Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

33 Camden Passage
Islington, London
N1 8EA
Tel: 020 7424 5750 Angel 0.2 miles

Indulge in handmade, luxurious chocolate creations at this boutique chocolate shop in Camden Passage, Islington. Using a fusion of the finest ingredients, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates fashions mouth-watering chocolates that come beautifully packaged in dark purple boxes. Paul, a hat trick World Chocolate Award winner, offers chocolate workshops throughout the year.

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Paul A Young Fine Chocolates reviews

I thought I already knew where to buy the best chocolates in London, but I was wrong. This place is head and shoulders ahead of everywhere else and their selection changes all the time so there's always something amazing that's new. I want to move in.

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 by stuartno, 06 Apr 2009
Superb chocolates. Sea salt caramels are the best chocolates I have EVER eaten.

Useful review?
 by StuH (39 reviews), 03 Nov 2008
Cheese and chocolate - no thank you at all!

Useful review?
 by chelsea girl (11 reviews), 19 Jul 2008
Full-flavoured and quality chocolates.

Useful review?
 by Rudi, 04 Jul 2008
The best chocolates in London (I've tried them all). I like the fact that Paul A Young is so creative, with great flavour combinations that work really well with the chocolate.

Useful review?
 by nortyk (2 reviews), 30 Apr 2008
I heard good things about it but was disappointed in the treatment. They act as if it's your average quick mart. If they want to be successful they should treat people with respect, after all that's where the revenue comes from. The enthusiasm was poor. They need a good lesson in customer service.

Useful review?
 by dirkpitt, 10 Mar 2008
I can't get enough of the sea salted caramels - they are so fantastic. Also the autumn spiced chocolate bars are just amazingly moorish. There's a shop in Bank (Royal Exchange) now too, so I don't have to travel so far for my fix.

Useful review? 2
 by maclondon, 20 Jan 2008
Very disappointing. I bought a box for my family and everyone agreed they were unpleasant. Unusual flavour combinations which didn't work, frequently salty. I also thought that they didn't taste very fresh - stale aftertaste to them.

Useful review? 1
 by latimed, 07 Dec 2007
Best chocolates I have ever tasted, way better than anyone else's. Plenty of reasons to go back too, as the chocolates on offer change week by week. If you go in the summer, the ice cream is a must. Oh, and the brownies are the best.

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 by DamonM, 27 Jul 2007
There are by far the best chocolates that I've tasted so far in London. His flavour combinations are cutting edge but at the same time not overpowering. If you are there in winter, the hot chocolate is a must.

Useful review? 1
 by Leon_B (6 reviews), 10 Nov 2006

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