Electric Cinema

191b Portobello Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 2ED
Tel: 020 7229 8688 Ladbroke Grove 0.3 miles

Leather seating, footstools, a bar at the back of the cinema and a programme which mixes art house with the best of the mainstream.

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Electric House
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Electric Cinema reviews

Great cinema! We reserved a sofa and were pleased to find cocktails and even chocolate brownies on offer - a change from the regular popcorn and fizzy drinks!

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 by MissJoJo (3 reviews), 14 Oct 2008
Discovered it by accident, as was the only place showing the movie I wanted at the right time. What a surprise! Lucky enough to get the last seat in the house, back row right at the end and still a great view. Wide seats and a footstool, even sofas at the back for those wanted to sit together. Will now be my cinema of choice.

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 by Charles Foster Kane, 30 Dec 2006
Great. It's my local cinema and I try to spend as much time there as possible.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Oct 2006
A fantastic restaurant - absolutely magical! Everything about this place was wonderful, the atmosphere, the food, the wine, the service, the music - I think the best restaurant I have ever been too!

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 by Leon_B (6 reviews), 05 Apr 2006
A lovely little cinema if you can get a booking. Great seats, big enough to curl up in. Good snacks too.

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 by ems (21 reviews), 29 Nov 2005
The best cinema I have ever been to. They fail to mention wine coolers built into the small 'tables' between the armchairs, hot fish and chips in mini pots, and a great bar next door.

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 by PhilB, 25 Nov 2005
Great to have a cinema where you can eat and drink while

watching the film, but found the atmosphere a bit stiff and pretentious.

The seats though comfy are far too large to have any connection with whomever you actually went to the cinema with and in general the place feels more like a Notting Hill bar than the cozy charming cinema that it could be in that beautiful interior.

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 by illushka, 18 Nov 2005
Went to see Phantom of the Opera there last year. It was excellent. Better than any regular cinema.

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 by Becci, 25 Oct 2005
Simply excellent. Took a few friends there and thought it was fantastic.

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 by muffin (3 reviews), 31 Aug 2005
I am a regular visitor to the cinema - especially on Mondays when they do half price tickets.

Love the whole experience - the comfort, the bar and the service which is efficient and friendly. They could improve on their selection of snacks (however there is a restaurant upstairs for pre late movie showings).

All in all love it!

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 by Tanjarina, 17 Aug 2005
A blooming excellent experience - absolutely brilliant. One can also have a bloody good booze up in there. The best cinema by far.

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 by sweetie16, 08 Aug 2005
Get a few beers and snacks from the bar and one of the sofas at the back with a friend for the best cinema-going experience in the UK. Love it.

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 by alpsboy (14 reviews), 28 Jul 2005
The cinema is very nice and a little bit too comfortable. I couldn't keep my eyes open I felt so relaxed.

If you really want to see a film this isn't the best of place's to go but, its well worth a visit. I haven't slept like that in a long time.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Jul 2005
Very comfortable, but pricey with it. The films they show aren't always worthy of such a sumptuous venue. Nice to be able to have a Bloody Mary while you watch a movie on the big screen.

Useful review?
 by Lucy P (5 reviews), 12 Jul 2005
The Electric re-kindled my interest in going to the cinema. Good films (mostly quite commercial but decent choices), comfortable chairs, friendly atmosphere, lovely classic interior design, wine coolers and tasty snacks.

Only negatives are the difficulty in booking on popular nights and having to leave to find somewhere for a drink afterwards (entry to the bar upstairs is members only). Despite the small flaws, it's easily the best cinema in London.

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 by Anonymous, 02 Apr 2005
The only cinema in London worth a visit!

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 by Nelly (2 reviews), 31 Aug 2004
brilliant ambience and has a licensed bar inside the cinema too! Huge comfy seats where u can put your feet right up and if you want to really spoil yourself and loved one pre-book a "love seat" bed lounge. they're insanely bewdiful!!!

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 by ozxtc, 16 Apr 2004
The BEST cinema in London. A truly luxurious viewing experience.

Sadly last time I was there, a combination of the wine (which slots nicely into a cooler slot in the wooden table between the seats) and the comfort of my leather armchair meant that I slept my way through most of the film....

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 by ac (37 reviews), 19 Mar 2004
This is as far removed from your local Odeon as possible. Huge leather armchairs, wine coolers by each chair and fabulous decor. I'm fairly tall and used to feeling uncomfortable in cinemas, but I could barely touch the seat in front even when slumped in the chair with my legs fully stretched.

At the back of the cinema is a bar serving tasty snacks (no dodgy hotdogs) and drinks, and there are also a few sofas which you can book (if you book early).

If only all cinemas were like this...

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 by trolley (5 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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