William Curley

10 Paved Court
Richmond, London
Tel: 020 8332 3002 Richmond 0.4 miles

Chic patisserie selling beautifully made cakes and chocolates and staffed by a friendly and helpful team.

Wed-Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat: 9.30am-6pm
Sun: 10.30am-5.30pm

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Superb. We always stop there when we have a coach to catch. Amedei chocolate used, with excellent results. Desserts and chocolates always a winner!

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 by Goose, 29 Aug 2013
This is by far the best patisserie in the UK and gives Lille and Paris ones a good run for their money. However, I specifically asked for 4 non-alcoholic patisseries on my last visit earlier today as I had an Arab guest, but was sold 4 by the assistant who didn't have a clue about the content of the product he is selling. To my embarrassment, my guest declined the dessert because you could clearly smell the alcohol in it. So please William, follow in your mentor's footsteps and insist on your staff having a good knowledge of the product they are selling.

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 by benabou29, 03 Aug 2010
Last weekend I booked the truffle making course for my chocoholic girlfriend's birthday. It was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. We tasted the chocolate with the guidance of the chef and made our own house dark chocolate and raspberry truffles, which we got to take home too! Fabulous fun!

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 by dv150 (2 reviews), 02 Oct 2009
William Curley gets my vote on the patisseries, but there are much better chocolate shops in London - like La Maison du Chocolat, for example.

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 by Marjory Bird (2 reviews), 27 May 2009
I discovered this store purely by chance and I have to say that the chocolates and wonderful array of patisserie on display is just breathtaking. Happy to report that they also taste as good as they look. If you want to experience something really special then William Curley's your man!

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 by Karen Mackay, 13 May 2009
Chocolate for connoisseurs. If you're serious about fine chocolate then William Curley is the place to be. Without doubt the best in London.

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 by Louise71, 13 May 2009
I have to say from my experience there is currently no finer chocolate (or chocolatier) on the market.

Take a trip to their Richmond store and you won't be disappointed.

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 by raphael13, 12 May 2009
My favorite chocolate shop in London - great patisserie and cakes, friendly service...

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 by cpltd, 07 May 2009
Bought some of the pastries after so much hype. We were sold William's favourite, yet it was stale. Expensive bird food in my view. Not really worth the trip. At least the weather was OK by the river!

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 by thebilly, 05 May 2009
If you're serious about your chocolate then look no further than William Curley in Richmond. Not only are his award-winning chocolates divine but the cakes and biscuits are beautiful too. I felt like I was eating a little work of art every time I put one of his creations in my mouth. Without doubt the best anywhere in the country at the moment.

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 by jewells, 30 Apr 2009
London is awash with chocolate makers and fine chocolate products, but if you're only interested in the very best then look no further than William Curley.

Melt, Demarquette and L'Artisan certainly offer decent alternatives, but suggesting they are all in the same league is like trying to compare cider to vintage wine.

Curley's creations taste as beautiful as they look. If the proof is in the eating then I was sold after my first bite!

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 by saville50, 29 Apr 2009
I love my chocolate and I have to say since discovering William Curley that love has been taken to another level. Simply the best product of its kind I have ever tasted. Don't miss out! The sea-salted caramels are divine!

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 by daisy66, 28 Apr 2009
Overcomplicated, overpriced and distinctly average chocolate.

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 by Gooner23, 22 Apr 2009
My favourite shop in London! The cakes are flawless, and the chocolates are the best I have ever tasted! The shop staff are very informative and welcoming. I urge all food lovers to visit this shop!

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 by Lotsofcocoa (4 reviews), 11 Sep 2008
Visiting this shop for over 2 years, the chocolates seem to get better and better! The cakes are also fab - the raspberry & chocolate slice is my favourite. The service is great too.

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 by Mrs Jasmine (4 reviews), 24 Jul 2008
Seriously overrated and arrogant. Best in Britain? No way. Melt, Demarquette and L’Artisan can prove otherwise. I went back recently and it seems to be the same. What a shame - so much effort in creating a look and presence with very little substance.

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 by chelsea girl (11 reviews), 19 Jul 2008
Overhyped PR. Arrogant and condescending.

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 by manuela (5 reviews), 12 Apr 2008
Amazing chocolates and pastries. I went to the dessert bar and the mille feuille was divine. I bought some sea-salted caramels as a present for my mother, and she hasn't stopped going on about them since. When you order chocolates for delivery they really care about getting things just right and the service is incredibly personal.

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 by Ggreer, 09 Apr 2008
Amazing products. To die for.

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 by nazz, 04 Apr 2008
I visited William Curley's dessert bar in Mayfair recently and was very disappointed. It's a small space, seating a maximum of seven, but the ambience is OK. The best items I had were the pre-dessert cold chocolate drink and the tea (but of course you don't go to a chocolatier to drink tea). We had the milk and white chocolate mousse and chocolate tart with green tea ice cream. The chocolate tart presentation looked great, but it was the ice cream that tasted good and not the chocolate tart. The milk and white chocolate mousse lacked consistency - it had a strange consistency similar to melted ice cream, not good at all.

Additionally we bought the sea salted caramel tart, brownies and the chestnut mousse - all were a disappointment. The brownie had a cake-like consistency, the caramel tart didn't taste salty enough and the caramel didn't have much flavour.

As a patisserie, they didn't make the grade - too much fluff and not enough substance. The dessert bar concept is good, but I for one won't return.

Useful review? 1
 by Pebs, 10 Mar 2008

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