil it a little.

Useful review? 1
 by newyork (4 reviews), 26 May 2007
These chocolates are apparently the best around. I say 'apparently' because I ordered some for Christmas and they never arrived. Didn't stop them from taking my money though.

Useful review?
 by slaterjn, 12 Mar 2007
The salted caramels are dangerously addictive!

Useful review?
 by bam (8 reviews), 15 Feb 2007
Beauty, flavour, skill, originality - all are abundant in these chocolates, they knock the competition into the shade.

Some people I have given them to would weep and wail if I failed to buy them every year. So beware - shopping here will become a lifetime addiction. You won't scoff them quickly - they force you to savour them and make the experience last. Very impressive as gifts.

Useful review?
 by cuppatea (3 reviews), 05 May 2006
Amazingly different chocs, superb quality and delicate, original flavours. Mint was a firm hit at our party!

Useful review?
 by bobcat, 26 Feb 2006
These chocolates are a huge treat, to be eaten and enjoyed slowly and delicately. Worth every penny.

Useful review?
 by vannie, 06 Nov 2005

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